The Eastern Townships Gazetteer 1867 Business Directory of Bedford District

The Eastern Townships Gazetteer
This District Comprises the Counties of Missisquoi, Brome, and Shefford.

A small village in the parish of St. Armand East, Missisquoi County, two and a half miles from Frelighsburg, and four miles from Berkshire, Vermont. Mails are received from Montreal, &c., semi-weekly – Tuesdays and Saturdays. There are a Baptist and Wesleyan churches, and a district school in the village. Population about 50.

Ayer, James, postmaster and farmer
Abbott, C. C., J. P., captain militia and farmer
Broe, John, blacksmith
Carpenter, Edwin, farmer
Cope, Charles, farmer
Jordan & Osburn, general merchants
Smith, H. D., postmaster and produce dealer
Scofield, C. S., lieutenant of militia and farmer
Smith, Shuball
Tracy, E. S., carriagemaker
Whitman, S. R., J. P. and farmer

An active village in the township of Sutton, Brome County, situated on the south bank of the Missisquoi river, five and a half miles from Sutton Flat, two and a half miles from Richford (Vermont), ten miles from Frelighsburg, and fourteen from Masonville. There is a daily mail stage between this village and Sweetsburg, and another to and from Richford. It is a port of entry, has a telegraph office, and a population of about 100. There is a splendid water power, which is utilized to a considerable extent, there being saw and grist mills, carriage shops in constant operation, and a carding factory in contemplation. A fine Episcopal church is in course of erection.

Abercorn Grist Mill Company, C. Shephard, miller
Barber, E. M., saw mill proprietor
Babtiste, Daniel, hotel
Benjamin, Seaton, collector of customs & postmaster
Cleaveland, Jenne, carpenter and joiner
Ingols, Geo., carriage manufacturer
Ingalls, Walter, boot and shoemaker
Landsburg, Holmes & Ross, general merchants
Miner, Lorenzo, farmer
Nield, Alfred, general merchant
Record, E., carpenter and joiner
Shephard, Charles, proprietor of blacksmith and carriage shop
Seaton, J. J., general merchant
Seaton, E. W. H., merchant
Sweet, Solomon, general trader

A pleasant village on the road between Farnham Centre and Granby, in the township of Farnham, Brome County. Population about 200. Distance from Granby, nine miles. Mails received tri-weekly by stage from latter place and Sweetsburgh. There is a good deal of lumber annually got out about here, and considerable business done in butter tub and sash and blind manufactures, &c.

Adams, Geo., postmaster, gen. merchant and mill prop.
Adams, Geo. A., merchant and lumber merchant and owner of mills
Boisselle, Joseph, shoemaker
Cook, Otis, carder
Douglas, Edward, miller
Dufresne, Noizelle, blacksmith
Elleson, E. T., rake, sash and door manufactory
Goodhue, Rufus, shoemaker
Godhart, David, butter tub manufactory and saw mill
Knight, –  , merchant
Martin, P. A., bailiff
Ruiter, Edmond, tub manufacturer
Skinner, Thomas, harness maker
Tilson, E. W. & Co., tanners

A brisk business village in Stanbridge Township, Missisquoi County, two miles east of the railway station known as Stanbridge depot. It is situated on Pike river, on which stream in the village and vicinity are several mills, foundries, &c., driving on active trade. Population of the place about 400. Distance from St. Johns, twenty miles; Sweetsburg, eighteen miles; and Philipsburg, eight miles. Mails are received daily. The Circuit Court for the county is held here, and it is also the headquarters of the Missisquoi Agricultural Society. There are two churches, Church of England and Methodist, an academy and district school. The scenery about here is very attractive, and the land of an excellent quality.

Adams, Nelson, J. P. and general merchant, dealer in real estate
Butler, M. A. Hobart, advocate, principal Bedford academy
Beck, A., tailor
Brown, A. L. harnessmaker
Borden, Anson, sash and blind manufacturer
Brown, N. S., J. P. and farmer
Botham, William, bailiff Superior Court
Capsey, Thomas, clerk of the Circuit Court
Cloyes, George, general merchant
Costlett & Son, blacksmiths
Corey & Daniels, knitting needles manufacturers
Chevalier, Gustave, M. D.
Decker, Reuben, proprietor Decker's hotel
Dickinson, R., N. P. & registrar county of Missisquoi
Gough, John, saddler and harnessmaker
Harty, John, general merchant
Lavallee, Albert, shoemaker
Mitchel & Josleyn, proprietors of foundry
Martin, Mrs., Bedford Hotel
Martin, J. P., hotelkeeper, and licensed auctioneer
Martin & Alcinbrack, tanners and curriers
Meigs, H. O., postmaster and M. M. C.
Meigs, O. L., baker
Murphy, John, shoemaker
Meigs, M. R., physician and surgeon
Mitchell, butcher
Potter, A., bailiff and tailor
Rixford, L. P., scythe and axe manufacturer
Reed, L. J., grocery and provision dealer
Rice, C. A., grist and saw mill proprietor
Slack, Rev. George, incumbent of Bedford and Rural Dean
Shaw & Co., sewing machine manufacturers
Stone, Miss J. J., milliner and dressmaker
Tromble, P., blacksmith

A township in the county of Brome, but recently discovered to be possessed of great mineral wealth. Large deposits of copper ore have been found here, and at present two mines are being worked with the most gratifying success. There are the Huntington and Ives Mines. The former, which is being worked by the Hon. L. S. Huntingdon, at present takes out, dresses and boxes, about ten tons of ore daily. This is sent by teams through Stukely to Waterloo, thence forwarded per railway to the United States. The ore is of a superior quality, and yields a large percentage of pure metal. The Ives Mine has not yet taken out ore, being engaged in shaft sinking. There is also a large timber trade carried on here, and several saw mills in active operation. One is owned by Mr. Huntingdon, and this, with the hands engaged in the mines, gives employment to over 300 hands. There are three post offices in Bolton, viz.: East Bolton, A. M. Austin, postmaster; South Bolton, John McManus, postmaster; and Bolton Forest, James Channel, postmaster

A small village in the township of Bolton, Brome County. The population is about 120. It is situated on Missisquoi River, and is distant from Knowlton, twelve miles, Magog Lake, three miles. The water power is good and is turned to some account, in extensive manufactures of butter tubs. There are copper mines near the village, which will, no doubt, eventually prove of great value, and be the means of building up the place.

Blaesdill, John, merchant
Carpenter, Hiram, carpenter and joiner
Hall, J. C., Hall's hotel
Martin, E. M., painter
Meriman, F. G., millwright
Martin, G. A., carpenter and joiner
Willard, John C., proprietor of saw mill, butter tub and chair factory
Phelps, S. S., advocate
Peche, Joseph, blacksmith
Roxford, Thomas, general jobber
Shurleff & Stevens, manufacturers of furniture, &c.

A farming settlement in the township of Ely, Shefford County, containing a population of about 40. It is situated on the road from Waterloo to Melbourne, fourteen miles from the former, and twenty-one miles from the latter place. Weekly mails via Roxton.

Fortin, Rev. A., Church of England
Hackwell, W., postmaster, land agent, J. P.
Shepherd, W., saw mill
Trump, T., bricklayer

An active village situated on branch of Yamaska River, in Brome Township, 8 miles from Sweetsburg, 12 from Waterloo, and 4 from Knowlton.  There are two churches in the place – Episcopal and Congregational; a wheelwright's shop, sash and blind factory and saw mill. Mails received daily via Sweetsburg. Romantic scenery and good lands.

Boright, J., blacksmith
Boright, Leonard, bailiff and dep. customs office
Chandler, A. H., mayor
Chandler, E. L., sec. treasurer of county & merchant
Chandler, H. M., J. P.
Caswell & Asherton, carriage builders
Chandler, L. L., farmer
Chapman, Wm., farmer
Chapman, Thos., farmer
Chapman, John, carpenter and joiner
Chapman, George, butcher
Dun, John, boot and shoe shop
Hunter, W. C., school commissioner
Prume, T. M., M. D.
Reed, W. E., boot and shoe shop
Shufelt, C. C., farmer
Smith, D. W., saw and grist mill
Smith, C. D., sash and blind factory
Westover, N. B., Brome Corner Hotel
Williams, H. R., postmaster and general merchant

A village in the parish of St. George de Clarenceville, Missisquoi County, situated between the Richelieu river and Missisquoi Bay. Population about 250. Distance from Lacolle, 6 miles; Alburg Springs, 7-1/2; Sweetsburg, 34; St. Johns, 18, and Stanbridge Station, 15. Mails are received and dispatched daily. Stage connects with cars for Montreal at DesRivieres. There are two churches, Methodist and Church of England, and academy and district school. The Rev. Canon Townsend is Rector of the established church, a position he has filled for upwards a half century. Clarenceville is a port of entry.

