1889 Eastern Townships Directory - County of Missisquoi 1889

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County of Missisquoi
Missisquoi is one of the oldest and wealthiest counties in the Eastern townships, Is is comprised within the judicial District of Bedford and is divided into two large townships and six parishes as follows : Township of Stanbridge and Dunham ; parishes of Farnham,  Clarenceville,  St. Thomas,  St. Armand East St. Armand West and Notre Dame des Agnes. Missisquoi  faces on the United States frontier and is bounded to the south by the state of Vermont  : Brome lies to the east of it,  Iberville and the Richelieu River to the west and Ronville and Shefford to the north of it.
It is famous as an agricultural, horticultural and stock -raising county besides being the seat of many thriving and important manufacturers the Central  Vermont and South- Eastern (now the C.P.R .) railroads furnish the county with abundance of railway communication.  Missisquoi contains 358 miles and has an approximate population today of 24,000

Abbott’s Corner
A post office and village in the parish of St. Armand East County of Missisquoi. There are two churches here Methodist and Baptist, elementary school, a Cheese factory,  a general repair shop. Mail tri-weekly from Frelighsburg, Population 50  Distance from Frelighsburg  2 miles from Richford Vermont 8 miles

Arms  AL,  Baptist minister
Boyd Howard, Cheese factory
Broe John, blacksmith
Broe Oscar, carriage dealer
Hibbard HH, produce dealer
Powers Joseph, Shoemaker
 Smith HH mechanic
Smith Harvey D, painter
Tracey Mrs. ES,  postmistress
Whitman SR, Farmer,  JP

A post office in the south part of the parish of St George de Clarenceville. Mails from Clarenceville Tri-Weekly,  Distance from Clarenceville, 4 miles ; Alburgh Springs, 1 mile : Lacolle station, 10 miles.
Creller, James, grocer and postmaster
Hilliker Alexander, general store on province line
Hilliker Sidney, farmer
Macfie Robert JO councilor
Macfie Arthur, Capt No 1 Co, 60th battalion
Macfie Alex, farmer
Reynolds RH, farmer

A thriving village in the Pike River in the Township of Stanbridge County of Missisquoi is the county seat also the centre of the Township. It has three churches, branch of the E.T. Bank, three hotels, an academy, two elementary and a convent school and edge tool factory, two saw mills, one grist mill, once carriage factory, a foundry, one needle factory, one sewing machine factory, one paint factory, one confectionery factory, two sash and door factories . Two daily nails. It is on the St Lawrence and Lake Champlain Railway a branch of the C.P.R. and stage route from Stanbridge Station to Dunham. The county registry office is here also the Circuit Court and the Commissioner Court. The Great North Western Telegraph Company have an office here. There is also a stirring local newspaper known as the Bedford Times published here. As the village is built along the stream near the factories for some distance, it has two post offices, for the convenience of the inhabitants, known as Bedford and Upper Bedford.

Alcombrack Richard, J.P.
Adams Jas H, tinsmith
Alcombrack Ebenezer, tanner
Alcombrack W D , tanner
Breault Medfard, wheelwright
Blakely Oras, tanner
Bessette Hobart E, carpenter
Batchelder S
Burrage Wm cashier E.T. Bank
Burrage Mrs CM prop. Bedford House
Bedford Times, RA Crothers prop
Bessette Jos deputy registrar
Beaudry Phillip A, harness maker
Borden miss Emma, dressmaker
Brown CP, harness maker of Gough & Brown
Berard Jean Bte, showmaker
Bastlen Hillaire, carpenter
Bastien Mrs H, millinery
Boyce, Michael, notary
Bertram WJ , dry goods
Brooks Henry W, mason
Boudreau Jean Bte, blacksmith
Briggs Elwin R, Mechanic
Borden Anson M, carpenter
Baxter Geo, mechanic
Capsey Geo advocate ; Sec Treas County Council
Cadorette Victor, tinsmith
Campbell David, butcher
Campbell Isale, trader
Chagnon William , carpenter
Chaussee Prosper, tailor
Chartier Hector, mason
Cassels Dr James, physician and surgeon
Chevalalier Dr Gustave, physician
Chevalier Louis, painter
Chevalier Pierre R, gentleman
Constantineaus S, advocate

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Corey Harvey N., carpenter
Corey John H., carpenter
Coslett James, blacksmith
Coslett Edward, gen. store & Postmaster, J.P.
Coslett Samuel, trader
CROTHERS R. A., of Crothers & Cornell, prop. of the Bedford Times
Cyr Jean Bte. jr, farmer
Cracknell G. F., painter
Cyr Joseph, gentleman
Douglas John, bailiff
Demers Theophile, wheelwright
Demers Napoleon A., clerk
Derey Narcisse, farmer
Desrosiers F. X., notary
Dufort Dr. T. A., physician
DICKINSON R., registrar County of Missisquoi
Dubrule W. H., dry goods and clothing
Farber John A., baker
G. N. W. Tel. Co., in Times office, Henry Lussier, operator
Guillette Hyacinthe, general store, J.P.
Gough & Brown, harness makers and saddlers
Gough James, of Gough & Brown
Gough John H. of Gough & Brown
GOUGH JOHN, clerk of circuit court, com. of superior court, Com. Ded. Pot., J.P.
Gough T. M., clerk of commissioners court
GRENFELL REV. J., Methodist minister
Girard Patrice, shoemaker
Herlihy Patrick, general store
Harty John, grocer
Hogle Geo. H., mill owner
Hatch D. W., ticket agent
Jarest David, barber
Kinnehan William, jeweller
Kinnehan, Henry A., jeweller
Knapton Jos. H. general store
Knight Allen S., machinist
Loynes C. N., blacksmith
LOYNES T. G., editor Bedford Times
Lent Arthur A., mechanic
Landry Simeon, tinsmith
Lavallée Albert, shoemaker
Lareau Noel, shoemaker
Lussier, Times compositor and tel. operator
Martin J. P., trader
Martin Rufus M., farmer
Martin Richard J., farmer
Martin Wm., E., trader
Martin Jas. Herbert, livery stable
MARTIN H. ARVIDE, general store
MARTIN P. C., manager Bedford House
Mitchell Homer E., physician
Murphy Patrick, shoemaker
Martin Mrs. Chas., ladies' furnishings
Martin Henry, lime kiln
Mullen John J., dry goods
Menard Theodule, baker
MORGAN E. W., manager E. T. Bank
Micllette Nazaire, shoemaker
Martindale Azro, mason
Malroney Francois, mason
McAleer Patrick, wheelwright
McCORKILL J. S., advocate
McNamarra Mrs. E., dressmaker
McLeon Albert, painter
NYE REV. H. W., Episcopal church
Palmer Wm., J., wholesale confectionery
Poissant & Co., hotel
Poissant J. B., of Poissant & Co.
Poirier Miss, dressmaker
Paré Nazaire, trader
Paré Isaie, butcher
Rheume Joseph, of Poissant & Co.
RICE BROS., flouring mills
Rice M. F., of Rice Bros.
Rice Chas. A., gentleman
Rouse R. B., tinsmith
Racicot G. I., wheelwright
Rheume Alfred, wheelwright
Rolland J. T., sewing machine and auctioneer
Rolland Henry, painter
Rolland Antoine, carpenter
Reid Joseph, carpenter, of Reid Bros.
Rix Almon, carpenter
Reid Bros., saw and planing mills
Rocheleau Napoleon, dry goods
Stanley Fred, mechanic
SAUNDERS FRED C., drug store
Sherridan Jas. sr, contractor
Shelters Allen A., wheelwright
Skinner John, shoemaker
Seaton Jas. H., harness maker
Sears Eugene, blacksmith
Sulley Geo., Sec.-Treas. Missisquoi Co. Agricultural Society, town Council and school commissioner; of St. Damien and also St. Ignace, J.P.
Trahan Isidore, grocer
TIMES OFFICE, R. A. Crothers proprietor
Vaughan David, mason
Walker Comfort M., carpenter
Walsh F. D., cigars and tobaccos
Whitcomb H. M., mechanic
Whitwell J. Frank, civil engineer
Wilson James jr, harness maker
Wright Joseph, carpenter
Woodard Henry, plasterer

A village in the Township of Dunham, County of Missisquoi, pleasantly situated on a branch of the Yamaska River and South Eastern Division of the C. P. R. Has three churches, Episcopal, Methodist and Congregational, a graded school, carriage factory and grist mill, a branch of the E. T. Bank, a local newspaper, the Observer, and two furniture shops. About one mile west there is a saw mill. The Great North Western, Canada Mutual and Canada Pacific Telegraph and Bell Telephone Companies have offices here. Two daily mails. Population about 500. Distance from Sweetsburg, 1 mile; Dunham, 6 miles; East Farnham, 3 miles; Brigham, 6 miles; Montreal 52 miles.

Arseneault F. P., tailor
Atchinson Wm., clerk
Arthur Robert, clerk
Babister Thomas, carter
Baker Stevens, farmer
Barton & Cunningham, watchmakers and jewellers
Barton David, jeweller, of Barton & Cunningham
Badger Frank W., agent Singer Sewing Machine Co.
Bell John J., architect
Belanger Telesphore, clerk
Buzzell R. P., clerk E. T. Bank
Bodoin Andre, of Wood & Bodoin
Boright & Soule, groceries and hardware
Boright G. W., of Boright & Soule
Bowker David A., engineer C. P. R.
Boyd Mrs. James, dressmaker
Brewer Alfred, carriage factory
Bell Telephone Co. office in drug store
Bodwill[?] William, brick yard
Booth F. C., tinsmith
BUZZELL BROS., groceries, hardware, &c.
Buzzell Nelson, of Buzzell Bros.
Buzzell Enoch, of Buzzell Bros.
Bray William, shoemaker
Boucher Chas., clerk and telegraph operator
Canada Mutual Tel. Co., J. P. Stinehour agent, in post office
CARTER WM. P., gentleman
Chadburn T. A., carriage dealer and livery stable
Chadburn Herbert R., clerk at Ottawa Hotel
Canada Pacific Telegraph Co., in post office, J. P. Stinehour agent
Chandler L. L. & Son, dry goods
Chandler L. L., of L. L. Chandler & Son
Charland Alfred, barber
Church Calvin, mechanic
Church Lewis M., grocer
Christie D. W., tailor
Cameron William, contractor
Cameron Malcolm, carpenter
Circulating Library of W.C.T.C. [?], in O. N. Hull's jewellery store
Conner Chester, engineer C. P. R.
Clement Edward, peddler
Cotton Dr. Cedric J., physician
Congregational Church, Rev. -----, pastor
Cook L. M., cabinet maker
Cunningham Frank R., of Barton & Cunningham
Cunningham Chas., saw mill and cider mill
Cowansville Academy and Graded School, A. R. Wardrop principal
Dent William, Farmer
Dean Jas. O., blacksmith
Douglass Robert, farmer
Downey Michael, carter
Dryden[?] Mrs. James, dressmaker at Mrs. Josephines[?]
Dupras Antoine, mason tender
Eastern Townships Bank, J. MacKinnon manager
Exchange Hotel, H. Seeley proprietor
Ellison Edmund, mechanic
Farrell Thomas, section laborer
Fitchert F. W., meat market
Fitchert James N., peddler
Fleming John, blacksmith
Foster Thomas, mason
Foster John, mason
Foster Albert, carpenter
Foster Edward, stone cutter
Forsey Rev. Geo., rector of Trinity Church Cowansville and Christ Church Sweetsburg
Fuller William, carpenter and joiner
Fuller D. M., farmer
Funnell James, gardener
Galer Homer, clerk E. T. Bank
Gibson Dr. John B., physician, J.P.
Gilman & Leach, proprietors of the Cowansville Observer
Gilman A. L., editor Observer
Godin Leandre, merchant tailor
Great North Western Telegraph Co., in O. N. Hull's jewellery store, Chas. Boucher oper.
HART MOSES O., Notary, Commissioner S. C., and for States of Mass, Vt, and N.Y.
Hastings Frank, livery stable
Haslem [?], clerk
Hare Winfield, cabinet maker
Harris Samuel, carpenter
Hebert Charles, tinsmith
Higgins W. P., house and sign painter and music teacher
Holloway Wm., gardener
Hulburt Heman, agricultural implements
Hull Orisin N., jeweller and watchmaker, telegraph office and W.C.T.C. circul. library
Holden Mrs. John R[?], teacher
Hodge Benjamin, painter
Hall Miss, teacher
Jackson John, auctioneer and trader
Jaques Geo. F., gentleman
Johnson George, blacksmith
Johnson William, blacksmith
Jones Mrs. Joseph, dressmaker
Jones Miss Nellie, milliner
Kirkpatrick David, farmer
Labonte J., shoemaker
Larocque, A., tinsmith
Larochelle George, mechanic
Lawder John, surgeon dentist
Lawrence F. E., general store
Laviolette Rodolphe, carriage maker at A. Brewer's[?]
Leach James L., sash and door and cabinet shop and store
Leach Lendal[?], printer, of Gillman & Leach
Lowd George E. farmer
Mansfield N. A., general store
Methodist Church, Rev. I. Wheatley pastor
Macfarlane William, station agent
Monnette Frank, clerk
McCorkill John, teamster
McClure & Swain, general store, also millinery and dressmaking
McClure David, of McClure & Swan
McIntosh Andrew, carpenter
McKinnon James, manager E. T. Bank
McQuillen John, dry goods
McQuillen James, clerk
McQuillen Miss Mary, dressmaker
Martin[?] Miss, dressmaker at McClure & Swan
Nesbitt G. K., flouring mill
Nesbitt Albert, miller
O'Halloran James, Q.C., advocate
O'Halloran J. E., prop. Ottawa Hotel
O'Halloran [?] F., advocate
Oliver James[?], general store
Oliver William, produce dealer
Observer The, Gilman & Leach proprietors
Ottawa Hotel, J. E. O'Halloran prop., H. C. Chadburn clerk
Parsonage J. D., bookkeeper
Parsonage Mrs. J. D., select school
Pharaoh John, butcher
Quackenboss Wm. sr, produce dealer
Renaud O., miller with G. K. Nesbitt
Rooney William, billiard room
Rice M. B., drug and book store, office of Bell telephone
Rusher William, bookkeeper
Ruiter James, bailiff
Ruiter, Nelson, farmer
Ruiter, Miss L., fancy goods
Ruiter Matthew, cheese factory
Robinson Richard, saw mill
Sargent Anson, farmer
Schoolcraft & Son, grocers
Schoolcraft George, of Schoolcraft & Son
Schoolcraft C. A., of Schoolcraft & Son
Scott Alva H., gentleman
Seeley Hiram, Exchange Hotel
Shufelt [?] A., dealer in hides[?]
Shufelt Jacob W., gentleman
Salvation Army, Miss Staples captain
Staples Miss, captain Salvation Army
Sloggett Thomas, furniture store and undertaker
Sloggett Chas B., cabinet maker
Steel Chas., section boss S. E. div. C.P.R.
Steel John, carpenter
Stevenson William, bailiff, Sec.-Treas. village of Cowansville and school com.
Stinehour J. P., postmaster, agent C. R. P. and Canada Mutual Telegraph Co.
Stinehour Miss Maggie, telegraph operator
Swan Miss M., of McClure & Swan
Smyth & Mullen, dry goods
Smyth Joseph, J.P., of Smyth & Mullin[?]
Taylor Job W., agent “The News”
Taylor Alfred, clerk
Terrill Louis, painter
Thompson Mrs. Wm., nurse
Turner James, carpenter
Turner H. Lyman, carpenter
Turner Hamilton, clerk Exchange Hotel
Trinity Church, Episcopal, Rev. Geo. Forsey, rector
Vail Ira, farmer
Vincent Allen, farmer
Wood & Bodoin, tinshop and hardware
Wood Geo. of Wood & Bodoin
Worden C. A., tinshop and hardware
Women's Christian Union, Mrs. Wheatley president
Williams H. F., cashier E. T. Bank
Wheatley Rev. I., Methodist minister
Wardrop A. B., principal of Cowansville Academy
Wardrop Mrs. A. B., teacher
Williams Mrs., music teacher
Wells Miss, teacher
Wardrop Miss, teacher

