Bedford 1888 Directory

Pg 70

Alcombrack Richard, J.P.
Adams James H., tinsmith
Alcombrack Ebenezer, tanner
Alcombrack W.D., tanner
Breault Medard, wheelwright
Blakely Oras, tanner
Bessette Hobart E., carpenter
Batchelder S.P. L. S.
Burrage Wm., cashier E.T. Bank
Burrage Mrs., C.M., prop. Bedford House
Bedford Times, R. A. Crothers, prop. And F. C. Loynes, editor
Bessette Joseph, deputy registrar
Beaudry Philip A., harness maker Borden Miss Emma, dressmaker
Brown C. P., harness maker, (of Gough and Brown)
Berard Jean Bte., shoemaker
Bastien Hilaire, carpenter B
astien Mrs., H., millinery
Boyce Michael, notary
Bertram W. J., dry goods
Brooks Henry W., mason
Boudreau Jean Bte., blacksmith
Briggs Elwin R., mechanic
Borden Anson, carpenter
Baxter George, mechanic
Capsey Geo., advocate, Sec. Treas. County Council
Cadorette Victor, tinsmith
Campbell David, butcher
Campbell Isaiah, trader
Chagnon William, carpenter
Chausee prosper, tailor
Chartier Hector, mason
Cassels Dr. James, physician
Chevalier Dr. Gustave, physician
Chevalier Louis, painter
Chevalier Pierre R., gentleman
Constantineau S., advocate
Corey Harvey N., carpenter
Corey John H., carpenter
Coslett James, blacksmith
Coslett Edward, gen. Store, postmaster, J.P.
Coslett Samuel, trader
Crothers R.A. Of Crothers and Cornell prop. Of the Bedford Times
Cyr Jean Bte. Jr., farmer
Cracknell G.F., painter
Cyr Joseph, gentleman
Douglass John, bailiff
Demers Theophile, wheelwright
Demers Napoleon A., clerk
Derey Narcisse, farmer
Desrosiers F.X., notary
Dufort Dr. T.A., physician
Dickinson R., registrar county Missisquoi
Dubrule W.H., dry goods and clothing
Farber John A., baker
Guillette Hyacinthe, gen. Store, J.P.
Gough and Brown, harness makers and saddlers
Gough James of Gough and Brown
Gough John H. Of Gough and Brown
Gough John, clerk of the Circuit Court, com. Of the Superior Court, J.P.
Gough T.M., clerk of the Com. Court

Pg 71

Grenfell Rev. J., Methodist Minister
Girard Patrice, shoemaker
Herliby Patrick, gen. Store
Harty John, grocer
Hogle George H., mill owner
Hatch D.W., ticket agent
Jarest David, barber
Kinnehan William, jeweller
Kinnehan Henry A., jeweller
Knapton Joseph H., gen. Store
Knight Allen S., machinist
Loynes C.N., blacksmith
Loynes T.C., editor Bedford Times
Lent Arthur A.., mechanic
Landry Simeon, tinsmith
Lavalee Albert, shoemaker
Lareau Noel, shoemaker
Lussier, Times compositor and tel. Opererator
 Martin J.P., trader
Martin Rufus M., farmer
Martin Richard J., farmer
Martin Wm., E., trader
Martin Jas., Herbnert, livery stable
Martin, H. Arvide, gen. Store
Martin P.C., manager Bedford House
Mitchell Homer E., physician
Murphy Patrick, shoemaker
Martin Mrs., Chas., ladies' furnishing
Martin Henry, lime kiln
Mullin John J., dry goods
Menard Theodule, baker
Morgan E.W., manager Eastern Townships Bank
Micilette Nazaire, shoemaker
Martindale, Azro, mason
Malroney Francoise, mason
McAleer Patrick, wheelwright
McCorkill J.S., advocate
McNamara Mrs. E., dressmaker
McLeod Albert, painter
Nye Rev. H.W., Epicopal Church
Palmer Wm. J., wholesale confectionaery
Poissant and Co., hotel
Poirier Miss, dressmaker
Poulin Pierre, plasterer
 Pare Nazaire, trader
Rheume Joseph, of Poissant and Co.
Rice Bros., flouring mills
Rice M.F., of Rice Bros.
Rice Chas., gentleman
Racicot Francoise, baker
Rouse R. B., tinsmith
Racicot G.I., wheelwright
Rheume Alfred, wheelwright
Rolland J.T. Sewing machine and auctioneer
Rolland Antoine, carpenter
Reid Joseph, carpenter of Reid Bros.
Rix Almon, carpenter
Reid Bros., saw and planing mills
Rocheleau Napoleon, dry goods
Stanley Fred, mechanic
Saunders Fred C., Drug Store
Sheridan James Sr., contractor
Shelters Allen A., wheelwright
Skinner John, shoemaker
Seaton James H., harness maker
Sears Eugene, blacksmith
Sulley George Se., Treas. Town Council
Trahan Isidore, grocer
Vaughan David, mason
Walker Comfort, carpenter
Walsh F.D., cigars and tobacco
Whitcomb H.M., mechanic
Whitwell J. Frank, civil engineer
Wilson James Jr., harness maker
Wright Joseph, carpenter
Woodard Henry, plasterer