Chilton, Wm., J. P. and mayor
Cochrane, R.
Dunberry, Chs., carriagemaker
Derick, F. M., tanner and tin manufacturer
Derick, A. H., sec. trea., school commissioners
Fleming, Terry, wine merchant
Friot, Joseph, hotelkeeper
Johnson, G. W., Comr. Court, & farmer
Jameson, Hy., J. P., and lieut. No. 6 L. R. Inf. Co.
Lancaster, Rev. Chs. H., assistant minister Church of England
Hunter, John, J. P., farmer
Macfie & Townsend, gen. merchants
Macfie, John, agt. for H. C. Fire Ins. Co.
Macfie, Robert, J. P., M. M. C.
Mastin, Hy., proprietor of Clarenceville Hotel
Mondige, Saml., farmer
Philips, Rev. Samuel, Wesleyan minister
Row, George, farmer, lieut. col. of militia
Row, Chs., farmer, capt. Vol. Co.
St. John, T. P., shoemaker
Smith, N. M., farmer
Simpson & Derick, general merchants
Stewart, Chs., P. M., lieut. col. of militia and C. of C.
Townsend, Rev. Canon, rector St. George & Thomas churches
Taylor, Ira, blacksmith

Dunham is one of the principal villages in the county of Missisquoi. It was incorporated in Sept. 1866, and now has a population of about 400. It is situated nearly in the centre of the county, 6 miles from Sweetsburg; 6 from Frelighsburg, and 12 from Stanbridge Depot. Daily mails from Montreal, St. Johns, &c., are received in this latter place. There is also a daily mail and stage to Sweetsburg, St. Armand and other surrounding villages. In the place are Roman Catholic, Episcopalian and Wesleyan Methodist churches, and academy and district school, a commodious Town Hall, &c. There is also in this place an extensive cheese factory, belonging to Mr. E. E. Hill, which consumes the milk of 900 cows, within a circle of 3-1/2 miles. The cheese manufactured in this establishment in 1866 amounted to about 100 tons. Extensive additions and improvements have recently been made to the established church, and it is now one of the handsomest in this part of the diocese. The lands in this vicinity are rich and fertile, and are highly cultivated by intelligent and enterprising farmers.

Armington, P. S., general merchant, sec. treas. of the school commissioners
Baker., W. C., farmer
Baker, J. L. farmer and agt. for C. L. A. Co.
Boyd, Jas., jun., farmer
Baker, Edw., P. M. and farmer
Baker, C. E., asst. P. M., agt. for N. F. In. Co.
Brown, Rev. Geo. J., curate R. C. church
Baker, Stevens, farmer
Beattie, Wm., B. S. C. D. of B., produce buyer
Baker, C. S., farmer
Brooke, Geo.
Bernor, F., tanner and currier
Church, H. A., general merchant
Church House, E. R. Briggs, proprietor
Clement, Levi, farmer
Clement, Guy, farmer
Clement, Ant., M. M. Corps.
Constable, Rev. F. W., Wesleyan minister
Dome, O., shoemaker
Dunning, E., tanner and currier
England, J. T., agt. for the S. P. A. company
Finley, Edw., clerk C. Court, director M. & R. Ins. Co., and public writer, chairman school commissioners
Gear, Rev. J. colporteur M. A. B. society
Godden, Rev. John, rector of Dunham
Galer, J. N., trader
Galer, R. S., farmer
Gibson, J. B., J. P., M. D. D.
Hill, E. E., proprietor Dunham cheese factory
Jones, L., carriage trimmer and harness maker
Jones, Wm., blacksmith
Kennedy, R. A., N. D., C. M. L. P., S. L. C.
Kemp, G. L., capt. vol. company
Lee, H. S., gen. merchant
Laroque, Peter, blacksmith
Lafontaine, Andrew, carpenter and joiner
Lewis, H. T., farmer
Martin, Reuben, tailor.
Millott, Francis, photographer and shoemaker
Millott, Louis, boot and shoemaker
Oliver, James, gen. merchant
Pagnello, Hy., dealer in tin and copper ware
Stevens, A. D., A. M., M. D., ref. for the S. L. A. C.
Stevens, Levi, farmer
Seely, Hiram, proprietor Union Hotel
Stevens, L. L., J. P.
Stevens, Mrs. L., proprietor grist and saw mills
Stevens, C. O., B. C. L.
Selby, Thos., mayor, Twp. D. J. P. C. S. C.
Union Hotel, Hiram Seely, proprietor
Wood, Thos., J. P., gen. merchant and M. M. C.
West, J. C., blacksmith
Woodard, Ovlin, gent.

A pretty active village in the township of Farnham, Missisquoi County, 4-1/2 miles from Sweetsburg, 11 miles from Farnham Station, and 12 miles from Granby. It is the centre of a rich farming country. There is one church in village Union; also several factories, &c.

Allen and Bull, chair and furniture manufacturers
Buck, L., general merchant
Buck, D., boot and shoe manufacturer
Buck, C., sash, door and blind maker
Buck, Cyrus, carpenter and joiner
Barnes, Joseph, blacksmith
Coleman, Peter, blacksmith
Dalglish, Thos., wheelwright
Demague, F., boot and shoemaker
Hulbert & Goddard, carriagemakers
Hulbert, P. P., J. P. and mayor
Hutchins, R. P. M., general merchant
Jewell, Carmi, ornamental painter,
Jewell, Alva, wheelwright
Knowles, Levi, preacher Friend's Society of Quakers, and carriage manufacturer
Ladd, D. M., harness maker
Mansfield, R. H., farmer, councillor
Nunn, James, cabinetmaker
Purinton, N., plow and furnace manufacturer
Purinton & Jewell, general traders
Sanborn, R. W., wheelwright
Thompson, J. F., bailiff.
Vilas, Rev. Aaron, Freewill Baptist
Vandewater, P., shoemaker

A small village in township of Farnham, county of Brome; 7 miles from Sweetsburg, and 8 from West Farnham. Mails received and dispatched daily. There are two churches in the place, Presbyterian and Methodist, a hotel, two stores, &c.

Boyd, Peter, carriage maker
Clement, Apt., stonemason
Finley, James, general merchant
Grafton, W., boot and shoemaker
Johnston, John, postmaster, general merchant
McGregor, Wm., blacksmith
Morrison, James, carriagemaker
Rooney, Jonas, hotelkeeper
Reid, Robt., blacksmith
Robinson, William, boot and shoemaker

Was incorporated a village in September, 1866. It is a port of entry – in the parish of St. Armand East, county of Missisquoi, and is situated on Pike River. Estimated population 300. The nearest railway station is St. Armand; distance 10 miles – stage fare [     ] cents, Durham is 6 miles, Sweetsburg, 13, Bedford 10, Abbott's Corners, 2-1/2, Berkshire, Vt., 4-1/2 miles distant. Mails received daily via Stanbridge Station. The stage communication with surrounding places is good. There is a tannery and several stores in the village – a Rectory and Church – Episcopalian; a grammar and district school. During the early part of the summer of 1866, Frelighsburg was entered and occupied by a band of undisciplined marauders, or more properly speaking, land-pirates, yclept [known] Fenians. At the time, the place was totally unprotected and unarmed. A greater part of the male community, capable of bearing arms, were on duty in the Volunteer Militia, and a few days before this had been hastily called from home, leaving their families and effects unprovided for and without protection. The Military Authorities of Canada, expecting the Fenian force to be largely augmented, and anxious to draw them far enough into the Province to punish them soundly for their crimes, withheld the advance of the volunteers and regulars for a few days, until it became apparent that the marauders were without organization or strength, and would remain just so long as they could plunder and devastate with impunity. Thereupon, a few companies were ordered to the front. This advance cause the Fenians to retreat precipitately. The greater number escaped by crossing the boundary line, but sixteen of the “brotherhood” were captured, and in December following were brought before the Court of Queen's Bench at Sweetsburg for trial. The amount of damage done by this raid was considerable; but the Government of Canada refunded to the sufferers the full amount of their losses. One life was lost, that of an old woman, who was accidentally shot.

Burke, James, proprietor International Hotel
Benoit, N. E., photographer
Benoit, Oliver, carriagemaker and undertaker
Baker, W. S., tanner and currier
Beatie, Miss G. E., milliner
Cochrane, James, blacksmith
Chamberlin, J., physician and surgeon. Pres. Col. physician and surgeon, L. C.
Dyke[?], T. B., shoemaker
Davidson, Rev. J. B., M. A., Rector St. Armand East
Davis, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister
Goff, E. H., general agent for Willcox, Gibbs, and Singers' sewing machines, also, agent for piano-fortes, cabinet[?] organs, S. R. Warren's melodeons, &c.
International Hotel, James Burke, proprietor
Jaquas[?], Homer, engraver and dealer in tombstones
Kemp, O. B., crown land agent for dist. of Bedford
Kemp, A. S., grocer and provision dealer
Kemp, Mr. Anson
Kemp, Mrs. Lincoln
Kirkpatrick, Andrew, carpenter and joiner
Landsberg, Holmes & Co., general merchants
Marvin, E., proprietor grist and saw mills
Oliver, Robert, tinsmith, blacksmith, &c.
Pattison, Wm. Mead, J. P., P. M., general merchant, director M. & R. Mutual Ins. Co., lieut. No. 6, Vol. Infantry Company
Parker, F. J., collector of customs and telegraph operator
Papineau, J., shoemaker
Peck, Gordon, harnessmaker
Reynolds, E. S., general merchant
Rowell, E., physician and surgeon
Smith, J. H., J. P., general merchant, sec'y treasurer Municipal Council, and School Commissioners, agent L. A., of Scotland
Sagendorf, J. W., principal Frelighsburgh Grammar School
Smith, N. A., physician and surgeon
Scottish Prov. Assurance Co., E. H. Goff, agent, and Home
Seeley, William, gent.
Verner, Joseph, tailor
Walker, John, jun., general merchant
Wells, G. W., bailiff Superior Court

The terminus of Stanstead, Shefford and Chambly railroad, two miles beyond Waterloo. It is a pleasant village of about 80 inhabitants. Not much business is done here owing to its close proximity to Waterloo. There are two churches in the place, Church of England and Wesleyan Methodist. The farming lands are excellent in this locality.

Coburn, George, tailor
Hutchins, A. W., general merchant
Polk[?], Rev. A., Methodist minister
Parker, J. M., gentleman
Rosby, John, hotelkeeper
Sutherland, F. D., M. D.
Tittemore, Geo. S., gen. produce merchant
Williams, John, postmaster
Wood, Alonzo, J. P.

A small post office settlement in northern part of Brome Township, Brome County, about 8 miles from Waterloo. It is a new village, quietly coming into public notice. There are two churches in the place, Episcopal and Methodist; also saw, shingle and lath mill, rake factory and tannery, all doing a paying business.