A pretty little village in the parish of St. Georges de Clarenceville. It is situated in the midst of a rich farming country almost midway between the Richelieu River and Missisquoi Bay, the nearest railway station is Lacolle [?] miles distant. The Canada Atlantic Railway when completed will have a station within two miles. For many years the passage of the Richelieu River was made by ferry but in 1882[?], the Richelieu Bridge Company was organized and incorporated through the exertion of Wm. M. Pattison, Esq., A. H. Derick, Esq., and a few others and work commenced on an iron bridge, which was completed and opened to the public May 9th, 1884. A. H. Derick and Wm. M. Pattison have also formed a partnership and put up a private telephone under the name of the Clarenceville Telephone Company, connecting the Custom House, Post-office, Richelieu Bridge and Lacolle station. There are four churches in Clarenceville, English, Baptist, Methodist, and Roman Catholic, also two temperance hotels, telephone and telegraph office, a carriage factory, &c. Mail daily. It is also a distributing office to Aird, Nutt's Corners, Wolfe Ridge, and Miranda tri-weekly. Population 300[?].

Adams Samuel J., farmer, J.P., councillor, mayor of town of Clarenceville
Beauchemin Arcade, tailor
Beerwort Marshall, gentleman
Beerwort Merritt, prop. of stage line between Lacolle Station and Clarenceville, and Clarenceville, Miranda, Wolfe Ridge, Aird, and Nutt's Corners
Bellaire Israel, shoemaker
Billings Daniel, farmer
Bissel Cyrus H., blacksmith
Brown Wm. H, carpenter
Baptist Church, Rev. St. James, Nutt's Corners, pastor
Brown Horace, farmer
Brill T. R., gentleman
Beerwort C. N., councillor
Bush H. C., bailiff, Capt. Clarenceville Cavalry
Clarenceville Telephone co., connecting custom house, post office, Richelieu bridge and Lacolle station
Clarenceville Academy, H. J. Salver, B.A., Principal, N. Ralph, B.A., and Mina M. Green, assistants
Cairns Rev. Hugh, Methodist minister
Chilton Uriah T., farmer and preventive off. customs
Coutware Felix, blacksmith
Cotton Wm. H., councillor township of Clarenceville
Catholic Church, Rev., C. Godreau, priest
Derick A. H., General Store and Post-Office, Telephone and Telegraph Office
Derby Chas., farmer
Derick F. U., tin and hardware and agricultural implements
Derick Miss Edna, music teacher and organist at St. George's Church
Derick Mrs. John, milliner and dressmaker
Derick Mrs. Ira, dressmaker
Derick Thomas H., proprietor Clarenceville House and livery stable
Derick Thomas, clerk Clarenceville House
Derick John, baker
Derick Daniel, carpenter
Derick Ida, butcher
Derick George A., farmer
Derick George C., trader
Dupuis Dr. J. B. B., physician
Evans Milo, blacksmith
Evans Myron, blacksmith
Gallagher Joseph, undertaker and furniture store
Green Miss Mina, teacher in graded school
Godreau Rev. C., Catholic priest
Green H. P., agent
Green Heman, gentleman
Hyde H. C., general store
Hunter Alex, farmer
Hunter John, farmer
Johnson Isaac, veterinary surgeon
Johnson Henry, farmer
Johnson Geo. W., gentleman
Joubert N., marble and grave stones
Little Stewart, agent and machinist
La France Vincent, butcher
Lewis William G., trader
Longeway Hiram, tinsmith
Longeway Henry, farmer
Methodist Church, Rev. H. Cairns pastor
Mercier Frank, carpenter
Morin Milo, carpenter
Macfie Albert, harness maker
Mosher E. H., bailiff
Macneil Wm. T., agent and farmer
Noel E. A., carriage factory
Pattison Wm. M., collector of customs, J. B., retired major 60th batt., Com. Sup. Court, Sec-Treas Richelieu Bridge Co.
Provoncil Matt, mechanic
Provoncil George, painter
Rolph N., assistant principal Clarenceville graded school
Richelieu Bridge Co., A. H. Derick president, Wm. M. Pattison sec-treas
Reynolds John, sexton St. George's Church of England
Sawyer C. H. & D. H., Dealers in all kinds of Merchandise and Produce
Sawyer C. H., of C. H. & D. H. Sawyer
Sawyer David H., of C. H. & D. H. Sawyer
Struthers James, wheelwright
Smith Miss, clerk and telegraph operator at A. H. Derick's
Silver H. J., principal, Clarenceville graded school
Salls Seymour, Temperance hotel and agricultural implements
St. George's Church (English) built in 1847[?], Rev. Chas. Trotman, rector
Temperance Hotel, Seymour Salls, prop.
Tremblay Cyprien, carpenter
Tasker[?] Ransom [?], carpenter and undertaker
Trotman Rev. Charles, rector of St. George's and St. Thomas
Tipplings J. S., sec-treas and school commis.
United States Consul Agency, Edw. Macombre[?], agent
Vosburgh Elisha M., farmer
Vineyard and Nursery, Pattison & Son prop.
Young Dr. R. S., physician
Young Daniel, gentleman

[NOTE: this paragraph is pretty much illegible]
An incorporated village in the Township of Dunham, County of Missisquoi. Is beautifully situated in [ ? - ? - ?] rich farming county, [ - ? - ? - ]. It is a very quiet village and well suited as a summer[?] resort. There are three churches here, the Methodist, Episcopalian and Roman Catholic. There is also the Dunham Ladies[?] College, and academy, and elementary school, also a dissentient school. Dunham has two daily mails from Montreal, one from Stanbridge Station via Bedford and Stanbridge East arriving in Dunham at 4[?] o'clock p.m. and one by state from Cowansville [- ? - ? -]. The mail for East Dunham daily, and [-?-] semi-weekly is made up here. There is a tannery, sash and door, carriage and cheese factory[?], also a Commissioner's Court for the trial of small causes. Population 300[?]. Distance from Cowansville [?] miles; Frelighsburg [?] miles; East Dunham [?] miles, Stanbridge East [?] miles; Bedford 9[?] miles; Stanbridge Station 12[?] miles.

Angers Rev. C. L. N., Roman Catholic priest
Baker Joseph, insurance agent and farmer
Baker Geo. D., clerk Com. Court, insurance agent, postmaster, and Sec-Treas village of Dunham, and Sec-Treas. school town of Dunham
Baker Chas. E., farmer
Baker Wm. S., farmer
Beattie A. William, prop. Park[?] House
Beauvais Frank jr, mechanic
Best Charles, farmer
Best Hiram, farmer
Brooks Mrs. M. A., income
Brock Mrs., grocery and fruit store
Brown Lillian, teacher in academy
Buchanan John, farmer
Burnett James jr, prop. cheese factory
Baker Miss Lizzie, music teacher
Cabana John B., harness maker
Call John, caretaker Ladies' College
Church Henry A., general store and telegraph office
Church H. Hannibel, clerk and tel. operator
Coderre Octave, tinsmith[?]
Cote Donat, mechanic
Cullen Jas. B., painter
Commissioners Court, A. D. Stevens, Briggs Longeway, J. B. Gibson, Wm. S. Baker and S. B. Miltimore
Commissioners Superior Court, Hon. Thomas Wood
Domingue Napoleon, barber
Domingue Joseph sr., shoemaker
Domingue Amedee, shoemaker
Dubois, Neree, wheelwright
Dunham Academy, F. W. Hibbard principal
Dunham Ladies' College
Dissentient School
Eldridge Rev. G. S., Methodist clergyman
Episcopal Church, Rev. John Kerr, rector
ENGLAND J. T., general store
England Arthur L. tinsmith
England Miss Sarah, piano tuner
England Forest G., dealer in grain and feed
G. N. W. Telegraph, office in H. Church's store
Galer Jacob N., gentleman
Gear Joshua, general store
Gear Mrs. J., milliner, bible depository
Giddings Wm. T., gentleman
Guillett D., general store
Guillett John, farmer
Hibbard F. W., principal academy
Joyal Henry E., commercial traveller
Kerley William sr., gentleman
Kerley Frank, farmer
Kemp Mrs. G. L., income
Labombard Frank, blacksmith
Lafontaine William, blacksmith
Lafontaine Frank H. mechanic
Lamothe Joseph, shoemaker
Lee Harvey S., farmer
Lee Mrs. John, income
Mann Geo. F., mechanic
Mann Fletcher H., painter
Methodist Church, Rev. G. S. Eldridge, B.A., pastor
Mills Mrs. Sarah A., dressmaker
McCrae John, farmer
McDonald Jeremiah, gentleman
McRae Miss Mary, dressmaker
Pigeon Joseph, butcher
Poirier Mrs. Chas., milliner
Roman Catholic church, Rev. C. L. N. Angers, priest
Royston John, tanner
Racine Joseph, tanner
Savage Fred E., grocer and billiard table
Scott Richard M., gentleman
Selby Jonathan G., farmer
Sherman James, painter
Shufelt Cyrus C., gardener
Staniland Miss L. M. L., income
Stevens Charles A., artist
STEVENS DR. A. D., commissioner, J. P.
Stevens Levi, farmer
Soles Charles R., farmer
Shufelt Miss Hattie A., dressmaker
Tiedeman George, mechanic
Whitcomb Nelson L., sash and door factory and general builder
Whitcomb Clarence E., wheelwright
Whitcomb L. S., mechanic
Wood Hon. Thos., gentleman
Wood T. Frank, Sec-Treas town of Dunham and insurance agent
Wood Horace E., tinshop and hardware
Yeats John T., L.R.C.S.I., physician, office at Charles Best's