American House, Wm. Taylor, prop.
Bedard Omer S., mechanic
Borden William, carpenter
Borden Franklin, blacksmith
Borden E.W., carpenter
Borden Nathaniel, carpenter
Brock Wm O., axemaker
Bouchard A.J., general store
Butler Hobart, advocate
Bessette Hobart, carpenter
Bockus Wellington, carpenter
Brown Frederick, polisher
Bernier Pierre, painter
Borden Barnabas A., mechanic
Boudreau Joseph, moulder
Bedard P., lime dealer
Blakely Ora, mechanic
Blackwell H.A., forkmaker
Corey M.E., carpenter
Corey Willie M., carpenter
Corey B.H., carpenter
Corey William, carpenter
Conner Daniel, merchant tailor
E.W. Cornforth, scythe maker
Clayes George, M.P. Missisquoi
Crothers Jas., sewing machine, lives at Des Rivieres
Corey's Needle Works, W. Williamson, manager
Davis Mrs., M., grocery
Demers, L.J., forkmaker

Pg 72
Dufresne Raoul, paint factory
Garrett S.E., manager of O.S. Rexford Mfg. Co
Garrow Alexander, mechanic
Gilman George W., scythe maker
Golden Joseph, scythe maker
Gray H.A., mechanic
Hungerford M.A., livery stable
Hart Dr. David A., physician
Halliday Thos. H., machinist
Hawkins Andrew, gentleman
Higgins J.P., scythe maker Hogle and Borden, sash and door factory
Horskin Horatio, postmaster and foundry
Halcrow Alonzo, carpenter
Husband Arthur, heater
Jocelyn William, gentleman
Jones Zeno, mechanic
Jones Edwin F., mechanic
Lappin Charles, moulder
Lapointe Louis, moulder
Larue Raphael, groder
Leduc Damase, gentleman
Monneau Samuel, tanner
Mather, William, carpenter
Mills Reid, carpenter
Martindale Asa, trader
Mehan George, machinist
Mills S.H., gentleman
Nason Ruel, axe maker
Oakes Wm. K., axe temperer O.S. Rixford Mfg. Co., edge tools
Pullin Chancey, polisher
Palmer E., painter and decorator
Reid Lewis J., furniture
Rix Thomas, mason
Ross Sherman, printer
Ross Augustus E., agent
Ross Henry L., harness maker
Rodgers E.H., jeweller
Russell Solyme, butcher
Sornberger Elias, gentleman
Smith Marvin, carpenter
Smith Chas., general store
Taylor William, prop. American House
Taylor Eldred, mechanic
Thomas John, scythe grinder
Williamson W., Manager Corey's Needle Works
Wilson James Jr., harness maker