Armstrong, Robt., farmer
Booth, James, farmer
Dion and Bouchard, merchants
England, R. and P., tanners and leather merchants, proprietors saw, shingle and lath mill and lumber merchants
Fessenden, Eben., farmer
George, Oscar
Hulburt, Nelson, carpenter
Lewis, Elmer, farmer
Orcult, Simon, postmaster
Phelps, Ezra, manufacturer of rakes
Kiekvin, Geo., millwright
Sargent, Benj., farmer
Sargent, O. W., carpenter and joiner
Lang, John, farmer, &c.

A prosperous village on the line of the Stanstead, Shefford, and Chambly railway, in the township of Granby, county of Shefford, and in Bedford District, situated on the north branch of the river Yamaska. Its estimated population is 700. Distance from Sweetsburgh, and West Farnham 14 miles; St. Hyacinthe 25, Bedford 24; and Dunham 21. Daily mails arrive from Montreal at 6 p.m., Waterloo, 7 a.m., St. Hyacinthe 4 p.m. Tri-weekly mails by stage from Sweetsburgh Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 11 p.m., and departs the same day at 1 p.m. Mails leave daily for Montreal at 6:30 a.m., Waterloo 5:30 p.m., St. Hyacinthe 7 a.m. Cars arrive from Waterloo for St. Johns at 6:40 a.m., and from St. Johns for Waterloo at 5:35 p.m. Stages connect to and from Magog Lake. There are four churches in the village – Church of England, Roman Catholic, Congregational, and Wesleyan Methodist; a flourishing academy; district school, and a weekly paper. There are also extensive lumber and leather manufacturies in the place.

Amyrald, T., N. P., and lieut. No. 1 Granby Co.
Abbott, G. M., M. D., chemist and druggist
Apothecary & Pillsworth, brewers
Ball, E., principal Granby academy
Beique, Peter, general merchant
Bradford, John, general merchant
Brodeur, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker
Boire, Paul, saw mill proprietor
Chalmers, J., captain No. 2, Granby Company
Cole, Rev. Benjamin, Methodist minister
Cole & Hungerford, general merchants, and dealers in bark and lumber
Cowie, Wm. J., col. inland revenue
Cowie, John G., mayor of Corporation
Davies, D. A., blacksmith
Downs, James A., general merchant
Frost, W., station-master
Gilmer, E. B. & Nephew, general merchants
Gilmour, A., captain No. 1 Granby Company
Gilmour, W. A. R., M. D.
Gilmour, E. B., general merchant
Granby Gazette, S. C. Smith, editor and proprietor, subscriptions $1.50 per annum
Griggs, Truman, proprietor Union House
Harvey, D. & L., joiners, carpenters and cabinetmakers
Horner, James, proprietor grist and saw mills
Hudon, George, general merchant
Hackett, Patrick, J. P.
Herrick, Miss A., assistant, Granby Academy
Ingalls, Rev. E. S., Methodist minister, “retired”
Jones, Rev. Wm., incumbent, St. George's church
Jones, Rev. James, retired missionary Ch. of England
Kay, James, merchant tailor
Kay, Andrew, J. P.
Lorimer, John, general merchant
Lyman, H. P. M. & J. P., com. small causes, com. Superior Court
Miller, major R.
Miner, S. H. C., general merchant, leather and lumber manufacturer
Masse, T., shoemaker
Mercure, M., grocer
Morrison, D., blacksmith
Miner, C. T., boot, shoe and harness manufacturer
Miner, Harlow, J. P.
Myott, – , Railroad Hotel
Mayotte, F., N. P., sec. treas.
Mitchell, Augus, cabinet and furniture manufacturer
McAuley, Rev. Mr., curate R. C. church
McKechnie, A., blacksmith
Nicol, Robert, general merchant
Porter, J., tanner and currier
Pattison, Rev. J. T., Congregation
Rousseau, Edw., carriage maker
Seal, R., ensign No. 2 Granby Company
Smith, S. C., editor Granby Gazette
Savage & McCanna, general merchants
Savage, J. H., proprietor Central House
Taylor, J., lieut. Granby Company
Whitcomb & Fuller, physicians and surgeons
West, Wm. Luke, sec'y treas'r Municipal Council

A very pretty village, situated on Brome Lake in the township of and county of Brome. The population is estimated at 275. It is distant from Waterloo 10 miles, Sweetsburg 11; Mansonville 18; Sutton Flats 10. Mails are received daily. Daily stages connect the village with Waterloo, Sweetsburg, &c. The Circuit Court for the county is held here quarterly, and a Commissioner's Court monthly. A telegraph office was recently established in the place. There are two churches – Church of England, and Wesleyan Methodist; an academy and district school; grist and saw mill; Battalion Drill Sheds are being erected for the volunteers, Knowlton being the head quarters of the District of Bedford Infantry Force, under command of Lt. Col. Dunkin. The erection of these sheds reflects great credit upon the municipality.

Allen, Joseph P., American Hotel
Chandler, Sanboine, boot and shoemaker
Chamberlin, Vircel, butter tub and pail factory
Dunkin, Christopher, M. P. P., Lieut. Col. Bedford Rangers
Foster, H. S., registrar
Foster, S. S., M. D.
Foster, S. W., joint sheriff
Gingras, Paul, blacksmith
Kimbal, Albert, postmaster and hotel keeper
Lefebvre, J. M., deputy registrar and telegraph operator
Lefebvre, Joseph, notary public, and clerk of Circuit Court, secretary treasurer Brome Co. Ag. Society
Lindsay, Rev. R., Church of England
Laparle, T. B., carriage builder
McLachlan, David, general storekeeper
Macfarlane, John, sec'y. treasurer of township, clerk of Commissioners' Court, agent for Stanstead & Sherbrooke Fire Insurance Company, and agent for Stanstead Life Assurance
Mills, Erastus & Son, grist and saw mill proprietors
Norris, Patrick, baker
O'Regan, W. H. general merchant
Phelan, C. J. F. R., M. D.
Peters, Geo. C., merchant
Pettes, J. C., general merchant
Peters, W. N., cabinet shop
Robb, Geo., carriagemaker
St. Marie, Ludger, general merchant
Scott, George, merchant
Scales, Rev. Wm., Methodist minister
Tarbell, E. H., tinsmith
Trudeau, George, advocate

A village in the northern division of the township of Stukeley, Co. of Shefford. It was first settled about the year 1837; has one district school. Distance from Waterloo, the county seat, 12 miles; from Sherbrooke, 25 miles; from Montreal, 70 miles and from Quebec, 118 miles. Population about 150.

Archambault, Joseph, boot and shoemaker
England, Francis, tanner
Fregeaw, Isidore, physician and surgeon
Lawrence, H. Pere, J. P., blacksmith
Lawrence, Erastus, J. P., general merchant and P. M. and grist and saw mill and stage proprietor
Lawrence, E. D., general merchant and S. T. dissentient schools
Morin, Cleophas, boot and shoemaker

A settlement in the township of Granby, 3 miles from Milton Corners, and 6 from Granby village. Population about 50 – the inhabitants are principally engaged in lumbering. There are three saw mills in the village. Mails received daily. No church has yet been erected; Wesleyan service is held in the school-house.

Hungerford, Henry D., jun., lumber merchant
Hungerford, Henry D., sen., J. P., farmer
Hungerford, Israel J., lumber merchant, proprietor of saw mill
Hungerford, Levi N., postmaster, general merchant
Kent, Samuel S., lumber merchant

A village in Milton Township, county of Shefford, situated on the road from Granby to Roxton. Population about 120. Daily mail and stage. There are two churches in the place, Roman Catholic and Church of England. It is a good farming township, but little trade is carried on.

Cote, Napoleon, hotel keeper
Fontaine, Narcisse, blacksmith
Gillespie, Charles, postmaster
Hackett, Thomas, general merchant and ashery
Leclaire, C., blacksmith and storekeeper
Legendre, F. X., mayor of municipality
Toupin, Rev. J. S., Roman Catholic

An active village prettily situate on the south branch of the Yamaska River, in Dunham Township, Missisquoi County. It is a mile and a half from Sweetsburg, and 6 miles from Dunham. Daily mails via stage from Farnham are received from Montreal. Other stage lines also communicate with surrounding villages. There is a fair water-power here utilized to some extent. The scenery is very attractive, and the farming lands rich and arable.

Brown, Dr., physician and surgeon
Baker, G. B., advocate
Buchanan, G. C. V., advocate
Carew, Jos., blacksmith
Cotton, Charles E., surveyor
Cowan, Peter, of Foster & Cowan, joint sheriff
Christie, D. W., merchant tailor
Church, Henry, hotel keeper
Davidson, Rev. J. C., C. Eng.
Dent, John, carpenter and joiner
Dent, Joseph, farmer
Dunkin and Kemp, advocates
Dupras, Jos., stone and brick mason
Farr, John, cabinet maker
Fidget, Nelson, boot and shoemaker
Ford, A., farmer
Ford, B., general merchant
Foster, Thos., stone and brick mason
Gilbert, Wells, farmer
Gleason, H. E., general merchant
Gleason, Hiram, general merchant
Grant, A., trader
Harvey, Henry, farmer
Jones, Joseph, blacksmith
Kathan, William, farmer
Mayer, David, gent.
McKinley, W., sexton of C. Eng.
McKay, Mrs.
Newell, H. P., trader
Quacken, Ross, general merchant
Ruiter, J. S., Nelsonville House and bailiff of Superior Court
Ruiter, G. P., farmer and trader
Scott, P. P., general merchant
Sloygett, Thomas, carriage manufactory
Stevenson, W., bailiff Superior Court
Smith, S. N., proprietor woollen mills, grist and saw mills
Smith, S. N., general merchant
Stinhour, Parker, farmer
Stevenson, Robert, gent.
Traver, Hiram, boot and shoemaker
Willard, George, farmer
Watson, Rev. Chas., Cong.