42-43 too hard to read

Clark, G L, engineer C P R
Clark, W C, carpenter C P R
Cook, Nelson, gentleman
Cook, Henry, carpenter
*Colombe*, M, brakeman
Collier, Mrs. L N , prop American Hotel
*Comeno*, Dr. J B, physician
Connor, C P, engineer C P R
Connor, George, brakeman C P R
Courtemanche, Edward, carpenter
Courtemanche, Abraham, gentleman
Courtemanche, J, car repairer C P R
Cowan, Henry, engineer C P R
Convent La Presentation, nuns
Crandall, Joseph, engineer C P R
Crawford, John, machine foreman
Cross, Samuel, engineer C P R
Cunningham, John F, conductor, C P R
Cunningham, Mark, engineer C P R
Cunningham, James H, *fireman* C P R
Cunningham, J M, clerk freight dept C P R
Cunningham, M G, railroad contractor
Cutter, R M, storeman C P R
Cutter, H W, brakeman C P R
D’ARTOIS, Dr. ALEXIS, physician and surg
D’Arios, *Alefblades* , clerk
Decelles, Jos A, dry goods
Decelles, J D, clerk
Dean, George, cleaner
Dedard, *Datause*, mason
Delaurier, J, Brakeman C P R
Delaurier, C, brakeman C P R
DEMERS P EMILIEN, Station Agent Central Vt . R.R.
Demers, Chas, gentleman
Demers, F X, baggageman C V R
Demers, J A, telegraph operator C V R
Denault, Toussaint, gentleman
*Deragaia*, Joseph, painter
Derby, J M, assistant despatcher C P R
Desautels, Alphonse, of McNalty & Desautels
Deslauriers, Cleophas, painter
Deslauriers, Chas, brakeman
Deslauriers, William, brakeman
Desnoyers, Jacques, clerk
Desroches, Pierre, gentleman
Desroches, Joseph, carter
Dodsworth, John, paymaster C P R
Dextrauze, Gregoire, carpenter
Dozois, C, bailiff and secretary of schools
Donahue, E of E Donahue & Bros
Dryburg, Geo, fireman
Dubois, Narcisse, engineer
Dubue, Arthur, dentist
Duclos, Henri, carpenter
Duchesneau, Peirre, fireman C P R
Dufresne, Chas W, painter
Dufresne, Leon, Painter
Dufresne Oliver, machinist
Dupont, Isaac, tinsmith
Dupont, Joseph, carpenter
Dupuis, Edward, brick yard
Dupuy, Rev. J P, cure of Farnahm
Eager, albert H, mach app & P R shop
ELMES BROS, sash and door factory
Elmes, George, of Elmes Bros
Elmes, William, of Elmes bros
Elder, J G, mach app C P R shop
Ellison, George, engineer C P R
Elkins, S L, conductor C P R
Fair, Edward, night turner
Favreau, A, brakeman C P R
Fairfield, William, livery stable
Fairfield, Richard, harness maker
Finn, Eugene, blacksmith foreman C P R
Foster, Wm S, gentleman
Foster, S S, fireman C P R
Foster, D W, brakeman C P R
Fournier, Edward, carriage maker
Fuller, G H, engineer C  P R
Fuller, H R, engineer C P R
Fuller, Chas, *fireman*, C P R
*Gantetin* Flavien, baker
Gareau, Joseph, gentleman
*Gander, **,hardware
*Gan*, M, of *Gandette*  & Co
Gauthier, Arigust, carpenter
Gauthier, Chas, gentleman
Gauthier, Emerie, sexton
Grasson, Louis, blacksmith
Gibson, E W, engineer C P R
Gilfies, R T ,fireman C P R
Giroux, F X, general store
Girard, Morse, carpenter
Goff, Mrs. J M, boarding house
Gendron, J,  general store and tailor shop
Gobeille, Joseph, Joiner
Goddard, Levi, C P R painter
Godreau, John, CPR machinist
Godreau, Wilfred, engineer C V R
Griggs, S L, conductor C P R
Gregoire, J *Bte*, baker
Guillette, Theodore, grocer
Guertin, J,*Bte*, carriage maker
Hase, George, clerk freight dept C P R
Hamilton, H H, engineer
Hebert, Cyprien, barber
Hebert, Joseph, shoemaker
Hebert, Olliver, livery stable
Hebert, Julien, gentleman
Henrichon, Antoine Jr, grocer
Henrichon, Alfred, barber
Henrichon, Antoine Sr, gentleman
Hibbbard, W L,  freight, pass, express and US Consul agent
Hospice de St Elizabeth, Soeur St. Germain Superior
Horton, S B, foreman Car painter C P R
Houstan, Wm, div roadmaster C P R
Houstan, Andre, fireman C P R
Houle, Alfred, conductor C P R
*Hungerlord*, S , carp app C P R
Impey, Henry Sr , car foreman C P R shop
Impey, Henry Jr, machinist C P R shop
Impey, Geo, mach app C P R shop
Juarie, Paul, conductor C N R
Jette, Moise, baker
Jodoin, Joseph, Temperance Hotel
Juaire, Ambroise, Montreal Hotel
Kavanaugh, John gentleman
Kelly, P, C P R storekeeper
Kennedy, E, fireman C P R
Kirkpatrick Jas, machinist
Kirkpatrick, Joseph, fireman C P R
Kinehan Wm, Practical Watchmaker and Jeweller. Dealer in Plated ware, fancy goods etc.
Labonte, Fred R, butcher and undertaker
Labonte, Louis, contractor
Lacoste, Louis Sr, carter
Lafleur, Chas, carpenter
Lagosse, Joseph, carpenter
Lagosse, Eusebe, gentleman
Landry, Herbert, carpenter
Landry, John, clerk
Lanier, Joseph, engineer C P R
Landers, Thomas, division roadmaster C P R
Lanetot Alphonse, grocer
Langdos, Louis, blacksmith
Langlois, Uldric, pedlar
*Longtin*, Joseph, machinist
Lapointe, Cyrill, carpenter
Laporte, Andre, tanner
Lapalme, J, Bte, baker and grocer
Latour, Mrs.  J, boarding house
Latour, J, Bte, carpenter
Larocque, Jeremie, baliff
Lavigne, Joseph, tinshop
County of Missisquoi
Lavariere, Hormisdas, carpenter
Lebeau, Francois, CPR baggageman
Lebeau, A. L., clerk freight dept. CPR
Leclair, Chas., Canada Hotel
Lefebvre, Auguste, shoemaker
Lequin, Julien, baggageman, CPR
Lequin, Joseph, flour and grain wholesale
Lemaire, Frederic, baker
?LeBeuyer?, Eugene, clerk freight dept. CPR
Lelieve, Henri, mason
Leslie, James, hotel keeper
Loiselle, N., car repairer CPR
Lepine, Louis, engineer CPR
Lussier, Guillaume, tinsmith CPR
Lussier, Chas. Sr, mason
Malloux, Isaac, gentleman
?Mallitot, Marcel, advocate
Manning, Thos, brakeman CPR
Martin, Fred, blacksmith CPR shop
Martin, D. H., engineer CPR
Martel, Henri, blacksmith
Martel, Louis, groceries and boots and shoes
Mansfield, A. H., assistant despatcher CPR
Marchesseault, Exurie Jr., butcher
Marchand, L. H., Jeweller
MEIGS HOSERY CO, F. P. Buck, manager
MEIGS, D. B., saw and grist mills
Merriman, J. G., chief despatcher CPR
Meriman, J. B., train master CPR
Menard, Benjamin, carpenter
Menard, Leon, teamster
Millette, Pierre, carpenter CPR
Mooney, Frank, machinist  CPR
Morin, J., engineer CPR
Morse, S. R., mechanic
Morse, Mrs. S. R., milliner and dressmaker
Molleur, Moise, tanner
Mullin, George, grocer
Mullin, Mrs. George, milliner
Mullin, Francois, gentleman
Mussen, Rev. Thos.  Canon M. A. rector of St. James Church
McCORKILL, J. C. J. S., advocate
McCorkill, Dr. R. R. C. G., physician
McCorkill, P. W. S. R., farmer
McCorkill, John J. A., fireman
McCorkill, James, farmer
McCorkill, Gordon, farmer
McDermott, M., engineer
McGovran, Mrs., milliner
McGovran, James, contractor
McCune, William, machinist CPR
McGowan, G. A., engineer CPR
McKay, Wm. L., machinist CPR
McKinnon, Geo S., locomotive foreman CPR
McGibbon, Rev. R. V., pastor Presbyterian Ch
McLeod, Robt., master mechanic CPR
McLean, Joseph, baker
McLean A, baker
Nadeau, J. Bte, grocer
Nevin, William, machinist CPR
NOISEAUX, SIMEON, notary, Sec –Treas. town and parish of Farnham
O’Dell, Fitz, engineer CPR
O’Halloran, Jas. Jr., clerk master mech. CPR
Ouimette, Alexander, grocer
Parent, Leon J., carpenter
Parent, David, carpenter
PARKINS, THOMAS, Secy. Diss. School
Pearson, Richard, baggageman CPR
Perkins, Nathan, carpenter CPR
Pettengill, W., painter CPR
?Pon?, Joseph, tel. repairer G. N. W. Tel Co
?Phrile?, Louis, joiner
Phaneuf, Francois, gentleman
Phelps, R. E., assistant bridge master
Plouff, F., Hotel du People
Poirier, Louis, boiler master CPR
Potvin, Alexis, joiner
Potvin, Moise, joiner
Poulin, Guillaume, gentleman
Poulin, .J S., advocate
Pouton, Magioire, carriage maker
Poulander, Napoleon, Dominion Hotel
Powers, L. W., team master’s clerk
Prefontaine, Magioire, pedlar
?Presbyterian Church, Rev. R. V. Me?hon, rector
Prevost, Louis, tanner
Prevost, Arthur, painter
Quebec, Timothe, foundry
Racicot, J. R., carriage maker
Racicot, Pierre, painter
Rainville, Joseph, mason
Rainville, Paul, mason
Randall, S. E. , carpenter
Richard, Stanislas, artist
Robertson, William, carpenter
Robert, Chas., grocer
Robinson, Louis, engineer CPR
Rouleau, Pierre, carpenter
Rogers, H. E., engineer
Ryan, Edw., machinist
Sabourin, Henry, barber
?Santair, Cyric?, gentleman
Salsbury, S., carpenter
Seale, Geo., cheese maker
Sewall, James A., carpenter
Siler, W. F., machinist
Simard, Francois, barber
Sherry, Henry, turner
Smalley, Frank, conductor CPR
Smith, Experie, blacksmith
Smith, Joseph, cabinet maker
Smith, Romuald, cabinet maker
SLACK Dr. GEORGE F., physician and surgeon
Spoor, Edw., carter
Spaulding, Milton I., fireman CPR
Steiner, Eugene, machinist CPR
Sturgeon, William, yardmaster CPR
Suprenant, Moise, grocer
St. Michael, Joseph, gentleman
St. James Church [Episcopal] Rev. Canon Mussen, rector
Tarte, F. F., Balmoral Hotel
Tetreault, J., Bte Monteaime Hotel
Tetreault, Hubert, brickyard
?Thnotte, Zephirur, joiner
Thomas, N. J., operator CPR
Taylor, James, engineer CPR
Tierney, Dr. B. J., physician and surgeon
Tremblay, Jules, shoemaker
Tremblay, Philipe, general store
Trudeau, J. J., general store
Truax, Geo., A., foundry
Union St Joseph   P. D. Billodeau, president
VALIQUET & CO, general store and drugs
Valiquet, J. B. or Valiquet & Co
Vanneinwanhuyse, Jules gentleman
Wade, Homer E., engineer CPR
Washer, H., conductor CPR
Wallace, Henry, conductor CPR
Williams C. H. sr., engineer CPR
Wilson, Chester, gentleman
WILSON JOHN, harnesses, boots and shoes and tannery
Wood, Narcisse, engineer CPR
Yates, Peter, sexton ,St James Church

A post office in the north part of the town of Stanbridge. Mail tri-weekly Thomas Hase postmaster
A post office in the parish of St Armand West, County of Missisquoi. Mail daily Philip C Moore, postmaster.

A small village in the Township of Stanbridge County of Missisiquoi on a branch of
The C P R between Stanbridge Station and Farnham. Has two churches and a model and
elementary school, cheese factory , saw mill, planting mill, shingle factory and a large
foundry machine shop and agricultural implement works.  Has the G. N W telegraph office
Dominion express mail daily.  Distance from Bedford 2 ½  miles Stanbridge Station 4 ½
Miles. Farnham* 9* miles Stanbridge East *4* miles Dunham 10 miles population 450

Bedee, A J principal of model school
Bedee, Mrs A. J. teacher
Bockus, A. E machinist
Bockus, Wm. Machinist
Bockus, Charles, carpenter
Bockus, Merrill , carpenter
Bockus, Allen, carpenter
Bockus, Turner, mason
Capsey ,George , county sec
Corey, Norman, carpenter and jolner
Corey ,Varien, machinist
Mystic iron works A.S. Walbridge prop
Hall, Jas M, grocer
*McKe* ,cheese maker
*Nich* ,moulder
*Stabley* Fred, Carpenter
St** general store
*St Ele* Geo, sec Town of Stanbridge and
Missisquoi county Agricultural Society and
Justice of the Peace
Vaughan, Vernon, C P R agent
Walbridge A. S, foundry, machine shop,
Saw mill and agricultural implement
Works and J.P.

A post office in the south east part of the town of St. Thomas.   Mail from Clarenceville

Collins, James, see school mayer town of St. Thomas
Derick S. B, farmer postmaster
*Dean*, Joseph W., general store on province *hue*

Malmaison of DesRivieres Station is situated on Pike River and Central Vermont
R.R. 10 miles from the frontier, 43 miles from Montreal,  15 miles from St. Johns,28 miles
From ST. Albans Vt , 1 mile from Pike River village 1 ½  miles from Notre-Dame de Stanbridge.
 The fishing and boating on Pike river is unsurpassed. Population 200:

Crothers, J.P,  General trader, prop flouring
Grist and oat meal mills and general contractor
Dion, A, hay dealer
Dupont, P, hay dealer
DesRivieres ,F G, gentleman
Ewing, John, hay dealer
Ferris J M ,agent C V R ,U S & C express
And G N W tel Co
Fortin E. H, section foreman C V R
Gosselin, J J B, Hay dealer
Hanigan, John, lumber, flour,  feed & e general trader and contractor
Hanigan, Wm, merchant
Ham I C ,miller
Messier Jos, merchant
Simard J B, artisan and drive wells
Whelan B J, baggage master C V R

A small village in the township of Stanbridge on Pike River.  The Pike River Knitting
Mills are situated here employing about 125 hands and paying out from three to four
Thousand dollars monthly.  There are also four stores, two blacksmith shops, telegraph
And post office mail daily, a school, a flouring mill, saw mill, one brick yard and a tannery
Population 350. Distance from Mystic 2 miles. Bedford 3 miles .Farnham 9 miles. DesRivieres 2 ½ miles.

Benjamin, Clement ,Wheelwright
Belanger ,Emile ,Blacksmith
Bissonnette, Zephirin ,Carpenter
Bonneau, Moise, painter
Bonneau, Treffle, butcher
Bouchard, Jean *Bte*, tailor
Brousseau, Isaac, engineer
Burns, James, machinist
Boulay, Joseph ,shoemaker
*Bourjed*, Seade, carpenter
Bouchard, Joseph, trader
Bissonnette, Moise, mason
Cyr ,isadore, gentlemen
Cote, Antoine,baker
Couture, Joseph, hotel
Comette, William, painter
Cartier, Moise, dealer in Agricultural implements
Despeteteau ,Jean *Bte* miller
Dalpe, Theodore, harness maker
Dupuis, Leon, gentleman
Dion, Zephelin ,shoemaker
Fontaine, H C ,clerk at Gosselin Freres
Gosselin frères, general store and dealers hay and grain
Gosselin ,J J B of Gosselin frères
Girard, Patriee ,shoemaker
Gamarche, Clement, gentleman
Gauvin, Witfrid, baker
Jete, Henry, blacksmith
Lafontaine Edward, baker
Laplante, Moise , gentleman
Lavole, Jeseph, gentleman
Lavole, David , trader
Lareau, Noel, shoemaker
Laf ance, Joseph, farmer
Lacerte, G A, doctor
Morrison, L F, Pike River mills
Menard, Theophile, blacksmith

The celebrated COOKS FRIEND BAKING POWDER  is the best in use.
Maynard Alex, Engineer
Michon,Rex* J B* parish priest
Priest, W H, joint owner and manager of Pike River knitting mills
Plante, Moise E, Tailor
Poissant, George, blacksmith
Pike River knitting mills W H Priest manager
Remillard, Doelthe, butcher
Suprement dules hotel
Trahan, J G, general store

A post office in the south east part of the township of St. Georges ****
distance from 8 miles Clarenceville **miles.  *Margh* Springs Vt **miles. Mail tri-weekly.
Brown, Robert, stone mason
Campbell, John, farmer
Curtis, John, farmer
Creller, George N, carpenter
Derick, Herbert, farmer
Dean, Hiram, farmer
Edy, *Oriri*, farmer
Glasgow, Robert H, farmer
Hawley, John A I P, major 60th batt Post master , director M & R M F I Co
Hawley, Reuben, farmer
Hawley, Stoddard, farmer school *COTTI*
Hawley, Asabel, J.P, Farmer
Hawley, Claude, Farmer
Kincard, R M, teacher, Lieut 6th cavalry
Miller, John, farmer
Mosher, Edward H,* Ballif S. C*
St. James, Rev Arthur, pastor Baptist Church
Scriver, James, Farmer
Schoolcraft, David, farmer
Spear, John M, farmer
Spear, Mrs. J M, dressmaker
St James, Rev Baptist minister
Taylor, Copeland, farmer

A small village in the parish of St. Thomas has one church two stores.  Mail daily.
Population 100. Distance from Lamolle 3 ½ miles, Clarenceville 2 ½ miles, nearest station
*Emolle* 2 miles.

Dunbury, Miss Anna, teacher
Derick, wm J, General store and postmaster
Derick, Philo, farmer,
Drick I. H , general store, see township of St Thomas
Derick, T B, postmaster
Derick, Alexander, Farmer
Derick, N H, Farmer
Derick, Mrs H
Derick, P H, farmer
Episcopal Church, Rev C Trotman rector
Farrel, Robert, trader
Hislop Edward, Farmer
Johnson, Hiram P L S
Mellville, George, sexton
Robinson, Thomas C , wheelwright
Robinson Thomas, bridge keeper
Robinson, Henry, assistant bridge keeper
Shand, Joseph, Light house keeper
Spears, J D, blacksmith
Spears, Miss , dressmaker
Silver, Miss Ellen, dressmaker
Trepanler ,Miss Amelia, dressmaker
A post office in the east part of the parish of St. Armand East, County of Missisquoi.Mail from Frelighsburg tri-weekly.

Barnes, Vinton, Farmer and dealer in live stock
Calhoun, Robert A, farmer
Cowan, Henry, farmer
Dewing, M J, Farmer, J. P commissioner in small causes
Johnson, C L, farmer
Owens, Bengah, farmer
Racdihe, Joseph, farmer
Smith, L R, sr, farmer
Spencer, Edward S, farmer
Willey, Daniel H , farmer

A post office and small village in the parish of St. Armand West, County of Missisquoi.On stage route between St. Armand and Frelighsburg. Has two churches, one hotel, on Store, one wheelwright shop, one blacksmith shop. Mail daily from St. Armand and Frelighsburg.  Distance from St. Armand 5 miles . Frelighsburg 7.

Abbee, J H, farmer
Beauregard, Joseph, blacksmith
Bonneau, Moise, shoemaker
Brill, Robert farmer
Cammel, Hiram, farmer
Drenfey, F , M D
Ewans, Miles, Farmer, undertaker and sexton
Frappier, Frank, blacksmith
Frontier Hotel, Carmi Sager Prop.
Goddard, F .C., farmer
*Gader, *Orrin, mason
Hubbard, Wm sr, musician
Hubbard, Wm Jr , musician
Merritt, Nelson, wheelwright
Mullen, Thomas, clerk
Martindale, Ari, farmer
Martindale, Anson, farmer
Rhicard, W J, farmer
Rowse, James R, trader
Sager, Noah, gentleman
Sager, *Carml* prop Frontier Hotel
Sager, Malcolm, farmer
Sornborger, Jonas, Advent minister
Shufelt, John, mechanic
Thompson, Robert, farmer
Tittemore, Phillip H, postmaster, wheelwright
Warner, Chancey, farmer
Willard,Rodney, farmer

A postoffice in the township of Stanbridge. Mail tri-weekly.
Bulger, W S, general store
Briggs, James, Postmaster and saw mill

Eastern Townships Directory, County of Missisquoi
Pages 48-49
A small village in the parish of St Armand West, County of Missisquoi, pleasantly situated on the shore of Missisquoi Bay. It has three churches, one hotel, two boarding houses, elementary school, one wheelwright shop, one blacksmith shop, one store. Distance from St Armand, 2 miles; Stanbridge Station, 6 miles; Bedford, 8 miles; Highgate Springs, Vt, 4 miles; Pike River Springs, 6 miles; by boat to Alburgh Springs, 8 miles. Population 450(?). Mails twice day. Philipsburg is an outpost of St Armand. Missisquoi Bay, which washes the shores of this village, is one of the most beautiful sheets of water that can be conceived, abounding in fish, while it's marshes afford excellent shooting. Excellent variegated and black marble is found in it's immediate vicinity. The village was incorporated in 1846, and is a popular summer resort.

Allen, Rev Frank, Episcopal clergyman
Allen, Mrs Martha
Allsopp, Miss
Beatty, C C, mail clerk C V R
Best, Edward, mail carrier
Best, Mrs C E, dressmaker
Bibaud, Olivier, sr, mechanic
Bibaud, Olivier, jr, clerk
Borden, A H, mechanic
Burke, E C, mechanic, owner of Champlain House
Burnell, Baxter, manuf of spring beds, Sec.-Treas. village of Philipsburg and ins. agent
Brigham, J S, physician
Cadarette, Frank, blacksmith
Carr, J I, mayor, J. P.
Cook, George, mechanic
Cheeseman, Miss H M
Crothers, T C, tailor
Crowley, Fred, mechanic C. V. R.
Curtis, Eli, mechanic
Becker, Reuben, boarding house
Dueul, James, mechanic C. V. R.
Eaton, Mrs J W
Ford, Lamson, gentleman, J. P.
Fellows, Miss
Fowler, Rev Hiram, Methodist minister
Fleming, Mrs, dressmaker
Frelighs, Mrs L A
Guerin, Joseph, general store
Hastings, George S, farmer
Hogle, F O, gentleman
Hutchinson, Ransom, trapper
Hutchinson, Mrs B
Jameson, Stevenson, farmer
Johnson, Mrs F E
Kay, W F, gentleman
Larivier, Oliver, mechanic
Luke, P E, sub-collector customs
Maskell, R M, farmer
Menard, Hercule, mechanic
Miller, Fred, blacksmith
Moore, Miss M
Moore, David, carpenter
Montgemery(?), Rev Hugh, retired
McKennay, E W, Lake View House
McLeod, James, painter
McLeod, Thomas, painter
Nye, D T R, postmaster, clerk corp. court
Smith, Mrs C M (?)
Smith, Mrs W A
Somerville, A, mail clerk C. V. R.
Streite, J W, livery stable
Struthers, A B, carpenter
Symms, W A, mechanic
Symms, William, wheelwright
Watson, Amos, mechanic
Whitwell, W P O, physician

A thriving little village in the township of Stanbridge, County of Missisquoi, on the river of the same name. It has one church, one elementary school, one store, three blacksmith shops, and two hotels, is about ten minutes walk from the Pike River Springs, widely known for their medicinal properties. Mail daily. Population about 100.

Audet, Joseph, hotel
Bessette, James, saw and grist mill
Bissonnette, Jos, blacksmith
Barnes, Jos, blacksmith
Bisaillon, Jos, blacksmith
Dalpe, Frederic, wheelwright
Ewings, John, farmer
Gosselin, Francois, farmer
Hogle, L A H, of L A Hogle & Son, postmaster
HOGLE, L A H & SON, general store and agricultural implements and sewing machines
Hogle, L J of L A Hogle & Son asst postmaster
MINCKLER, BARNEY, Pike River Spring House
Pike River Spring House, B Minckler, prop.
Rheaume, Alfred, wheelwright
Smith, Luther, farmer
Spears, Henry, farmer

A small village in the township of Stanbridge, County of Missisquoi, on Pike River and stage route from Stanbridge Station to Dunham. It has two daily mails, one cheese factory, one sash and door factory, one cabinet shop, foundry and machine shop, grist mill, and an elementary school. Population 50. Distance from Bedford, 3 miles; Stanbridge East, 1 mile.

LAMBKINS, P & L, sash and door factory general builders
Lambkins, Philo, of P & L Lambkins
Lambkins, Lyman, of P & L Lambkins
Lambkins, Ernest, carpenter
Pratt, Chas, farmer
Rice, B C, foundry
Rice, Martin, miller
Rice, Jeff V, postmaster
Russel, Geo O, butcher
Soule, Alvin, farmer

Page 49

A small village in the north part of the town of Stanbridge, County of Missisquoi, has one church, one school, two stores, one wheelwright and blacksmith shop. Mail daily, Population 150.

Kemp, Geo H, plasterer
Melladay, Philip, peddler
Poulandre, Jeremie, wheelwright
Vannasse, A L, trader

One of the most delightful villages in the township of Stanbridge. It has two churches, one hotel, two tanneries, private bank, Y. M. C. A. the reading room, carriage, factory, flouring mill. There is also a breezy local paper published here call the Record, a graded school. Mails twice daily by stage from Stanbridge Station via Bedford and Riceburg. Population 350. Distance from Dunham, 7 miles; Frelighsburg, 6 ½ miles; Riceburg, 1 ½ miles, Bedford, 4 miles.

American House, P H O'Dell, landlord, Wm Turnbull owner
ANDERSON, O R, agent McClary mfg Co
Aye, James, yeoman retired
Bachelder, N, trader
Bachelder, Miss Ida, teacher
Baker, John, gentleman
Baker, Wm, tanner
Baker, Mrs, widow late J C
Baker, Homer, farmer
Bonin, Miss, milliner and dressmaker
Beatty, Harvey, farmer and saw mill
Beatty, A Fayette, livery stable
Blinn, N M, yeoman, J P
Briggs, E J, retired trader
Briggs, J R, retired trader
Briggs, W H, general store
Browne, James, shoemaker
Browne, Munson, tanner
Bryan, M V, general insurance agent
Burnham, Miss C, teacher
Caron, A, carriage maker
Chandler, C J, retired trader
Constantine, Rev I, St James Church
Corey, Henry, farmer
COREY, M D, editor of the Missisquoi Record and postmaster
Cornell, E, advocate, farmer and mill owner
CORNELL, Z E, B.C.L. advocate
Cornell, M S, J.P., farmer
CROTHERS, WM, M.D., C.M., physician
Currie, Miss, teacher
Currie, Miss Polly, teacher
Currie, Miss Ella, teacher
Currie, Miss Grace, teacher
Davis, Chauncey, yeoman
Dion, Louis C, tailor
Dunn, Michael, of Dunn Bros
Dunn, James C, of Dunn Bros
Dunn, Edward F, of Dunn Bros
Dunn, Thomas
Dunn Brothers, tanners
Dyke, James O, farmer
Earle, J H, carpenter
Earle, Miss, teacher
Gardner, Lester, gentleman
Gardner & Reynolds, general store
Gardner, E L, of Gardner & Reynolds
GILMOUR, LT COL A H, private banker and model farmer, prop of Stanbridge Record
Gordon, W H, bailiff and crier in Circuit Court Co. Miss.
Hall, H Carlton, of Welch & Hall
Hawk, Jared, cheese maker
Hodge, Win A, of Jackson & Hodge
Holloway, Richard, gardener
Holloway, Thomas, carpenter
Hurlburt, Eld N C, Advent minister
JACKSON & HODGE, grocers, hardware and drugs
JACKSON, REV SAMUEL, sup'y Meth. Min., and druggist in Jackson & Hodge's
Jackson, J H, saddler and harness maker
Kidd, Robert, blacksmith
Larocque, Alfred, blacksmith
Larocque, Alfred jr, carriage maker
McElroy, Robert, tinsmith
Methodist Church, Rev W F Perley, pastor, (Frelighsburgh) Rev Saml Jackson, (sup'y) assistant
Martindale, Foley, musical instruments
O'Dell, John H, gentleman
O'Dell, Wm H, asst. postmaster
O'Dell, Loop, brickmaker
O'DELL, P H, American House
Palmer, Lyman, gentleman
Palmer, L K, carriage maker
Palmer, M J, mechanic and musician
Perry, John, farmer and saw mill
Phelps, H N, carpenter
Phelps, Miss, Teacher
Plante, Arthur, miller
Pratte, Theodore, wheelwright, etc
Pratte, Napoleon, painter
Reynolds, Arthur N, of Gardner & Reynolds
Rhicard, Samuel F, drover
Rhicard, Mrs, boarding-house
Rhicard, P C, carpenter
Robideux, Pefare, mason
Robert, Charles, shoemaker
Savage, Mrs
Sime & Wright, general store
Sime, James, of Sime & Wright
Stanton, N W, gentleman
Stanton, O S, farmer
Simard, Elie, tailor
Tree, Miss Emma, teacher
Tucker, H W, farmer and mechanic
Unwin, John, mason
Unwin, John jr, mason
Vance, Thos, patent medicine
Van Antwerp, Jas A, blacksmith
Van Antwerp, Chas B, blacksmith
WELCH & HALL, tanners and curriers
Welch, I A, of Welch & Hall, insurance agt.
Westover, Edw, retired farmer
Winters, C C, tanner
Wright, W A, of Sime & Wright
Whitman, H N, gentleman
P 50

    A village in the township of Stanbridge, County of Missisquoi, on the C. V. R. and Junction with St. Lawrence & Champlain Junction branch of the C. P. R. Has grown up entirely since advent of railways.  It is a shipping point for hay and grain.  It has one English and one French school, two hotels, one carriage and butter factory, four stores, post and telegraph office, two mails daily east, south and north. There is a stage line between here and Stanbridge East and Dunham, and between the station, Pike River and Henryville.   Population 250.  Distance from Pike River, two miles; Bedford, two miles; St. Armand Station, 10 miles.  There is a Commercial Agency of the United States at this Station.