A farming settlement in Ely Township, Shefford County, eight miles from Roxton Falls. Population about 35. Mails received weekly via the latter place.  P. O. Bethel, postmaster and general trader.

Bartlet, Wilder, P. M., sec'y.-treas. municipal council
McDonald, James, general store, sec.-treas. school commissioners
Smith, Joseph, mayor of the township

A village in the township of Stukely, Shefford County, twelve miles from Waterloo. Tri-weekly mails and stages. It is a fine farming country and little other business done.

Audette, Antoine, postmaster and general store keeper, S. T. for school commissioners
Tetu, C., notary, and S. T. municipal council
Lavigne, John B., blacksmith
Lavigne, Treffle, blacksmith
Ponton, J. B., tanner

Is situated three miles from Sutton Flat. It is a small and pretty village

Flannery, James, carriagemaker
Sweet, Solomon, postmaster, farmer and trader
Sweet, Ogden, agent for Home Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut

A small village in the parish of St. Thomas, Missisquoi County, situated near the river Richelieu. Population about 50. Distance from Lacolle, 4 miles; Clarenceville, 2-1/2 miles; Desrivieres Station, 14 miles; Province line, 4 miles. Mails are received tri-weekly. There are two stores, a hotel, and Episcopalian church, and a district school in the place. The parish is particularly adapted for agricultural pursuits.

Cochran, mayor
Derick, Mrs. Robbert, Noyan Hotel
Derrick, Christopher, manager, Noyan Hotel
Derick, W., and L. H., wine merchants
Derick, P. C., J. P.
Derick, A., J. P.
Derick, L. H., secy. treas. of the parish
Fox, Samuel, shoemaker
Jameson, Wm. J., J. P.
Rourke, W., wine and spirit merchant
Spears, L. H., secy. treasurer parish

A post office and farming settlement on the main road between Clarenceville and Missisquoi Bay, David Nutt, P. M., and bailiff Superior Court; P. H. Edy, farmer and manufacturer of corn brooms.

A small village in the parish of St. Armand West, Missisquoi County. It is situated on the main road between St. Armand Station and Frelighsburg. Population about 60. It is distant from the Province line 1-3/4 miles; Frelighsburgh, 5; Dunham 11, and Philipsburg, 7 miles. Daily stage and mail. There is a very pretty Church of England in the village, of which Rev. Mr. Montgomery of Philipsburg is Rector. The village will hereafter figure in the historical annals of the country as being the scene of Fenian outrages during the month of June 1866. It was taken possession of after the manner of Frelighsburg elsewhere referred to.

Butler, Wm., farmer
Carpenter, T. P., hotelkeeper
Hoyt, A. G., produce and butter dealer
Hubbard, Wm., farmer
Oliver, A., general merchant
Shufelt, Wm., asst. P. M.
Sager, Noah, proprietor Frontier Hotel and merchant
Thomson, Wm.
Vaughan, Hiram, blacksmith

Philipsburg County, Missisquoi. Philipsburg is a port of entry, and a warehousing port. The village is prettily situated on the east side of Missisquoi Bay, 46 miles south-east from Montreal; 26 miles south-west of the chef-lieu, and 2 miles west of St. Armand Depot, on the Montreal and Vermont Junction Railway, and 2 miles north of the province line. The surface is moderately elevated, and declines towards the Bay, one of the most beautiful sheets of water that can well be conceived, abounding in fish of the finest varieties, while its marshes afford excellent shooting. The soil is very fertile. Excellent variegated and black marble is found in its immediate vicinity. The village (which was incorporated in 1846) contains several handsome houses, generally surrounded by trees and shrubbery, and since the opening of the Montreal and Vermont Junction Railway, has become a place of summer resort. It is generally admitted to be one of the most desirable summer residences in the Eastern Townships. The Hon. Mr. Justice Johnson, judge of the Superior Court, has taken up residence here. W. W. Smith, Esq., is the present mayor and warden of the county.

An extensive carriage manufactory was established by Mr. J. W. Eaton, an old and enterprising inhabitant of the village, in 1860, and continues in successful operation. Some of the finest vehicles manufactured in Canada are turned out of this establishment. The village contains 3 churches, viz: 1 Church of England, 1 Wesleyan Methodist, and 1 Congregational. Also, 4 stores, 3 hotels, a High School, and an Elementary School. The Nelson Lodge, No. 8, C. R. of A. F. and A. M., hold their regular meetings the last Thursday before the full of the moon. Population at last census 396.

Alden, A. F., painter
Armstrong, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister
American Hotel, N. N. Lewis, proprietor
Borgeron, J. B., valuator and blacksmith
Brigham, J. S., M. A., physician and surgeon, Gov. Col. P. & S., L. C.
Burke, David, M. M. C. and carriagemaker
Cheesemans, C. R., J. P., farmer
Crothers, William J., boot and shoemaker
Crothers, Thomas, tailor
Carpenter, H. H., principal High School
Carr, James J., carriage trimmer
Eaton, J. W., J. P., president Missisquoi and R. S. Co. and manager Missisquoi carriage factory
Ford, S., J. P. and C. S. S.
Ford, H. E., color sergeant No. 1 company
Gilbert, D. B., farmer
Hill, C. A., marble dealer and engraver
Hogle, F. A., carriagemaker
Hogle, A., stage proprietor
Henderson, John, collector of customs
Jameson, S., forwarding merchant and farmer
Johnson, Hon. F. G., justice S. C. for D. and Bedford
Joy, Wm., harnessmaker
Keenan, Mrs., grocery and provision store
Luke, P. E., preventative officer
Missisquoi Hotel, Lewis Strite, proprietor
Morgan, Wm., J. P.
Missisquoi carriage factory, J. W. Eaton, manager
Money, A., lieut. R. C. rifles
Montgomery, Rev. H., Church of England
Morgan, A. E., telegraph operator
Morgan, Hy., bailiff, Sup. Court
McLeon, Jas., carriage painter
Nye, D. T. R., P. M., commissioner for Ded. Pot., and S. C. agt. for International Life Assurance, and Liverpool, London, L. and F. Ins. Co., New York Accidental Ins. Company
Russell, A. H., farmer and ensign No. 3 Co.
Roberts, T. R., advocate, secy. Missisquoi and R. S. Co. and agent for Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.
Strite, Lewis, proprietor Missisquoi Hotel
St. Johns, Charles, blacksmith
Smith, W. W., warden county Missisquoi
Symms, Wm., carriagemaker
Smith, Lynds, general merchant
Whitewill, W. P. O., M. D.

A small village situated on Pike River, in the parish of Notre-Dame des Anges, Missisquoi County. It is 2 miles from Stanbridge Station, and same distance from Malmaison; 6 miles from Philipsburg; 10 from St. John's, and 6 from Henryville. Mails received daily. There are a Methodist church, two stores, a saw and grist mill in village.

Jourdeman, Joseph, merchant
Legacy, Dennis, hotelkeeper
Mollene, L., merchant
Roberts, C., J. P. of Roberts & Sons
Roberts & Sons, proprietors grist, saw mills, &c.
Taylor, A. L., merchant, P. M.

An active village in the parish Notre-Dame des Anges, in county of Missisquoi, situated on Pike River. Population one hundred and twenty. The distance from Stanbridge East is 1 mile; Stanbridge Station 4 miles; Farnham 12 miles; and Bedford 3 miles. Mails received from Stanbridge East, tri-weekly. There is no stage communication to Stanbridge Station, but a new road is in contemplation which will bring stage by way of Riceburg, thence to Stanbridge East.

The village is noted for the great amount of mechanical work it turns out, in the way of castings for all descriptions of mills, &c.; the large business in sash, door and blind, and furniture factory which is conducted by P. and L. Lambkin. It has also, one grist mill, one saw mill, three shingle machines, one paint and cabinet shop; and a fine machine shop, managed by Mr. D. Watson.

Berthiaume, George, merchant
Bolton, Chs., machinist
Caion, Abraham, wheelwright
Daniels, John, miller
Coslitt, William, blacksmith
Heulley, Alfred, moulder
Hagan, Wm., moulder
Lambkin, P. and L., manufacturers of sash, doors and blinds
Robert, Edward, shoemaker
Rice, C. A., postmaster, machinist and engineer
Rice, Martin, proprietor of foundry, saw and grist mills
Schoolcraft, – , laborer
Watson, Daniel, machinist
Watson, Walter, machinist

A small settlement near Waterloo

Green, William, proprietor of saw mill
Porter, John, blacksmith
Rexford, Orin, merchant and farmer
Reade, Rev. John, Church of England

A small settlement in Stukely Township, Shefford County, about seven miles north-east of Waterloo. A small stream runs by the place. Tri-weekly mail and stage.

Blanchard, R. C., district school
Desautels, Augustin, P. M., and hotel keeper
Dube, Louis, general merchant
Dube, Louis, postmaster and general merchant
Petit, Moses, blacksmith
Peche, Peter, blacksmith
Wood, J. H., tanner

A pleasant village in Roxton Township, Shefford County, lying between Milton and Roxton Falls. Population about 75. Mails are received by way of Granby and Roxton Pond, three times each week.

Auge, Michael, postmaster
Bachant, Louis, saw mill and grist mill
Captain, Rufus, general merchant
Forcier, A., general merchant
Loiseau, E., tavern keeper
Parent, Rev. A., Methodist
Rodier, Rev. G., Church of England

A good sized village situated on the east bank of Black River, in Roxton Township, Shefford County. It is six miles from Acton; eleven miles from Roxton Pond; and fifteen miles from Waterloo. There is a fine water power here, and a great deal of lumber is annually manufactured by mills in the place and vicinity. There are also two large tanneries in the village, which do an extensive business. Daily mails and stages. There is only one church, Roman Catholic, the Protestant community using the school house for its place of worship. Population 300. Inhabitants principally French Canadians.