Beloln Joseph, carpenter
Barron Antoine, carpenter
Bonneau Alfred, shoemaker
Benoit Edmund, wheelright
Bissaillon Napoleon, carpetner
Cook Sandy, stone cutter
Cyr Medard, blacksmith
Campbell Robert, stage proprietor between Station and Dunham
GETTY BB, Central House
Godreau Jules, shoemaker
Hastings G M, station agent C. V.R.
Hungerfor H H, wheelwright
Houle Alfred, conductor C.P.R.
Lague Noel, gentleman
Larochelle Miss Delia
Lamoureux Joseph A. trader
Lamoureux Luc, trader
Landrey Isaic, general store
Pease Wm H, American House
Poissant Eustache, gentleman
Robinson Chas H marble works
Smith H H, agent C.P.R.
Senesac Jacques, general store and post office
Senesac Louis N, postmaster
Suprenant Jean Bte, gentleman
St. Jean Narcisse, blacksmith
Turnbull William, trader and livery
Therrien Noel, gran, lumber &c
Tremblay Jeremiah, carpenter
Thibault Miss M, dressmaker

A farming settlement in the south west part of the township of Stanbridge.

A village in the parish of St. Armand West, County of Missisquoi. It has a Roman Catholic church. R.C. and Protestant schools, two hotels, post, telepraph and express offices, one store, one tinsmith shop, one blacksmith shop, and one shoe shop.  It is situated on the main line of the C. V. R. R. between Montreal and St. Albans, is a port of entry and warehousing port.  A daily stage runs from here to Frelighsburg via Pigeon Hill and St. Armand Centre, also to Philipsburg three times daily, mails to and from Montreal twice daily, to St. Albans one daily.  Distance from Standbridge Station, 10 miles; Philipsburg, 2 miles; Frelighsburg, 10 miles; Highgate Springs. Vt., 5 miles; St. Albans 17 miles; Montreal, [xx] miles; St. Johns, 25 miles.  First station in Canada: was formerly known as Moore’s Corners and as such will be remembered in connection with the troubles of ’37 and ’38, and later in connection with the Fenian raids of 66 and 70.  Nelson Lodge No. 9 A. F. & A. M. meet the Thursday on or before the full moon of each month, C.E. Tittemore, W. M.;  F.H. Throop, Sgey.
Bourret E A, collector of customs
Bradely A B, physician
Blanchard Orrin, farmer
Borden Horatio, mason
Burnell C A, gentleman
Burnell L G, C.V.R. station agent and Custom agent
Bradley C R, pensioner
Bergeron Joseph, stage driver
Bousquett O, section man
Bisonnette J B, Custom officer [resides at St. Johns
Chicoine, Samuel, blacksmith
Cammell John H, commission merchant
Doxtroder Miss M, R C school
Fortin Dosithee, sect. C.V.R.
Fortin J E, of Guerin & Fortin general merchants
Guerin Joseph of Guerin & Fortin general merchants
Gunn James, gentleman
Giroux F X, shoemaker
Guy Mrs G J W
Gilber Mrs D B
Gunn Miss Jessie, district school
Hibbard Frank, civil engineer
Hill J M, of Moore’s line general store
Krans F C, tel operator
Krans Geo E, night agent
Larive Louis, fish dealer
Lawons William, carpenter
Loynes T C, editor Bedford Times
Mandigo Walter, farmer
Mailloux Aubin, farmer J P
Mullen Barney, general store on the province line, post office St Armand
Menard Mitchel, stone cutter
Morse H, section foreman
Morse George, clerk’
Makoney, T A, U S mail clerk
Obertin Azra, carpenter
Obertin Mrs A, tailoress
Peltier Napoleon L, prop Canada Hotel
Poulin Peter, tinsmith
Raymond H. sect C.V.R.
Rivard Rev E A, cure
Rivard Alfred, gentleman
Smith Loftus J. farmer sec. school com
Smith Peter, customs office and J.P, quarter master 60th Batt
Smith Jospeh M, mechanic
Smith Walter O, manuf and dealer in mouldings, frames &c
Shelters Anson, prop Shelters Hotel
Sixby Major H N, stage prop, J P, major 60th Batt
Shufelt Philip, mechanic
Sargen C H, clerk of Canada Hotel
Solomon F H, opr C.V.R.
Tremblay Medrial, farmer

A post office in the west part of St. Armand on the stage route from St. Armand Station to Frelighsburg.  Distance from St. Armand Station, 7 miles: Pigeon Hill, 2 miles; Frelighsburg, 3 miles.
Desmarais Peter, blacksmith
[xxxx] Squire B. farmer
Green Gardiner, farmer
Holden Artumus, farmer
Holden Orrin, farmer
Robidoux Levi, cooper
Reynolds Orville, farmer
Shutts Henry, blacksmith
Sixby George, bailiff
Tittemore Abram, farmer, postmaster, com. small causes
Toof Jacob E, farmer and butter factory
Toof J W, farmer and dairy cheese
Vincent Nelson, farmer

A post office in the north part of the town of Stanbridge. Mail tri-weekly.
Beatty Maynard J, farmer
Johnson Merril C, cheese box factory
Kennedy Lester
McCabe John sr, gentleman
McCabe jr, cheesemaker
McCabe Wm H, farmer
Pendelbury George, farmer
Short Chas, postmaster
Spoor Wm M, farmer

The chef lieu of the District of Bedford, situated in the township of Dunham. On a branch of the Yamaska River and the South Eastern section of the C.P.R.  Of late years Sweetsburg has become a very popular summer resort.  It has two churches, two schools, four stores, two harness shops, one blacksmith shop, two fine hotels, and one bakery. Population 200. Mails morning and evening.  Distance from Cowansville, 1 ½ mils; Knowlton, 10 miles; West Shefford, 9 miles.
Amyrauld Theopholle, Advocate Lt Col Sheff F Battery
Amyrauld A H. bailiff and ins agent, Lieut Shefford field battery
AMERICAN HOUSE, G T Batchelder prop
Archambault Peter, butcher
Bell Telephone Co, at H L Fullers
BAKER & MARTIN, advocates
BAKER HON G B Q.C., of Baker & Martin
Barard T, shoemaker
Batchelder G T American House
Bellville Antoine, farmer
Boright Gilbert, drover
Boright Curtis S, grocer, postmaster, C N W and Canada Mutual Tel office
BORIGHT CHAS H, general store, J P
Bowker Milton R, gentleman
Branchard Edward, carpenter
Branchard Miss Rose, dressmaker
Branchard Miss Julia, dressmaker
BUCHANAN HON G C V, ex-judge S.C.
Budd William, carpenter
Bulman Jas D, watchmaker and jeweller patent solicitor and mechanical draftsman, major 79th battalion
Bulman W J
Butter John, farmer
Cady E B, carpenter
Carlin J H, harness maker
Chadburn Humphry, bailiff and auctioneer
Church Mrs H
Cotton Thomas, gentleman
Cotton George H, farmer
Cotton Caleb, farmer
Conter Napoleon, harness maker
Cleveland Cyrus, farmer
Christ Church Episcopal, Rev Geo Forsey rector
Carpenter Agnes, dressmaker
Desrocher Narcisse, blacksmith
DUFFY H T, advocate
Fornan Felix, P L S
Fuller H L, physician office of Bell Telep Co
GALER GEO W bailiff and sect treas village of Sweetsburg
Getty C W, Sweetsburg House
GOODMAN W E J, dept sheriff
Gougle Mrs, laundress
House M Alice, laundress
Halse Mrs. J, teacher
HALL & LEONARD, joint prothonotaries for district of Bedford
Hall Frederick T. of Hall & Leonard
Holden Mrs, teacher
Henderson Rev Canon, principal Theological college
Haise W, carpenter
Ingalls Sherman J, farmer
Jones Lafayette, general store and express office
Jones Vincent, station agent
Kirk Thomas, P L S
Larochelle Theophile, peddler
Leonard J F, of Hall & Leonard
MARTIN J E, of Baker & Martin, advocates
Morin F, shoemaker
Murphy Barnard, teamster
McLaughlin Jas A, school inspector
McClarty --, grave stones
PICKEL, HORACE D, high constable
Pickel Miss Addie, dressmaker
Pickel Mrs Rose, dressmaker
Pickel Abram, farmer
Pickel Peter, horse trainer
Pickel Thos R, farmer and bailiff S. C.
Pickel E. P.
Pickel Folin, M D
Peters Nelson, barber
Picdel Fred, horse trainer
Petit E, clerk prothonotary office
RACICOT E. advocate
Rooney Jonas, horse dealer
Roman Catholic Church, Rev Guertin priest
Scott Hannibal, farmer
Scott W F, vet surgeon
Shufelt W O, farmer
Shufelt  G F, farmer, J. P.
Shufelt David, gentleman
Shufelt Simon, produce dealer
Spaulding Abram, gentleman
Singfield Robert, farmer
Sumner Thomas, grave stones
TAIT HON M M, judge Superior Court Dist. Of Bedford
Vincent Norman, jailer
Vincent N E, clerk S.E.R.
Welch S W, mechanic
Welch H M, agent


A postoffice in the township of Dunham.  Mail tri-weekly from Sweetsburg station.
Distance from Sweetsburg 2 miles.

Darby, L R
Fisher, Elisha, mason
Ingalls, Harry, gentleman
Ingalls, Loren
Miltimore, E S
Reid, Sidney M, carpenter
Scott, Franklin S, postmaster
Scott, Richard N
Scott, Marvin D
Scott, Chas M
Scott, Jedaliah
Scott, Eugene H

A postoffice in the upper part of Bedford village.

AMERICAN HOUSE, Wm Taylor, prop
Bedard, Omer S, mechanic
Borden, William, carpenter
Borden, Franklin, blacksmith
Borden, E W, carpenter
Borden, Nathaniel,  carpenter
Breck, Wm O, axe maker
Bouchard, A J, general store
BUTLER, HOBART, advocate
Bessette, Hobart E, carpenter
Bockus, Wellington, carpenter
Brown, Frederick, polisher
Bernier, Pierre, painter
Borden, Barnabas A, mechanic
Boudreau, Joseph, moulder
Bedard, P, lime dealer
Blakely, Ora, mechanic
Blackwell, H A, forkmaker
Corey, M E, carpenter
Corey, Willie M, Carpenter
Corey, B H, carpenter
Corey, William, carpenter
Conner, Daniel, merchant tailor
Cornforth, E W, scythe maker
Cook, Leonard, mason
Crossman, Dexter, scythe finisher
CLAYES, GEORGE, gentleman, M P for Missisquoi
Crothers,  Jas, sewing machine factory, lives at DesRivieres
Corey’s Needle Works, W Williamson, manager
Davis, Mrs. M, grocery
Demers, L J, fork maker
DUFRESNE, RAOUL, paint factory
Garrett, S E, manager  O S Rixford Mfg Co
Garrow, Alexander, mechanic
Gilman, Geo W, scythe maker
Golden, Joseph, scythe maker
Gray, H A, mechanic
Hungerford, M A, livery stable
HART, DR. DAVID A, physician
Halliday, Thos H, machinist
Hawkins, Andrew, gentleman
Higgins, JP, scythe maker
Hogle & Borden, sash and door factory
HORSKIN, HORATIO, postmaster foundry
Halcrow, Alonzo, carpenter
Husband, Arthur, beater
Jocelyn, William, gentleman
Jones, Zeno, mechanic
Jones, Edwin F, mechanic
Lappin Charles, moulder
Lapointe. Louis, moulder
Larue, Raphael, grocer
Leduc, Damase, gentleman
Mouneau, Samuel, tanner
Mather, William, carpenter
Mills, Reid M, carpenter
Martindale, Asa, trader
Mehan, Geo, machinists
Mills, S H, gentleman
Nason, Ruel, axe maker
Oakes, Wm K, Axe temperer
O S RIXFORD MFG CO, edge tools, S E Garrett manager
Pullin, Chauncey P, polisher
Palmer, E, painter and decorator
Reid, Lewis J, furniture
Rix, Thomas, mason
Ross, Sherman, printer
Ross, Augustus E, agent
Ross, Henry, L harness maker
Rodgers, F G, jeweler
Russel, Solyme, butcher
Sornberger, Elias, gentleman
Smith, Marvin, carpenter
Smith, Chas, general store
Taylor, William, prop American House
Taylor, Eldred J, mechanic
Thomas, John, scythe grinder
Williamson, W, man. Corey’s Needle Works
Wilson, Jas Jr, harness maker

A postoffice in the north west part of the parish of St. Georges de Clarenceville.

Crothers, John, farmer
Hunter, Thomas, postmaster and com court
Jameson, Claude B, adjutant 60th batt
Jameson, Henry, J P, farmer, Capt 60th retired
Wheeler, Miles E, farmer, councillor

A post office in the south west part of the parish of St. Georges de Clarenceville.  Mail
From Clarenceville tri-weekly.  Distance from Clarenceville, 4 miles, Alburgh Springs 1
Mile, Lacolle Station 9 miles.

Chilton, Philander C, postmaster, councillor
Chilton, Wm, J P, farmer
Chilton, Henry, Carpenter
Derick-  , Councillor

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53 The following is a recapitulation of the principal merchants, traders, manufacturers and
Hotel keepers in the County of Missisquoi, with post office address opposite their  names:
Bastien, Mrs. H        Bedford
Boright & Soule        Cowansville
Barton & Cunningham    Cow’le
Buzzell Bros        Cowansville
Buzzell Thos        Cowansville
Brock, Mr.        Dunham
Barnes, G C        Frelighsburg
Beaudouin, P H        Farnham
Belanger, Jos        Farnham
Bowker, M. E. & Co    Farnham
Bouchare, Jos         N D de Stan
Badger, W S        Piere_ton
Boright, C H        Sweetsburg
Boright, C S        Sweetsburg
Bulman, J D          Sweetsburg
Creller, Jas        Aird
Campbell, Isaie        Bedford
Coslett, Edw        Bedford
Coslett, Sam        Bedford
Chandler, L L & Son    Cowans’le
Church, L M        Cowansville
Church, H A         Dunham
Choquette, L E S     Farnham
Decelles, J A        Farnham
Donahue & Bros    Farnham
Crothers, J P        Malmaison
Cartier, Moise        N.D de Stan.
Dubruie, W H        Bedford
Derick, A H     `    Clarenceville
Derick, F U        Clarenceville
Derick, G C        Clarenceville
Dean, J W    Prov. Line, St. Thos
Derick, W J        Noyan
Derick, L H        Noyal
England J T        Dunham
England FG        Dunham
Gear Joshua        Dunham
Guillet, D        Dunham
Guillette, H        Bedford
Grice,W B        Frelighsburg
Gaudette & Co        Farnham
Giroux, F X        Farnham
Gosselin, Freres             N D de Stan
Guerin, J            Philipsburg
Guerin & Fortin             St. Armand
Gardner & Reynolds        Stanb E
Hibbard, H H             Abbott’s Corn’r
Hilliker, Alex            Aird
Herliby, Patrick            Bedford
Harty,John            Bedford
Hogle, L A H & son         Pike Riv.
Hall, J M             St. Armand
Hyde, H C             Clarenceville
Hannigan, J             Malmaison
Hannigan, W             Malmaison
Jackson, John             Cowansville
Jones, L             Sweetsburg
Jackson & Hodge        Stan. East
Knapton, J H             Bedford
Kinehan, W             Farnham
Lawrence, E  E             Cowansville
Lewis, Wm             Clarenceville
Landsberg, Jos             Frelighsburg
Lortie, Edw             Fredlighsburg
Lapalme, J B            Farnham
Lequin, Jos            Farnham
Lavioe, David            N. D. de Stan.
Lamoureux J A            Stanb. Sta.
Lamoureux, L             Stanb. Sta.
Landry, Jos             Stanb. Sta.
Martin, A H             Bedford
Martin, Mrs. C             Bedford
Mullin, John,             Bedford
Mansfield, N A             Cowansville
Martel, Louis             Farnham
Mullin, Geo             Farnham
Messier, Jos              Malmaison
Mullen, B             St. Armand
Martindale, F             Stanb. East
McClure & Swan         Cowansville
McQuillen, John         Cowansville
Nadeau, Jos            Farnham
Oliver, Adams            Cowansville
Oliver, Wm            Cowansville
Ouimette, A            Farnham
Palmer, W J            Bedford
Pare, N                Bedford
Quackenboss, Wm sr         Cowan’le
Rocheleau, N            Bedford
Rice, M B            Cowansville
Ruiter, Miss L             Cowansville
Reynolds, W A             Cowansville
Robert, Chas            Farnham
Rowse, J            Pigeon Hill
Saunders, F C            Bedford
Schoolcra*ft*,& Son         Cowansv’le
Smyth & Mullen         Cowansville
Sawyer, C H & D H         Clarencev.
Stone, A C            Mystic
Senesac, Jos            Stanbridge Sta.
Sime & Wright            Stanb. East
Trahan, Isidore            Bedford
Trahan, J G             N. D. de Stanb.
Taylor L                Stanb. Station
Vallquet, & Co            Farnham
Walsh, F D            Bedford
Wood & Bedoin         Cowansville
Worden, C A             Cowansville
Wood, H E             Dunham
Watson, John            Farnham

Alcombrack E, tanner            Bedford
Alcombrack, W D, tanner        Bedford
Boyd, Howard, cheesefactory        Abbotts Corner
Breault, M, Wheelwright        Bedford
Blakely, Oras, tanner            Bedford
Beaudry, P A, harness maker         Bedford
Brewer, A , carriage factory         Cowansville
Burnett, Jas, Jr, cheese factory        Dunham
Benjamin, C, wheelwright        Dunham
Bessette J, saw and grist mill         Pike River
Benoit, Ed, wheelwright         Stanbridge Sta.
Baker, W, tanner             Stanbridge East
Beatty, H, sawmill            Stanbridge East
Brown, M, tanner            Stanbridge East
Cook, L M, cabinet maker        Cowansville
Cunningham, chas, saw mill & c        Cowansville
Crothers, J P, flouring, grist mill        Malmaison
Collins, Jas, sewing machine factory     U. Bedf.
Corey’s Needle Works             Upper Bedford
Crawford, J H, cheese factory         East Dunham
Childerhouse, S, tanner             Frelighsburg
Demers, Theophile, wheelwright     Bedford
Dubois, N, wheelwright             Pike River
Dalpe, F, wheelwright            Pike River
Dufresne, R, paint factory         Upper Bedford
Dunn Bros., tanners             Stanbridge East
Elmes Bros., sash and door factory         Farnahm
Gough & Brown, harness makers         Bedford
Gilmour, G W, scythe maker             Upper Bedford
Golden, J, scythe maker             Upper Bedford
Hare, Winfield, cabinet maker             Cowansville
Hungerford, H H, wheelwright             Stan. Station
Hogie & Borden, sash and door             Upper Bedf.
Hawk, J, cheese maker                 Stanbrige East
Leach, J L, sash, door and cabinet         Cowansville
Laporte, A, tanner                 Farnham
Lambkins, P & L, sash and door             Riceburg
Larocque , A Jr, carriage maker             Stan. East
Meigs Hosiery Co                  Farnham
Meigs,  D B, saw and grist mill             Farnham
Molleur, M, tanner                 Farnhan

Mystic Iron Works, A S Walbridge p         Mystic
Morrison, L F, Pike River Mills             N. D. de Stan
Merritt, Nelson, wheelwright            Pigeon Hill
Monneau, S, tanner                 Upper Bedford
McAleer, P, wheelwright            Bedford
McKee, R, cheese factory             Mystic
Nesbitt, G K, flouring mill             Cowansville
Noel, E A, carriage factory             Clarenceville
Nason, R, axe maker                 Upper Bedford
Priest, W H, Pike R. knit mills             N. D. de Stan
Perry, J, saw mill,                 StanbridgeEast
Pratte,T, wheelwright                 Stanbridge East
Perkins, W A, saw mills                 East Dunham
Ponton, M, carriage maker            Farnham
Prevost, L ,tanner                  Farnham
Rice Bros, flouring mills                Bedford
Racicot, G I, wheelwright             Bedford
Rheume, A, wheelwright              Bedford
Reid Bros, planing mills              Bedford
Ruiter, M, cheese factory             Cowansville
Robinson, R, saw mill                 Cowansville
Roystan, J, tanner                Dunham
Racine, J, tanner                Dunham
Reynolds, W A, mfg pat Sap Evap         Freligus’g
Racicot, J Bte, carriage maker             Farnham
Rheaume, A, wheelwright            Pike River
Rixford, O S, Mfg Co                 Upper Bedford
Shelters, A, wheelwright             Bedford
Sloggett, C B, cabinet maker             Cowansville
Struthers, ,J wheelwright             Clarenceville
Selby, T, saw mill and cider mill             E Dunham
Smith, J, cabinet maker                 Farnham
Smith, R, cabinet maker              Farnham
Symms, Wm, wheelwright             Philipsburg
Tittemore, P H, wheelwright             Pigeon Hill
Whitcomb, C E, wheelwright             Dunham
Whitcomb, N L, sash and door fac         Dunham
Welch & Hall, tanners  & curriers         Stanb. E.
Winters, C C, tanner                Stanbridge East

Eastern Townships Directory

Hotel Keepers

Arpin Ed. Farnham
Audette J. Pike River
Burrage Mrs CM. Bedford
Burke EC. Phillipsburg
Batchelder GT. Sweetsburg
Chapman B&Jon. Frelighb’g
Collier Mrs LN. Farnham
Couture J. N.D. de Stanb.
Derick Thos H. Clarenceville
Getty BB. Stanb. Station
Getty WC. Sweetsburg
Jodoin Jos. Farnham
Juaire Ambroise. Farnham
Leclair C. Farnham
McKenney EW. Frelighsbu’g
Minckler B. Pike River
O’Halloran JE. Cowansville
O’Dell Ph. Stanbridge East
Poissant & Co. Bedford
Park JH. Frelighsburg
Poulander N. Farnham
Pease WH. Stanb. Station
Pellerin LN. St. Armand
Seeley H. Cowansville
Sager C. Pigeon Hill
Shelters A. St. Armand
Taylor W. Upper Bedford
Tartre W. Farnham
Tetreault JB. Farnham

Proprietary and Tenant Farmers

The following list contains the names and post office addresses of tenant and propri-
teary farmers in the County of Missisquoi.

The asterisk (*) denotes a tenant farmer — all the others are proprietors.

Township of Clarenceville — Farmers.

*Adams Ed Clarenceville
Allen John do
*Allen Charles do
*Aseltine Henry do
Badger Hiram Aird
Badger Byron Nutts Corners
*Beerwort L Clarenceville
Beerwort Bartlett do
Beerwort William do
Beerwort Chas N do
*Beerwort Herman do
Beerwort Frank do
Beerwort Marshall do
Beerwort Frederick do
*Berry Joseph do
Billings Daniel D do
Bissel Nelson do
Bissel Lucius H do
Breault Antoine Venice
*Boomhower H Clarenceville
*Brown Henry do
*Brown Robert do
Buck Herbert J Wolfe Ridge
Bullis Joshua do
Bullis George do
Bullock B Clarenceville
Burgess John Venice
*Campbell Charles Aird
Campbell John Nutts Corners
Chilton GJ Clarenceville
Chilton Alexander do
Chilton Wm Wolfe Ridge
*Cheeseman Aaron do
*Clark Robert Clarenceville
Clark George N do
Couples William do
Collins James do
Colton Wm Henry do
Crothers John Venice
Curtis John Nutts Corners
Curtis Stephen Clarenceville
Curtis Myron V do
*Curtis Wm J do
Cubit William Venice
Dean Hiram C Nutts Corners
Derick Herbert do
Derick Philip Clarenceville
*Derick Henry do
Derick Victor do
Derick Nelson do
Derick Alonzo do
Derick Sidney Wolfe Ridge
Derick Rolland Miranda
Derby Chas Clarenceville
Duclos Peter Venice
Draffin James Wolfe Ridge
Dragon Richard Venice
Dragon Abram do
Edy Myron Clarenceville
Edy Omri Nutts Corners
Edy Omri 2nd do
Emrick Seth H Clarenceville
*Ellis Thos R do
*Elliott William do
Fairfield David do
French Wm H do
*Fortin Augustus do
*Finlay William Aird
Gibson Horatio Wolfe Ridge
Gibson George Clarenceville
Garreau Peter Nutts Corners
Gibson Nelson do
*Gilbert John Aird
Glasgow RH Nutts Corners
Glasgow Sam Clarenceville
*Glasgow William do
Glasgow Robert 2nd do
Glasgow John do
Guertin Moses do
Green Herbert F do
Green Herman Wolfe Ridge
*Hardy John Clarenceville
Hall Joseph C Nutts Corners
*Hall Herman Aird
Hawley R Nutts Corners
Hawley James C do
Hawley David F do
Hawley Peter Clarenceville
*Hawley Claude Aird
Hunter John Clarenceville
Hunter Alex Clarenceville
Jamieson James C Venice
*Jamieson James J do
Jamieson John C do
Jamieson Mathew do
Jamieson M Locke do
*Jacques Frank do
Johnson Hiram Noyan
Johnson Geo W do
Johnson John Clarenceville
Johnson Henry do
Johnson Jacen Aird
Keefe Henry Wolfe Ridge
Kirk Francis Venice
Lake Hawley Clarenceville
Little James S do
Limlan Samuel Aird
Limlan Nelson do
Limlan David do
Ledoux John Clarenceville
Liqueway Frank do
Liqueway Napoleon do
Longeway Henry do
Longeway Frank do
*Longeway Walter do
*Macfie Jay Aird
Macfie Claude do
*Macfie George Clarenceville
Macfie Alexander do
Martin Myron Venice
Maskell William do
*Mandigo C Clarenceville
Manning John M Wofle Ridge
Manning George do
Manning HW Wolfe Ridge
*Manning Darwin do
*Manning Humphrey do
*Miller Emery Nutts Corners
Miller Wm C Clarenceville
Miller Peter do
Miller James do
*Miller Fred do
Miller Emery H do
Miller Adam C do
Miller John Nutts Corners
Miller Reid Aird
Miller P 2nd Wolfe Ridge
Moyles Daniel Aird
*McCullough T Clarenceville
McCormick S Wolfe Ridge
McDonnough William do
*McDonnough James do
McGee James Miranda
McNell Daniel Clarenceville
McNell Wm James do
Nevill Thomas Venice
Nevill Patrick do
Nevill John do
Newmans William Aird
Newmans James do
Parent Peter Clarenceville
Pinsonneault Alex Venice
Pinsonneault Mezel do
Reynolds Rodney H Aird
Reynolds John do
Roy Ed Venice
Roy Eloi do
Roy Henry do
*Roy John do
*Roy Theodore do
Salls Ed Clarenceville
Salls Daniel do
Sawyer GG do
*Seagel Joseph Venice
Schoolcraft H Nutts Corners
Schoolcraft D do
Scott Wm L Clarenceville
Scott Ed do
Scott Isaiah do
Scriver James Nutts Corners
Scriver G do
Seaton Alex Clarenceville
Sharron Manzel Venice
Smith Joseph do
Smith Nelson do
Smith H do
Spear John M Nutts Corners
Stevenson Wm Clarenceville
Stevenson Wm H do
Stevenson James M do
Stevenson EB do
Stevenson David E do
Taylor A do
Taylor C Nutts Corners
Tetreault M Clarenceville
*Tetreault P do