Beauchemin, A. O. U. T., postmaster and notary, clerk of Commissioners Court, clerk of Church Trustees, Com. de dernier pates tenue
Bombardier, J. L., bailiff
Chicoane, Alexander, hotel keeper
Carpentier, Mme., Roxton Hotel
Crowe, Joseph, school teacher
Elbrige, Freman, saw mill manufacturer
Trudo, N., saw and grist mills
Jaques, E., general merchant
Jackson, Thomas, general merchant
Kegle, M., general merchant
Lafontaine, Napoleon, general merchant
Lafontaine, J. L., notary, secretary of council, district school inspector for town and municipality
Lander, James, salesman
McEvilla, W., general merchant
Michon, Rev. J. C., cure
McGrail, C., American House
Ouimet, Joseph, salesman
Parker, Joseph, Roxton Hotel
Rockus, Alfred, baker and J. P.
Roussin, Guillaume & Co., general merchants
Shaw, F. & Bros., tannery
Vansandford, C. C., general merchant
Wood, G. R., tanner, J. P.

A farming settlement in the township of Ely, Shefford County, eighteen miles from Waterloo, twenty-eight from Roxton Falls. Mails tri-weekly from Waterloo and Melbourne. Population about 25. Postmaster, saw mill owner and merchant.

Blanchard, F. R., J. P.
Darby, Nathan, S. T. dissentient schools
Papin, P., farmer
Smith, F. X., Grande Ligne missionary and postmaster, also municipal sec. and treas.
Violetti, L. F. A., joint coroner for dist. of Bedford and sec. treas. to school commissioners

A village in Stukely Township, Shefford County, six miles from Waterloo, four miles from Frost Village, and seven miles from the Bolton Mines. It is in a fine section of the country, which abounds in romantic scenery and good lands. Population about 125. There are two copper mines near here – the “Grand Trunk” and the “Shefford” – neither of which are being worked at present, but are supposed to be valuable. There is an Episcopal Church in the village, saw mill, &c.

Abbot, Rev. C., Church of England
Brooks, L. H., postmaster, hotel and storekeeper
Cook, C., lumber merchant
Goderich, C., lime burner
Knowlton & Libby, saw mill and lumber merchants
Knowlton, W. R., mill proprietor
Knowlton, L. H., secretary treasurer of Municipal Council
Libby, M., saw mill proprietor
Molleur, Francis, blacksmith
Martin, A., lime burner
Richardson, C. S., shoemaker
Stuart, Alexander, salesman
Shephard, Jacob, tanner and J. P.
Tittemore, N., shoemaker
Williams & Brooks, general merchants
Williams, John, general merchant
Willard, W. M., mayor

A village in the township of Stanbridge, county of Missisquoi, situated on Pike River, at which point there is a very good water power used for a grist mill, tannery, &c.; it is five and a half miles from the Stanbridge Station, on the Montreal and Vermont Junction Railway, from which there is a daily stage, and mail leaving the station on the arrival of the evening train from Montreal, and returning in the morning, in time for the first train going to Montreal. A daily mail also connects with Frelighsburg. There are two churches, an Episcopal and Methodist, an academy, a branch of the Eastern Townships Bank, two hotels, several stores, mechanics' shops, &c. Population about 250. The fine public and private dwellings in this village give evidence of thrift and prosperity. The Stanbridge Lodge A. P. & A. M., holds its meetings regularly, and is in a very flourishing condition.

Briggs, E. J., postmaster and general merchant
Bryan, M. V., agent Home, New Haven, Connecticut Insurance Company
Baker, J. C., manager of bank
Baker, John, gentleman
Burnham, Marriot, blacksmith
Cornell, Edwin, advocate
Cornell, S. H., farmer
Constantine, Rev. L., M. A.
Elder, William, Missisquoi Hotel
Gardner, Lester, American Hotel
Hadley, P. P., miller
Jones, James M., boot and shoemaker
Jenny, Albert, farmer
Larocque, Alfred, blacksmith
Meigs & Barney, general merchants
Martin E., tanner and currier
Pierce, Frederick, hardware merchant
Prim, Robare, grocer, boot and shoemaker
Tree, J. A., grocer and general merchant

A village that has been built up since the opening of the Montreal and Vermont Junction Railway, on which line it is an important mail, passenger, and freight station. Stages connect with mail trains for Bedford, Stanbridge, Dunham, &c. It is eighteen miles from St. Johns, fare 60 cents; two and a half miles from Bedford, fare stage 25 cents; six miles from Stanbridge, fare 50 cents; twelve miles from Dunham. Population about 150. An active mercantile trade is done in this place.

Corey Brothers & Co., general merchants
Corey, Caleb, farmer
Demase, S. S., merchant
Demase, Charles, Demaise hotel
Gibson, Thomas, grocery and liquor store
Hastings, H. A., farmer
Huskins, Horatio, Stanbridge Hotel
Jeran, C., blacksmith
Morgan, William, station agent
Montle, J. F., farmer and councillor
Ross, Henry, grocery store
Selby, Joseph & Son, general merchandise

A post office and farming settlement about 2-1/2 miles from Frelighsburg, on the main road to Pigeon Hill. Daily mails and stage from St. Armand Station, St. Albans, &c. The soil in this part of the county is particularly rich, and the scenery picturesque and romantic in the extreme.

Pinkham, B., hotelkeeper
Shutts, Hy., blacksmith
Titemore, A., P. M. and farmer
Titemore, Leonard, mayor, E. P. Lt. A. Capt. No. 1 Co., and carriagemaker
Vincent, George, general merchant
Chadsey, H. E. carriage manufacturer

The first station in Canada on the line of the Montreal and Vermont Junction Railway. It is in the west parish of St. Armand, two miles from Philipsburg, and eight from Highgate Springs. There is a good hotel here, and one or two stores. Stages leave for Philipsburg on the arrival of the afternoon train from Montreal; for Pigeon Hill, Frelighsburg, &c., on the arrival of the morning train from the same city. The place was formerly known as Moor's Corners, under which name it is still remembered in connection with the rebellion of 1837-38. It was at this point that a band of half armed rebels were met and routed by the people on the frontier. The “raiders” had one man killed in the action; on the other side no one was hurt.

Alba, J. W., farmer
Bradley, A. B., physician and surgeon
Bates, William R., blacksmith
Clark, Barney, butcher
Krans, Garner, wool factory and saw mill proprietor
Laperche, Charles, station agent & telegraph operator
Lowell, James A., photographer
Moore, B. W., farmer
Murray, Charles M., proprietor Smith Hotel
Sixby, G., major militia and farmer
Sewell, A., government detective
Stewart, M. A., grocer
Smith's Hotel, Charles M. Murray, proprietor
Smith, Peter, postmaster, general merchant and captain Volunteer Company No. 1

A small village in the parish of the same name, county and district of Iberville, two and a half miles from Henryville; four miles from Pike River; and four miles from Clarenceville. Mails are received daily via Montreal and Vermont Junction railway and stage. A large amount of grain is raised in and about the parish. The village is in a prosperous condition, and is growing in population and wealth. There is one house of public worship, a Catholic chapel. Population of the parish, 3000.

A stirring, pleasant village in the township of the same name, on the north branch of Missisquoi River, five and a half miles from Abercorn; ten miles from Sweetsburg; twelve miles from Knowlton; and twelve miles from Dunham. The population is 250. Mails are received daily by stage via Sweetsburg. The village contains an Episcopal, Roman Catholic, and Union Church; a Town Hall, academy, grist and saw mills, &c. The scenery about here is very find, and the farming lands of an excellent quality.

Bullock, Leonard, blacksmith
Boright & Co., general merchants
Cutter, H. A., M. D.
Dyer, G. C., postmaster and lieutenant-colonel
Dyer, E. A., trader
Dow, W. H., cabinetmaker
Dow, Charles S., secretary of council
Fowler, Rev. Hiram, Wesleyan Church
Frary, Asa, mayor of Sutton and warden of county
Godue, Joseph, carriage builder
Hamilton, R. F., M. D.
Hunt, Alfred, Sutton Hotel
Kemp, Elijah, J. P., mill owner and trader
Kendall, John M., blacksmith
Lahue, Dominique, trader
McLaughlin, Albert, harnessmaker
Marsh, E. F., grocery and liquor dealer
Mills, Reuben, miller
Prenoind, J., saddler and harness maker
Sanborn, John, mill owner and tub manufactory
Smith, Rev. John, incumbent of Church of England
Stevens, J. S., tailor
Stetson, J. A., boot and shoe shop
Tupper, A., carpenter and joiner
Turner, J. Niles, mill owner

The chef-lieu of the district of Bedford, selected for this purpose on account of its central position. It is very prettily situated on the northeast corner of Dunham Township, Missisquoi County, one mile and a half from Cowansville, and fifteen miles from West Farnham, the nearest railway station. Mail-stages connect with all surrounding villages, viz: West Farnham, daily; Knowlton, daily; St. Albans (Vermont), daily; Waterloo, tri-weekly; Granby, tri-weekly; and Iron Hill, semi-weekly. A large amount of law business is transacted here each year. Two terms of the Court of Queen's Bench, four terms of the Superior Court, and four of the Circuit Court are annually held. The sixteen Fenian prisoners captured on the Missisquoi frontier, were tried before Mr. Justice Johnson, at a special criminal session in December 1866, with the following result: Of the sixteen persons held as Fenian prisoners when the Court opened, Coburn and Powers were discharged, because the Grand Jury ignored the bills against them; Rodgers, McGowan and Howard were discharged without trail; Gilgan, Reardon, Carroll, Owens, and Morrill were tried and committed; McDonald was acquitted on the more serious charge of – and two juries disagreed on the robbery charge; two remained in jail; Holmes, under a sentence of two months imprisonment for larceny; Crawford, under a sentence of three months imprisonment, for receiving stolen goods; and Madden, Smith, and Crowley, who confessed, and were sentenced to death. The court-house and jail are connected, and are built of stone after the model of others erected, after the passage of Hon. Mr. Cartier's decentralization bill. Sweetsburg has one church, Episcopalian; a high school; a weekly newspaper, the Times; a telegraph office; and two hotels. It is the residence of Mr. O'Halloran, M. P. P., and is at present in a very prosperous condition.

Bowker, M. R., hotelkeeper
Boright, C. H., general merchant, and P. M.
Bondy, Henry, notary
Brown, Leonard, tanner and currier
Baker, G. B., advocate
Buchanan, G. C. V., Q. C.
Brown, A. V., artist
Bowker, Edmond, manuf. magic lotion
Bowker, David, groceries
Church, Henry, bailiff
Church, Henry, hotelkeeper
Carter, William, gent.
 –  , Rev. M., Church of England
Foster & Cowan, joint sheriff
Gleason, R. F., general merchant
Galen, G. A. general merchant
Hall, F. T., prothonotary, clerk of the crown, clerk of peace, clerk of the Court
Hull, Orson, jeweller
Katharine, C. C., Tremont Hotel
O'Halloran, James, Q. C., M. P. P.
Labounty, Jos., shoemaker
Leclere, John, carriagemaker
Martin, Henry, deputy sheriff
McSorley, Wm., tailor
Pickle, Abram, stage proprietor
Pickle, H. D., high constable
Pickle, Edward, stage driver
Racicot, E., advocate
Rose, Henry, proprietor of district of Bedford Times
Seeley, Henry general merchant
Shufelt, Fuller, farmer
Streeter, Geo., blacksmith
Vincent, Norman, gaoler
Wood, Hannibal, M. D.
Winchester, A., farmer

A small farming settlement in Ely Township, Shefford County, twenty-miles from Roxton Falls, and nineteen miles from Waterloo. Mails weekly from the former place. Joseph Roussin, postmaster and store keeper.

Cote, F. P., R. C.
Cuisineau, J. B., saw and grist mills
Roussin, Joseph, P. M., and general store

A stirring village in the township of Worden, county of Shefford, 2 miles north of Waterloo on mail road to Melbourne. Population about 400. A daily mail stage passes through village. There is good water power here made use of for various manufacturing purposes.

Allen, Luke, bowl and measure manfr.
Baily, A., carpenter and joiner
Foss, E. J., painter
Grenid, Jos., manfr. butter and sap tubs
Hank, Jared, pot ash manufacturer
Lee, S., general merchant, proprietor carding mill, tanner, &c.
Leonard, M., tanner, propr. saw mills and farmer
Martin, E. D., P. M., and general trader
McDougall, F., boot and shoemaker
McLaughlan, Wm., saw mill, carriage and blacksmith's shop
Mastin, Saml., carpenter and joiner, mill propr.
McLintock, H., brick manfr.
Pray, Andrew, blacksmith
Wallace, J. W., propr. Worden House
Whitcomb, Mark, propr. grist mill
Wallace, A. G., carpenter and joiner

An energetic and flourishing village in the township and county of Shefford, situated on the line and near the terminus of the Stanstead, Shefford, and Chambly Railway. It was incorporated in the fall of 1866. The population, which is steadily on the increase, is now estimated at 1500. The amount of trading and manufacturing business done is large for a place of its size. There are several well stocked stores, from which the people for miles around derive their supplies. In the way of manufactures, there are a large tannery, iron foundry, saw and grist mills, furniture and carriage shops, &c. There are also a branch of the Eastern Townships Bank, and an office of the Montreal Telegraph Company in the village. There are four churches, Church of England, Roman Catholic, Wesleyan Methodist, and Advent; an excellent academy for male and female pupils, which is liberally supported; French and English district school, besides two private schools.

Waterloo is forty-two miles from St. Johns; fare on the railway, $1.55. Granby is fourteen miles, Magog twenty-one, and Sherbrooke 36. Mails daily from Montreal. Daily mail-stage to Brome; tri-weekly to Sweetsburg, Stanstead, and Melbourne. The Circuit Court for the county is held here three times each year.

Waterloo is the residence of the Hon. A. B. Foster, M. L. C., who has lately erected, on a beautiful site near the railway station, a magnificent private dwelling. The grounds are being laid out to correspond with the houses, so that altogether the property will be among the most elegant and valuable in the townships.

Allen, Taylor & Co., proprietors Waterloo irons works, general merchants, &c.
Allen, Charles, J. P., of Allen, Taylor & Co.
Arnold, A., superintendent S. S. & C. R. R.
Armstrong, Wilson J., carpenter and joiner
Archambault, Isaac, boot and shoemaker
Brassard, Thomas, N. P. secretary treasurer county of Shefford, secretary treas. of School commissioners
Baulne, Isidore, proprietor Franco-Canadian Hotel
Battersby, C., M. D., agent for L. A. of Scotland
Bunker, H. W., photographer and hairdresser
Bailey, Isaiah, house painter
Beard, Jas., blacksmith
Bacon, H., livery stable
Cousins, Richard, merchant tailor
Cote, L. T., general merchant
Contois, H. baker
Clark, John R., conductor S. S. and C. R. R.
Draper, Lyman, tanner and currier
Draper, William, boot and shoemaker
Dawson, H. W., manufacturer of sash doors & blinds, planing, tonguing and grooving
Eastern Townships Bank (branch), W. G. Parmelee, manager
Ellis, R. A., J. P.
Ellis, J. C., builder, proprietor grist and saw mills
Edgarton, J. B., registrar county of Shefford
Erskine, John, M. D., of Erskine & Longley
Eastman, S. V., machinist
Eastman, V. O., machinist
Foss, O. J. & I., carriagemakers and undertakers
Foster House, C. S. Hall, proprietor
Frost, D. T., wholesale and retail grocery
Fourdrinier, F. E., accountant of S. S. & C. R. R., and captain No. 2 Infantry Company
Frost, David, station agent S. S. & C. R. R., and agent for Travellers Insurance Company, &c.
Farnsworth, S., engine driver, S. S. and C. R. R.
Fisk, Newell, surgeon dentist
Foster, Hon. A. B., M. L. C., and lessee of S. S. & C. R. R. & Co., col. of militia, and mayor of village
Farwell, J. M., millwright
Galer, H., tin manufacturer
Gaouette, F., blacksmith
Gendreau, Rev. P. D., cure
Graves, Mathew, blacksmith
Girard, A. D., advocate
Hodge, E. B., photographer
Huntingdon, Leblanc & Noyes, advocates
Hall, C. S., proprietor Foster House
Hill, Robert, harness and saddle maker
Hebert, A., general merchant
Heath, William B., produce merchant
Hutchinson, Rev. R. D., M. D.
Haskell, B. A., accountant
Holden, Lyman, machinist
Harvey, Cyrus, E., pump maker
Howard, Geo., cloth dresser and wool carder
Hale, Alonzo, carpenter
Harris, H. C., clerk
Leonard, J. F., advocate of Parmelee & Lenard
Leblanc, Joseph, advocate of Huntingdon & Leblanc
Lay, J. B., advocate
Laferriere, A. L., physician and surgeon
Laing, R. W., M. A., principal Shefford Academy
Lebonte, M. V. J., saddler and shoemaker
Lague, T., Temperance Hotel
Lachambre, V., general merchant
Lindsay, Rev. D., M. A., Church of England
Lawrence, Truman, conductor, S. S. and C. R. R.
Lewis, E., carpenter and joiner
Longley, Edmund, M. D., of Erskine & Longley
Longley & Skinner, chemists and druggists
Lyman, Whitcomb, carpenter
McDonnell, J. D. & Co., general merchants
Martin, C. S., bailiff Superior Court
Martin, D., baggage master S. S. & C. R. R.
Minckler, E., physician and surgeon
Minckler, E., jun., student
Mitchell, M., provincial land surveyor, general insurance agent
Maffen, Alfred, leader of Waterloo minstrels and professor of music
Morton, Geo., clerk
Nutting, Mrs., milliner
Payan, L. & Co., furniture dealers
Parsonage, J. D., salesman
Parmelee, D. E., merchant tailor
Parmelee, A. B., advocate of Parmelee & Lenard, and mayor of township of Shefford, and warden of county of Shefford, agent for Hartford Insurance Company and Montreal Insurance Company of Stanstead and Sherbrooke
Parmelee, W. G., manager Eastern Townships Bank
Parmelee & Lenard, advocates
Paquette, S., gin merchant
Phelps, Philo, proprietor Temperance Hotel
Parmelee, Rotus, M. D., school inspector, district of Bedford
Paine, J. M., carpenter and joiner
Reynolds, E. S., proprietor Waterloo Hotel
Robinson, H. L., general merchant, school commissioner and deputy registrar and postmaster
Ross, Rev. W. W., Wesleyan
Robinson, Charles, agent Home Insurance Company
Rennie, F., pound keeper
Shaw, E. N., grocer and provision dealer
Stevens, G. G., agent British American Land Compy.
Shefford Academy, R. W. Laing, principal, embraces three departments, male and female, and preparatory
Skinner, C., watchmaker and jeweller
Slack, Foster & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in provisions, grain and groceries, agent Travellers Insurance Company, lieutenant No. 2 Infantry Company
Slack, Thomas, ensign No. 2 Volunteer Infantry Company
Snodgrass, A., general merchant
Shaw, Spencer, tanner, S. & E. G. Shaw & Co.
Shaw, E. G., tanner, S. & E. G. Shaw & Co.
Strachan, Peter, pearlash manufacturer
Shepherd, William, carpenter
Tarte, Raphael, bailiff
Trudeau, Antoine, bailiff Superior Court
Thetreault, C., grocer
Taber, E. H., photographer
Taylor, W. A., cattle dealer
Todd, Orrin, freight agent
Thompson, E., general merchant
Waterloo Hotel, E. S. Reynolds, proprietor
Whelan, William, assistant postmaster
Waterloo Petroleum Company
Waterloo Advertiser, weekly paper, printed and published by Carpenter, Noyes & Co.
Webster, Joseph, inspector and agent S. S. and C. R. R.
Wright, E., mason
Westover, Asa, miller
Young, George, plasterer

Is very prettily situated on a branch of the Yamaska River, in the township of Brome, four miles from Sweetsburg, nine miles from Knowlton, and eight miles from Dunham. Population about 75. There is one church in the village – New Connection; a woollen factory, and grist and saw mill. Mails are received by stage daily from Sweetsburg, and also from Richford, Vermont. The water power here is very good.