County of Missisquoi — Farmers

Tipping James Clarenceville
Vosburgh EM do
Vosburgh H Noyan
Westover Geo Aird
Westover EM Venice
*Wheeler A Venice
*Wheeler Hamilton do
*Wheeler Elvin do
*Wheeler Dewitt do
Young R doYoung Alex Venice
Young Melvin do
Young I do
Young John do
Young Daniel do

Township of Dunham — Farmers

Aitken David Sweetsburg
Allen George East Farnham
Allen Herman Frelighsburg
Archambault A Cowansville
Archambault Jos Dunham
Armstrong Wm F. Centre
Badger John S Dunham
Baker Martin E do
Baker Salmon R Frelighsburg
Baker Harvey F do
Baker Stevens Cowansville
Barnes Joseph Dunham
*Barnes Ls Stanbridge East
Barber Alex Pierceton
*Bates Chas Cowansville
Bates Merril do
Bates John do
Bazinet Henry do
Beattie John Dunbord
Beattie John 2nd do
Beattie Crawford M do
Beattie Wm sr so
Beattie Wm jr do
Beattie Crawford do
Beatie Mrs Jane do
Beattie John Chas do
Beattie James do
Beauvais Francois Dunham
Beach Mile S Cowansville
Beach Jotham do
Beach George do
Bell Thomas Dunham
Bell John Frelighsburg
Bell George A do
Bell George N Beranger
Bell John H Farnham Centre
*Belleville Ant Sweetsburg
*Belleville Olivier do
Benjamin JB Dunham
*Benoit Joseph Frelighsburg
Benoit Louis do
*Berry Patrick East Dunham
Berry David do
Berry James do
Best Charles Dunham
Blake Levi East Dunham
Blake Levi J do
Blake Everett J do
Bolac John Cowansville
Bobard John Cowansville
Bobard Felix do
*Bondreau Francis Dunham
Boucher John B do
*Boucher John do
*Boucher Olivier do
Boucher Wm Beranger
*Boucher Andrew Dunham
Boyd James Farnham Centre
Booth FC Cowansville
Boulette A Frelighsburg
*Boulette Joseph Dunham
*Breault Alex East Dunham
Breault Alexis Dunboro
Brown Wm East Dunham
Brown Wm jr do
Brown Robert M Dunham
Brown Leonard L do
*Brousseau James Beranger
Buck GW Farnham Centre
Buck James do
Buck Melvin do
Buck Orin do
*Buchanan Artemus Dunboro
Buchanan Robert do
Buchanan Alex do
Bullard George W Dunboro
Burnett Jas Farnham Centre
Butler John Sweetsburg
Cane Laurent Beranger
Cameron Seneca Dunham
Caperon George Sweetsburg
Caperon Edward do
Carter Henry Cowansville
Carter Edmund do
Carter Timothy Farnham
Carter Absalom do
Carty Charles Dunham
Casavant C East Dunham
Chatfield Chas H Sutton
Chatfield Miss Nellie do
Chatfield TL East Dunham
Chartier Regis Sutton
Chalifoux JB 2d Cowansville
Chaffer John Abbotts Corner
Chaffer JJ do
Chausse John Dunham
Church George Sweetsburg
Clark R Farnham Centre
*Clark Walter East Farnham
Clark Geo R East Dunham
Clark Wm W do
Clark Chester J do
Clement Alvin Dunham
*Clouatre J Farnham Centre
Clow Joseph Stanbridge East
Colton Merrit Cowansville
Cook James East Dunham
Coatworth Chas Dunham
Coderre Antoine do
Corey Ishmael do
Corey Herman do
Corey James W do
Corey Sylvester do
Corey Ernest do
Corey Wilbur do
Corey John do
Corey Chas W do
Cotton Chas S Sweetsburg
Cotton C Caleb do
Cotton George do
Cotton Thomas do
Couture Alfred Dunham
Couture Laurent do
Coutermanche Jeremie do
Crandall GW East Dunham
Crandall Sylvester do
Crawford Marvin do
Crawford Mrs Sarah do
Crilly John A Dunham
Crilly Thomas do
Cummings David do
Curley Michael East Dunham
Darby Lucius Scotmore
Dellme Wm do
Dent Wm Cowansville
Delpy Moses Dunham
Deotte Etienne do
Desnoyers JB Farnham Cen
Desnoyers Antoine do
Dodelin Laurent Dunham
Dodelin Joseph do
Dodelin Peter do
Doherty Robert do
*Doherty R 2nd East Dunham
Domeigue Anson Dunham
Domeigue Nelson do
Donlan Martin East Dunham
Dougall John Brigham
Dougall Peter do
Dougall George A do
Doyle Patrick East Dunham
Dryden Thos sr Cowansville
Dryden James do
Dryden Thomas jr do
Ducharme Ed Dunham
Ducharme Joseph do
*Dubois Joseph do
Dupuis Midas Beranger
Dymond John East Dunham
Dymond John jr do
Ellison Richard Cowansville
Ellison Henry N do
Ellison Vincent do
Ellison Chas W do
*Ellie Leon do
England Philo Dunham
England George do
England Francis do
England Emerson do
Essienhart Andrew Beranger
Fair Thomas Dunham
Farnham Walter East Dunham
Fitchett John W Cowansville
Ford John M do
Forget Moses Dunham
Forget Alfred do
Fuller DM Cowansville
Gage Abel Dunham
Gage Abram J Cowansville
Galer Charles S Dunham
Galer Hannibel do
Garland A North Pinacle
Garrick Joseph Dunham
Garrick George do
Garrick Hannibal H do
*Garrick George H do
Gallipeau Antoine do
Gendron Peter do
Gibson John G Cowansville
Gilbert DK Dunham
Gilbert FH do
Gilbert John do
*Gilbert JE do
Getty Ralph do
Girard Napoleon do
Girard Peter do
Griggs Guy G East Dunham
Griggs Guy 2nd do
Griggs Samuel do
Gleason Aylmer do
Gleason AL do
Gleason JT do
Gleason VJ do
Gleason Herman A do
Gleason Willard do
Gleason Horace do
Gleason JO do
Glass George O Cowansville
*Goyette Alex jr do
*Goyette George do
*Goad Wm H do
*Godin Peter do
Green Herman Dunham
Hall Edwin do
Hall Wm Beranger
Hall F Farnham Centre
Hall MT do
Harvey H East Dunham
Harvey Chas D do
Harvey Jonathan do
Harvey Chas do
Harvey Daniel do
Harvey CM do
Harvey Tyler L do

Eastern Townships Directory

Harvey Henry N East Dunham
Harvey Hiram do
Harvey ?usher do
Harvey Henry Cowansville
Harvey CB Dunham
Harvey HA East Dunham
Hander Chester A Mystic
Hart Justin Dunham
Harley Narcisse Beranger
Herbert JB Frelighsburg
Hearne Mrs B Cowansville
Humphery Elam do
Humphery Alfred do
Hunt Miles Pierceton
Hogaboom Allen Dunham
Hogaboom Homer do
Hutchins George F do
Ingalls DH East Dunham
Ingalls Harry Scotmore
Ingalls Loran do
Ingalls SJ Sweetsburg
*Ingalls George H do
*Ingalls Edward do
Ingalls Almond Frelighsburg
Ingalls Jasper do
Ingalls Manly Cowansville
Jacobs Joseph Sweetsburg
Jassemin Toussaint Dunham
Jassemin Francois Beranger
Jassemin Paul do
Jassemin Joseph do
Jellefoux JB Stanbridge East
Jellefoux Joseph do
Jellefoux Basil do
Jennings WF Dunham
Jones John Cowansville
Jones Wm H do
Johnson H East Dunham
Johnson Stephen J do
Johnson Geo W do
Johnson James do
Juerre Theophile Cowansville
Kears James do
King Basil Dunham
King Charles sr do
King Charles jr Beranger
King Samuel do
King John do
King Herbert do
Kimball HN East Dunham
Kirk Terance do
Kirk Peter do
Kirk John do
Kneeland AC Farnham Cen
Krans HE Frelighsburg
Labreche Peter Dunham
Labreche John do
Laduke Henry C do
Laduke Wm Beranger
Laduke Joseph Cowansville
Lafrenier Miles Frelighsburg
Lafontaine Andrew Dunham
*Landry Chas East Dunham
Landry Godfroi Dunham
Lampman A Cowansville
Laraway Charles Dunham
Laraway George A do
Laraway Selby do
Larocque Peter do
Larriyiere Godfroi do
Lareau Guillaume Beranger
Lapoint Michel Dunham
Laporte Julius Dunboro
Lavery CC East Dunham
Lavery Peter sr do
Lavery Peter jr do
Lavery John do
Lavery Arthur A do
Lavery Wm B do
Leahy Stephen Dunham
Leblanc Thomas do
*Leblanc Nelson Cowansville
Leavitt AM Frelighsburg
Lee Edward Dunboro
Lee William do
Lee Chas E East Dunham
Lee George M Frelighsburg
Lee Joseph Dunham
Leggatt John do
Leggatt A Farnham Centre
Leggatt James do
Leggatt Richard do
*Loiselle Chas Dunham
Longeway Briggs A do
Longeway Geo K do
Longeway Arthur J do
Mahannah F Farnham Cen
Mahannah JR do
Martindale WA Cowansville
Martin BS Dunham
Martin Reuben do
Mann GF do
Marshall Thomas do
Marshall Silas E do
Marshall James do
Mason Alvin Cowansville
Meigs AD Stanbridge East
Miller Alex do
Miller James Dunham
Miller James E Sweetsburg
Miller Ed do
Miltimore SB do
Miltimore John C do
Miltimore ES Scottsmore
Miltimore JM Sweetsburg
Miltimore Miles A Scottsmore
Miltimore MA do
Miltimore AE do
Miner George Dunham
Morceux Edward Dunboro
Moynau R Farnham Centre
Moynau Ed do
McClarty James A do
McClarty Jas East Dunham
McClarty David do
McClay AF Cowansville
McClay John Sweetsburg
McClay Joseph R do
McCullough P East Dunham
McCullough James do
McDonald J sr do
McDonald J jr do
McDonald Michal do
McElroy James Dunham
McElroy John do
*McElroy Samuel do
McFarlane WH Cowansville
McGarry John Dunham
McGowan P East Farnham
McLaughlin JA E Dunham
Newton Mrs Fanny do
*Newton Arthur do
Noiseaux P sr Dunham
Noiseaux P jr do
Noiseaux Theophile do
Noiseaux Elisie do
O’Brien John Farnham
O’Brien Robert Dunham
O’Brien H East Dunham
O’Brien Thomas do
O’Brien Wm E Dunham
*Odaway John do
O’Neill J East Dunham
O’Neill Martin do
Officer David do
Paget Charles Dunsboro
Payette Maxime do
Pearson HL Cowansville
Perkins HR East Dunham
Perkins Robert do
Perkins Alloway W do
Perkins Duff H do
Perkins James J do
Perkins Geo W do
Perry Charles H do
Pell James G Dunham
Pickering John Frelighsburg
Pigeon J East Dunham
Pharaoh John Cowansville
Phoenix Selime Dunham
Plouffe Selime Beranger
*Poirier Joseph Dunham
Poirier John P do
*Potvin Pierre do
Powers Ed Farnham Centre
Pratt Thomas H Dunham
Pratt Hugh do
Raven P East Dunham
Racicot Isreal Cowansville
Racicot Israel 2nd do
Racicot Isadore Dunham
Reed HR do
Reed Robert do
ReedEd C Farnham Centre
*Remington A East Farnham
Richardson JN E Dunham
*Ring MA Dunham
Roe Patrick do
Roi Remi do
Ross Ed B do
Ross HM Frelighsburg
Ross Harvey S do
Roystan Michael A Dunboro
Roystan JA Dunham
Roystan G East Dunham
Ruiter Chas Cowansville
Ruiter Matthew do
Ruiter PA do
Ruiter CA Dunham
Ruiter James Cowansville
Rudd George Beranger
Rudd Henry J do
Russel Hawley Frelighsburg
Ryan David Dunham
Rykard Asa do
Sager Christian Cowansville
Santerre JB Farnham Centre
Scott Hannibel Sweetsburg
Scott Jedadiah sr Scottmore
Scott Jadadiah jr do
Scott Geo L do
Scott Eugene H do
Scott R East Dunham
Scott Ira Sweetsburg
Scott FS Scotsmore
Scott Richard N do
Scott Marvin D do
Scott Chas M do
Scofield Wm C Dunboro
Selby J Dunham
Selby Jonathan do
Selby Benjamin F do
Seeley HH do
Simard J Farnham Centre
Singfield R Sweetsburg
Shufelt Jacob M Abercorn
Shufelt Wm C do
Shufelt L do
Shufelt Simon Sweetsburg
Shufelt GF do
Shufelt John Cowansville
Shufelt Wm A do
Small James Dunham
Small Stephen do
Small Reid P do
Smith Geo Cowansville
Smith Chas P do
*Skinner Thomas Dunham
Snyder Horace do
Snyder JW East Dunham
Soule Silas Dunham
Spencer HT Frelighsburg
Spicer TW East Dunham
Spicer EJ do
Spicer OJ do
Stephen David Dunham
Strange Frank Cowansville
Stickney Chas Frelighsburg
*Sykes Geo Dunham
Sykes Wm do
Sykes Samuel do
Sykes Thos G do
St Germain Felix Dunham
Teel AO Cowansville
Teel Christopher do
TenEyck A Stanbridge East
TenEyck C do