Better, Levi, boot and shoe shop
Cooey, John J., blacksmith
Capron, Milton, West Brome Hotel
Hungerford, S. L., postmaster, proprietor of woollen, saw and grist mills
Hungerford, N. L., merchant
Pettes, Stephen, farmer
Scott, Luther, general merchant
Sweet, A. G., carpenter and joiner
Sweet, J. G., farmer
Shufelt, Simon, councillor, proprietor Cheese factory
Scott, Norman, deputy clerk of Com. Court
Tibbetts, Norman, boot and shoemaker
Vaughan, Austin, bricklayer

An active village in the township of West Farnham, county of Missisquoi, district of Bedford, situated on either side of the northern branch of the river Yamaska. Distance from St. Johns, by railway, fourteen miles; from Sweetsburg, seventeen miles; Bedford, fourteen miles; St. Cesaire, nine miles; Granby, thirteen miles; Waterloo, twenty-seven miles; Ste. Marie de Monnoir, fifteen miles; Stanbridge, fourteen miles; and Dunham, twenty miles.

The mails are received here in the morning by stage, from St. Cesaire, Canrobert, Sweetsburg, East Farnham, Brigham, and Waterloo, at 6:30; in the evening by train, from Montreal and St. Albans. Mails leave for the latter places at 7:30 a.m. The stage arrives from Sweetsburg and St. Cesaire at 7:20, to connect with train for Montreal. On the arrival of train from Montreal in the afternoon, the stage leaves for these places at 5:30. The last census taken in 1861, shows the population to have been 400. It has increased very rapidly since, and is now said to be doubled. The water power is one of the best in the townships. The agents of E. Dorsett, Esq., of London, England, ship large quantities of lumber to London. They send the timber to St. Johns, thence to Sorel, where it is put on shipboard. The first ship despatched by them from Sorel, was named the Evening Star. The occasion of its departure was made a celebration, the Harbour Commissioners of Montreal being present, as it was the first sea-going ship that had ever left Sorel. The vessel sailed late in the fall of 1865. The village was incorporated in 186_, the late L. Bourdon, Esq., being the first mayor. Its situation on the S. S. and C. R. R., together with its excellent water power, gives prospect of its becoming an important centre of manufacture. The market is open daily, and is always well supplied. There are three churches, Church of England, Roman Catholic, and Wesleyan. The Roman Catholic Church has only lately been finished, and is a very superior cut stone building, adding greatly to the improvement of the village. The Church of England is prettily situated on the south bank of the Yamaska, at a point where it is spanned by a bridge resting upon five piers. The Wesleyan Church is situated at the east end of the village. Assessed value of property.

Amos, T. J., furniture manufacturer
Alsopp, Mrs. J. Charles, storekeeper
Bourdon, L. F. H., secretary treasurer Corporation of West Farnham
Buck, Richard, proprietor Farnham House
Bowker, Jno,., mayor, lumber merchant & hotelkeeper
Brown, W., agent for E. Dorsett, London, England, and mill owner
Blanchard, Israel, Canada Hotel
Beriau, Pierre, N. P.
Bourque, John, grist mill
Belhumeur, Charles, M. D.
Brydon, John, baker
Bissette, B., butcher
Benoit, Alexis, shoemaker
Barbeau, Eturre, miller
Barbeau, Joseph, miller
Burk, Antoine & John, millers and carpenters
Barr, J. O., hotel, oyster saloon and spirit store
Bissette, Michel, butcher
Clermont, Charles, N. P.
Cook, N., millwright
Corran, E., harnessmaker
Chequette, E., butcher
Clemont, E., N. P.
Chillingsworth, Henry, baker
Comptoir & Duranleau, butter tub manufacturers
Donahue, William, general goods and lumber merchant, and butter tub manufacturer
Dufrane, Derrick, general merchant
Duranceau, F., tinsmith
Durocher, Pierre, butcher
Davois, Hilaire, bailiff
Dorsett, Edward, exporter of lumber, general merchant and miller, residence London, England, W. Brown, agent
Duresne [? Dufresne], A., blacksmith
Dixon & Robertson, weavers
Derrick, Dufrane, general merchant
Elder, Peter, blacksmith
Elmes, George & William, tanners and shoemakers
Fortier, J., carpenter and joiner
Fortier, Louis, carpenter
Foisy, G., postmaster
Gigault, Rev. T., priest
Geroux, L., blacksmith
Hebert, Oliver, hotelkeeper
Hebert, Pierre, butcher
Kinehan, William, watchmaker and photographer
Kemp, – , furniture manufacturer
Larocque, Jeremie, bailiff
Langtin, Mde., J., milliner
Lubar, Peter, hotel keeper
Masse, P. P., general merchant
Mussen, Rev. F. W., M. A. incumbent St. James Ch.
Meigs, D. B., lumber merchant
Masse, N., proprietor B. N. A. Hotel
Mailhot, Marcel, advocate
Martell, E., blacksmith
Marvin, G. R., commission merchant and general agent
Masse & Renaud, general merchants
Oliver, Mrs. William, general store
Paradise, Charles, photographer
Paradis, – , spinning wheel manufacturer
Peter, Lubear, hotelkeeper
Ripley, E. H. general merchant and C. S. C.
Rainville, J., N. P.
Raymond, H. baker
Racicot, J., carriage manufacturer
Robinson, William, carpenter
Stark, A., manufacturer of cloths and flannel
Sherry, H., spinning wheel maker
Sequin, Joseph, merchant
Smith, Joseph, joiner and cabinetmaker
Springer, Rev. Edward, curate R. C. Church
Taber, C. P., general merchant
Trudeau & Bros., general merchants
Tierney, B. J., M. D.
Valiquet & Cyr, general merchants
Valiquet, J. B., J. P., physician and surgeon
Wolsley, Rev. Mr., Methodist minister
West, Elijah, melodeon and furniture manufacturer
Wood, C. A., railroad agent
Wilson, William, tailor
Wilson, Chester, tanner and shoemaker

An active village in the southern part of Shefford Township, Shefford County, a couple of miles from a station on the S. S. and C. R. R. called by the same name. There are a number of mills in constant operation here.

Hayes, James, saw mill owner and lumber merchant
Hayes, Stephen B., farmer
Hayes, Peter, farmer
Laurence, Isaac, farmer
Mills, John N., trader and commission merchant
Roberts, Duke, farmer and drover
Savage, Geo., tavernkeeper
Tait, Geo., merchant and postmaster
Wood, John, farmer
Wood, Thos., farmer
Wood, Joel, carriagemaker
Kilburn, Ashley, proprietor woollen factory

The Eastern Townships Gazetteer BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF BEDFORD DISTRICT Directory Pp75 88 by Nancy

The_Eastern_Townships_Gazetteer_and_Gene.pdf by Nancy

Stanbridge Temperance Society - January 1831 list of members and organizers

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Calno Webster

Hiram Corey

Farnum Pierce

Caleb G. Martindale

Luther Abels

Luke Baker

Horace Sornberger

Calvin White

Cyrinius Baker

Peter Snallon(?)

Reuben T. Wells

Wm. Davis

Henry Watson

Riley Burnham

A. Dykeman

Abram Gifford

O. H. Burnham

George Farrington

Thompson Vaughan

Obadiah Walker

Hiram W. Rockwell

Harlow J. Perry

Aaron Martindale

Orin Vaughan

Peter Stone

David W. Sornberger

George W. Taylor

Mirancy Gardner

Polly White

Calvin S. Milling

Mary Umsted

Jejse (Jesse?) Patterson

Mary Baker

Edward Hitchcock

John Baker, Senr.

Curtis Pierce

Erastus Spicer

John Darling

Nathaniel Hart

Clarke Corey

Charles Blinn

Ranselaer Soule

Benajah Baker

Charles J. Phelps

Ebenezer Martin

R. Hawley

Sidney Burke

Samuel Burnham

Robert Edmonds

Wolcott R. Searle

Moses Gilbert

Reuben Silloway

W. R. Adams

Wm. Wightman

Peter Schoolcraft

Charles Higgins

Ray Star(?)

George Chandler

Lindol Corey

Henry Allen

Robert Hunt

Caleb Corey 2nd

Lyman C. Palmer

Harriet Carley

Electa Tree

Almira Cleaveland

John Feith

Daniel Wilbur

Thomas Burley

Hannibal Whitney

Ozen Vaughan(?)

Elijah Briggs

Sylvester Townsend

Wightman Vaughan

John Perry

Ezra Baker

Norman Corey

Nelson Corey

Simon Schoolcraft

C. R. Vaughan

Daniel Carr(?)

Peter Comer

Solomon Walbridge

A. W. Haile(?)

David N. Phelps

A. L. Crocker

Samuel R. Allen

Thomas J. Needhan

John McNeil

George Briggs, Jr.

Asa Martindale

Onum Vaughan

John Neer

Edward G. Martindale

Sorby Carter(?)

Leiccter Gardner(?)

Adaline Stone

Seraph W. Comstock

Louisa Clow

Erastus Hawkes

Cynthia Phelps

Sally Neer

James Blinn

Deborah Gardner

Dinah White

Joseph A. Phelps

J. C. White

Emily Rice

John Corey

Hannah Blinn

Clarinda Blinn

Aligail (Abigail?) Phelps

Catharin Mansfield

Mercy A. Hodge

Chs. Jouncline

Rachel Castle

Oliver Phelps

Almira Burnham

Asaph Hunt

Mary McFinstry

Elias Jenkins

Isaac Printin

John Chandler

Alyina Corey

Hannah Wells

Hitty McCarty

Carmi Wightman

Dinah Corey

Eliza Baker

Martin Corey

Elvira Palmer

Edward Garnah(?)

Sarah Martin

Amanda Blood

Joshua Hobart

Jacob Martin

Andrew Byington

Hattie Alcombeck

Judson C. Carr

Nancy Corey

Amor Phelps

Hitty Corey

Sylvia Marsh

N. Patterson(?)

Miranda Sornberger

Lindol Corey 2nd

Philome Claflan

Ebeneezer Hart(?)

Nobel Corey

W. Briggs

Mitty Davis

Martha Nowel

Mary Carr

Dianthe Munsell

Sarah Rider

John Baker 2nd

Margarett Darby

Eunice Briggs

Rebecca Howard

Daniel Stanton

Elizabeth Walbridge

Elial Mansfield

Warren Stone

John Stone

Ann Chapnell

Barnabas Sornberger

Mariah Wells

Thomas Wightman

Clorinda Baker

Clarissa Wightman

John Sornberger

Dinah Manson

Lorana Borden

Thaler Burke

Pamela Smith

Peter N. Martin

Amasa Keith

Caleb Corey

Carleton McCarty

Enor Shepherd

Ester Hitchcock

I. John

… Tree(?)

Pamela Rose

Henry C. Corey

Robert Burley

Esek Baker

Lyman Jenkins

Jeremiah Bujsell (Bussell?)

Wealthy Blynn

Polly Smith

Sinia Carr

Sarah Ann Tanner

Laura Burnham

Samuel W. Livingston

Eliza Hawley

Minerva Hart

Emily S. Munson

Manly Blinn

Hannah Hungerford

James Briggs

Abram Martin

Hiram Baker

Elnora Palmer

Prudence Wells

Phebe Millington

James Killroy

Lydia Baker

Kathan M. Sornbarger

James Farrer

Sybil Cliff

Calista Blood

Adon Ames

Caleb Corey Jr.

N. Worratt(?)

Mary Blakely

Luke Hitchcock

Elizabeth Maison

Harvey N. Baker

Catherine Blakely

S. N. Phelps

John Baker, Prs.

William Wightman

Clark R. Vaughan

Hiram Corey

Jesse Patterson

Solomon Walbridge

Esek Baker

Caleb Corey

Luke Hitchcock

Lindol Corey

Peter Martin

Charles Blinn

John Chandler

John Baker, Rev.

Hiram Corey

Luke Baker

Calvin White

Calno Webster

Ranselaer Soule

Wightman Vaughan

Clarke R. Vaughan

Caleb G. Martindale

Charles Blinn

 G. W. Taylor

1855 Militia of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Quebec Captain John Corey's Company 1855

1855  Militia of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Quebec

  Captain John Corey's Company

  November 24, 1855

The Sedentary Militia, an unpaid and compulsory force of all able-bodied males aged 18 to 60 organized along county lines. The Militia Act of 1855 permitted the formation of independent volunteer companies ("Active Militia") which in 1860 began to form into battalions that gradually eclipsed the Sedentary Militia. In 1864 the Sedentary Militia was re-styled "Non-Service Militia", and in 1869 its battalions were reduced to the "Reserve Militia" of each county. The Reserve Militia was last enrolled in 1873 (but never called out), deferred thereafter, and the theory that every able-bodied man was liable for service was finally abolished in 1950. The Army does not recognized regimental lineages pre-dating 1860, but regiments unofficially claim descent from the Sedentary Militia.

This wonderful document provided by Tom Baker .
 More Info: Canadian National defense  / 1855 Militia Act

Stanbridge ~ November 24, 1855

 Roll of officers and men liable to militia service in

Captain John Corey Company of first Battalion of the Missisquoi Militia

Names of Officers Age  Residence

Captain John Corey  59 No 10 Second Range

Lieutenant Harvey Gardner 50 No 14 First Range

Ensign Luther Gardner 47 No 16 First Range

Names of Non-Commissioned Officers / men  Residence  Age  Unmarried Men  Widowers w/o children
Tweed, William  No.10 first range  37    
Burnett, Robert  No.12 first range  24  1 
Burnett, James  No.12 first range  28    
Jones, John  No.12 first range  32    
Chambers, Alford  No.13 first range  19  1 
Chambers, Frederick  No.13 first range  25  1 
Pinter, Gittings (?)  No.16 first range  35    
Pierce, Hiram  No.16 first range  37    
Briggs, James  No.16 first range  30    
Briggs, Lyman  No.18 first range  37    
Chequoine, Levi  No.19 first range  24  1 
Hall, John  No.19 first range  26  1 
Carter, James  No.19 first range  39    
Eldert, William (?)  No. 10 second range  33    
Corey, Benjamin  No. 10 second range  27  1 
Corey, Lyman  No. 10 second range  25  1 
Corey, John  No. 10 second range  20  1 
Hitch, Stuard (?)  No. 11 second range  20    
Gilbreth, John  No. 11 second range  34    
Boomhower, Nicholas  No. 11 second range  28    
Coffrin, Hiram  No. 11 second range  19    
Phelps, John  No. 12 second range  26    
Dodge,   No. 13 second range  20  1 
Corey, Reuben Sergent  No. 13 second range  34    
Lancross, Noel (?)  No. 14 second range  26    
Frapie, Lewis  No. 14 second range  39    
Rounds, John  No. 14 second range  20  1 
Hakey, Laurence  No. 16 second range  30    
Jones, Ornin  No. 16 second range  39    
Lafitant, Charles  No. 17 second range  21  1 
Clow, Joseph  No. 17 second range  31    
Staunton,Gardner  No. 10 third range  19  1 
Rice, Augustus  No. 11 third range  23  1 
Baker, Thomas  No. 11 third range  31    
Pratt, Joseph  No. 11 third range  24  1 
Corey, Moses  No. 11 third range  27    
Chequoine, John  No. 11 third range  31    
Pratt, Charles  No. 11 third range  19  1 
Deline, Wiliam  No. 11 third range  26  1 
Pratt, Theodore  No. 11 third range  22    
Allen, Benjamin  No. 12 third range  27    
Rollins, George  No. 12 third range  19  1 
Watson, Daniel  No. 12 third range  21  1 
Mills, Minot  No. 12 third range  30  1 
Rice, Martin  No. 12 third range  37    
Caswell, Ira  No. 12 third range  25    
Bordow, Joseph  No. 12 third range  33    
Gachiche, Samuel ?  No. 12 third range  31    
Lambkin, Lyman  No. 12 third range  24    
Boomhower, Bruton  No. 12 third range  21  1 
Rice, O Charley?  No. 12 third range  32    
Dumas, Edward  No. 12 third range  26  1 
Lambkins, Philo  No. 12 third range  26    
Murry, Joseph  No. 12 third range  36    
Irish, Lewis  No. 12 third range  22  1 
Chandler, Cyril  No. 13 third range  32    
Hakey, Adam  No. 14 third range  21  1 
Jones, Thomas  No. 12 fourth range  27  1
 No. 17 third range  31    
Spur, Henry  No. 12 fourth range  24    
Deline, Boyers  No. 12 fourth range  27  1 

Names of Reserve men
Name of Reserve men  Numbers  Age  Residence
Corey, Benjamin     57  Lot No. 10 first Range
Burnett, John     53  Lot No. 12 first Range
Phelps, Amos     44  Lot No. 13 first Range
Dowd, Andrew     45  Lot No. 14 first Range
Gage, Luman     50  Lot No. 15 first Range
Fuller, George     56  Lot No. 16 first Range
Briggs, George     41  Lot No. 16 first Range
Fogg, Caleb V.     41  Lot No. 17 first Range
Clapton, Gardner     46  Lot No. 19 first Range
Eliot, John     41  Lot No. 19 first Range
Hunt, Robert     41  Lot No. 21 first Range
Chequoine, Michael     43  Lot No. 23 first Range
Getty, Ralph     40  Lot No. 24 first Range
Robinson, Willian     44  Lot No. 24 first Range
Young, Theodore     42  Lot No. 10 Second Range
Welch, Francis     52  Lot No. 11 Second Range
Tree, Caleb     48  Lot No. 11 Second Range
Cofrin, William     56  Lot No. 11 Second Range
Davis, Ira     57  Lot No. 12 Second Range
Perry, Horace     50  Lot No. 12 Second Range
Rogers, Lewis     44  Lot No. 13 Second Range
Rogers, Eli     46  Lot No. 13 Second Range
Rogers, William     40  Lot No. 14 Second Range
Cherrington ?     46  Lot No. 10 third Range
More, Josiah     46  Lot No. 10 third Range
Comstock, William A.     56  Lot No. 10 third Range
Gordan, William H.     44  Lot No. 10 third Range
Pell, Samuel     50  Lot No. 10 third Range
Edward, Robert     40  Lot No. 10 third Range
Chandler, Erastus     48  Lot No. 11 third Range
Hamilton, Thomas     42  Lot No. 11 third Range
Rice, Horatio     50  Lot No. 11 third Range
Schragel, William     59  Lot No. 11 third Range
Roberts, Dudley     44  Lot No. 11 third Range
Phelps, William J.     53  Lot No. 11 third Range
Osborne, Ezra     46  Lot No. 11 third Range
Sanderson, David     40  Lot No. 11 third Range
Sweet, Thayer     43  Lot No. 11 third Range

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