County of Missisquoi — Farmers

Tetrault J Farnham Centre
Tilson John Brigham
Titus John do
Therrien Ls Stanbridge East
*Traver Levi Dunham
*Turner Perley East Dunham
Turner S do
Townsend JM East Dunham
Unwin Wm Stanbridge East
Vail Ed Cowansville
Vail Wm do
Vail Ira do
*Vail HH do
Vail Orion do
*Vail M do
Vanan?werp C Stanbridge E
Wallace Dougall Cowansville
Wales JG East Durham
Watt John Cowansville
Watson EF Dunham
Watson EL do
Webster Hiram Dunboro
Webster Marvin do
Welch SM Sweetsburg
Welch Patrick do
Welch Wm do
Westover M East Dunham
Westover Samuel do
Westover John do
Westover TW do
Westover Wesley do
Westover David Frelighsburg
Wells FF Dunham
Whitcomb LS do
Wilkins RW East Dunham
Wilkins John do
Wilkinson Simon Dunham
Wilkinson GW do
Williams GF Sweetsburg
Williams LG do
Wilson B Sweetsburg
Wilson John W do
*Wilson Alfred do
Wilson Ernest Dunboro
Wilson Chas do
Wilson Levi do
Wilson Wm do
Wilson CD do
Wilson Chas E do
*Woodard HC Dunham
Worden FH East Dunham
Worden CA Cowansville
*Worden JL East Dunham
Wightman John Dunham
*Young Paul Frelighsburg
*Yates Peter do

Township of Farnham — Farmers

Alden Jas Stanbury
Alix Frs L’Ange Gardien
Allsopp Morris Farnham
Allsopp Geo do
Arbee Damase do
Audette Isaie do
Audette Olivier sr do
Audette J Bte do
Audette Raphael do
Avare Heritiers do
*Bachand Francois do
Barriere Jos do
*Barsalou Vital do
Beaudry Alphonse do
Beaubien Jos Farndon
Beaubien Henry Farnham
Belisle Frs do
*Belisle Jos do
Bedard Pierre do
Bessette Louis sr do
Bessette Louis jr do
Bessette Moise do
Bessette Philip do
Berabe Pierre do
Berwick R Hugh do
Berwick David do
Berwick John do
Berwick FA do
Berwick Geo A do
Berwick Wm P do
*Bissoneuve NF do
*Bissonnette Louis sr do
Bissonnette Louis jr do
Bouchard Antoine do
Bouchard Francois do
Bouthillier Adolphe do
Bouthillier Gilbert do
Boudreau Jacques do
*Brodeur Alphonse do
Brodeur J Bte do
Brouillette Jos do
Brown John Farndon
Brown Thos do
Brown Mrs George do
Brown Matthew do
*Brunelle Abraham Farnham
Bussire Leonard do
*Cabana Nichel do
Cadreux Jos do
Cameron Jas Farndon
Cameron Geo do
Cameron Levi do
*Campbell Jos Farnham
*Campbell Edw do
Carpentier Chas do
Cazalet Frs Farndon
Carr Patrick Farnham
*Charbonneau Jos do
Chevalier Noe do
Chevalier Frs do
*Cheney Celestin Farnham
Chouiniere Anthime do
*Chouiniere Napoleon do
*Chouiniere Jos do
*Chouiniere Pierre do
Claigne J Bte do
Clark Jesse do
Clouatre Pierre do
Cloutier Jos do
Couture Jos do
Couture Paul do
Couture Hypolite do
Courville Marie do
Constantineau N do
Dalmais Francois do
Dandurand Treffle do
Darby Geo do
Desmarais Miss A do
Desmerse Pierre sr do
Desmerse Pierre jr do
Denicourt Amedee do
Denicourt Donant do
Deslauriers Jos do
Deslauriers Michel do
Deslauriers Israel do
Deslauriers J Bte do
*Desautels J Bte do
Desrivage Jos do
Desrivage Domina do
Desroches Jos do
Doherty Cornelius do
Douglas Wm do
Dufresne Napoleon do
Dufresne Bazile do
Dufresne Pierre do
Dufresne Frs do
Dufresne Antoine do
*Duhamel Theophile do
Duhamel Cleophas do
Duhamel Wilfred do
*Duhamel Frs do
Dupuis Thos Farndon
Dupuis Antoine Farnham
Durocher Jos do
Earl Wm do
Edwards John do
Emond Louis do
Fitzpatrick Jolin do
Florand Jos do
Foliard Heritiers do
Fontaine Pierre do
*Fortier Godfroi do
*Fournier Isaac do
*Fouronge Pierre do
Gaboriau Hector do
Gaboriau Francois do
Gariepy Louis do
George Honore do
Gilmour Wm do
Gilmour Richard do
Gingras Ephraim Farnham
*Gingras Eusebe sr do
Gingras Eusebe jr do
Gingras Louis do
Guiee Moise do
Guiee Michael do
Girard J Bte do
*Giroux Jeremie do
*Gobeille Pierre sr do
Gobeille Pierre jr do
Gobeille Elie do
Goderre Paul do
Goderre Nicholas do
Goyette Edw do
Goyette Gilbert do
Goyette Didar? do
Goyette Raphael do
Grenier Chas do
Guillette Jos do
Guillette Guillaume do
Guerin Jos do
Hase Geo do
Hase Freeman Haseville
*Herbert Chas Farnham
Herbert Theophile do
Higgins Geo do
Higgins Jos do
Horskin John do
Horskin Wm do
Horskin James do
Ingalls Merrit Farndon
Ingalls Merrit jr do
Ingalls Freeman do
Ingalls Edmund do
Ingalls Jesse do
Jarrey J Bte Farnham
Jarry Julien do
Jarry Francois do
*Jette Edw do
Jette Roch do
Johnson Samuel Farndon
Jourdain Pirre Farnham
Hirk David do
Kemp LSW Haseville
Labrecque Benoni Farnham
Lague Joseph do
Lague Amedee do
Lague Cyrille do
Lacroix Calixte do
Lacroix Delphis do
Lacroix Joseph do
*Landry Pierre ?utton
Langlois Hypolite Farnham
Langlois Uldric do
Lanoue Pierre sr do
Lanoue Henri do
Lanoue Pierre do
Lanoue Phillas do
Lanoue Pierre jr do
Lamarche Francois X do

Eastern Townships Directory, County of Missisquoi
Pages 58-59

Lapre, Leon, Farnham
Lariviere, Louis,  do
Lariviere, Isaac,  do
Lariviere, Augustin, do
Lariviere, Abraham, do
Lasonde, Francois, do
Lafontaine, Francois, do
Lafontaine, Damase jr, do
Levesque, Arthur, do
Lavigne, Francois, do
Lebeau, Noe, do
Lebeau, Charles, do
Lebeau, Louis, do
Lefebvre, Henri, do
Leslie, John, do
Loiselle, Augustin, do
Loiselle, Francois, do
Loiselle, Pierre, do
Loiselle, Noe, do
Lussier, Charles, do
Lasnier, Treffle, do
Mailhot, Pierre sr, do
Mailhot, Pierre, jr, do
Mailloux, Isaac, do
Malo, Alphonse, do
Marchessaualt, Olivier, do
Martin, Pierre sr, do
Martin, Pierre jr, do
Martin, Joseph, do
Meloy, Thomas, do
Menard, Abraham, do
Meunier, Pierre, do
Mercier, Augustin, do
Merizzi, Valentine, Farndon
Millette, Pierre, Farnham
Mosher, James, do
McClay, Charles, do
McClay, Josephius, do
McCorkill, James, do
McCorkill, Winfield S, do
McGovran, Thos, do
McGovran, Philip, Farnham
McGowan, James, do
McGowan, Michael, do
McGowan, Thos, do
McGowan, Jas jr, do
McQuillen, Jas, do
McQuillen, Richard, do
McQuillen, John, do
Noel, Francois, do
Normandin, Jos, do
Ouellette, Calixte, do
Paradis, Hubert, do
Parent, David, do
Parent, Leon sr, do
Parent, Pierre, do
Paquin, Joseph, do
Paquin, Vincent, do
Papineau, Abraham, do
Papineau, Louis, do
Paquette, G, Farndon
Paquette, Jos, do
Paquette, Theodore, do
Paquette, Servide(?), do
Payant, Frs X, Farnham
Pelerin, Alexis, do
Peladeau, Pierre, do
Peladeau, Chrysologue(?), do
Peladeau, Henri, do
Peladeau, Romuald, do
Plante, Eusebe, do
Plouffe, Solime, do
Potvin, Chas, do
Potvin, Jean Bte, do
Potvin, Francois, do
Poulin, G C, Haseville
Prevost, Francois, Farnham
Rainville, Paul, do
Rainville, Theophile, do
Remillard, H sr, Farnham
Remillard, Gilbert, do
Remillard, Hubert jr, do
Richard, Pascal, do
Riel, Pierre, do
Rheaume, Avilla, do
Robert, Chas, do
Roussell, Edw, do
Rowan, Joseph, do
Samoisette, Marcelin, do
Sasseville, Damase, do
Saultry, Wm, do
Simard, Edouard, do
Scott,John, do
Smith, Narcisse, do
Scott, Sylvester, do
Suprenant, Jos, do
St Armand, Clement, do
St Denis, Louis, Farndon
Tetrault, Augustin, Farnham
Tetrault, Fredric, do
Tetrault, Gedeon, do
Tetrault, Delphis, do
Tilson, James, Farndon
Tilson, Wm, do
Thibodeau, Dominique, do
Thibodeau, Narcisse, do
Thompson, Geo, do
Thompson, Robt, do
Trahan, Pierre, Farnham
Truax, Geo, Farndon
Vincelette, Antoine, Farnham
Welch, Reuben, do
Welch, Wm sr, do
Welch, Elwin, do
Welch, Wm jr, do
Welch, Achilles, do
Yates, John, do
Zace, Francois X, do

Abbott, Mrs C C, Abbott's Corner
Allen, Heman, Frelighsburg
Arms, E G, Abbott's Corner
Arms, Malow, do
Arms, Malow L, do
Arms, Morey(?) D, do
Armstrong, Wm A, do
Armstrong, V, Frelighsburg
Armstrong, Van(?), do
Armstrong, S, Abbott's Corn.
Barnes, Vinton, N. Pinnacle
Barnes, Heman, do
Barber, Chas, do
Benoit, Albert, Frelighsburg
Benoit, Antoine, do
Bessette, Leon, Abbott's Corn.
Betters, Curtis, do
Bockus, Westly, N. Pinnacle
Bouliette, A, Frelighsburg
Brooks, C H, Abbott's Corn'r
Brown, Jas jr, East Dunham
Brill, Robt, do
Brydge, A E, Abbott's Corner
Brydge, O E, Frelighsburg
Brydge, E W, do
Burns, Garrett, N. Pinnacle
Calhoun, Robt A, do
Calhoun, Wm J, Frelighsburg
Callaghan, A, do
Callaghan, Edson, do
Callaghan, Wm, do
Callaghan, Alex, do
Campbell, G M, do
Campbell, Thos, do
Cassidy, Thos J, do
Cassidy, Wm, do
Chamberlin, Mrs J, do
Chamberlin, Miss S, do
Clark, Alva M, Abbott's Corn'r
Clark, A W, Frelighsburg
Clark, Hamilton, do
Clark Sidney, Abercorn
Clark, Potter, Abercorn
Clark, H F, Richford, Vt
Clark, Hanson, do
Clark, Mrs A B, do
Clement, Hy, Frelighsburg
Cleveland, W W, do
Colton, Jas sr, do
Colton, Jas jr, do
Comstock, Homer, Abercorn
Comstock, Mrs E M, do
Comstock, Geo A, do
Comstock, H A, do
Copeland, Jas, Frelighsburg
Courtemanche J, Abbott's Cor
Cowan, Henry, N. Pinnacle
Cowan, Bennet, do
Cowan, John, do
Cyr, David, do
Dallas, Robt, Abbott's Corner
Davis, W H, Frelighsburg
Davis, Newell P, do
Davis, Newell J, do
Dean, Calvid, St Armand Ctre
Decelles, A, Frelighsburg
Deming, M J, North Pinnacle
Deming, Mrs A, do
Deveneau, S, Frelighsburg
Draper, W J, St Arm. Centre
Ducharme, T, Frelighsburg
Ducharme, P, do
Dwyer, Mrs P, Abbott's Corn'r
Eccles, S R, St Arm. Centre
Ellsworth, Chas, Pigeon Hill
Evans, Demorest, do
Fay, John, Abbott's Corner
Ferres, J W, Richford, Vt
Garrett, Wm, Frelighsburg
Gardner, J P, do
Gibney, Thos, Abbott's Corner
Gibney, Thos J M, do
Gibney, Peter, do
Gibson, Chas, Abercorn
Gilman, B T, Abbott's Corner
Goderre, Levi, Frelighsburg
Goodhue, Jos, Abbott's Corner
Goodhue, Amos, Frelighsburg
Goodhue, P, Abbott's Corner
Goodhue, J, do
Goyette, Jos, Frelighsburg
Grice, Elwin H, do
Green, G, St Armand Centre
Hagan, John, Frelighsburg
Hagan, Wm, do
Harrison, Geo, do
Harvey, Edw, N. Pinnacle
Hazard, Nelson, Abercorn
Hazard, Potter, do
Hibbard, Mrs B J, Abbott's C'r
Holden, A, St Armand Centre
Holden, O, do
Holden, E D, do
Hope, E L, Abbott's Corner
Hope, Miss H, do
Hunt, Miss A L, do
Ingalls, Jasper, Frelighsburg
Ingalls, H, Abbott's Corner
Ingalls, E J, do
Ingalls, E A, do
Ingalls, Edmund, Frelighsburg
Janes, I N, Abbott's Corner
Jenne, Geo C, North Pinnacle
Jenne, G S, Abbott's Corner
Jenne, L J, Sutton
Jenne, H E, North Pinnacle
Jenne, E L, do
Johnson, C(?) N, do
Krans, Horatio, Frelighsburg
Krans, John E, do
Krans, John, do
Krans, Philip H, do
Krans, Chas, do
Le Grenadier, S, Abbott's Cn'r
Lagrange, Isaac, Frelighsburg

Page 59

Lagrange, Albert, Frelighsb'rg
Lagrange, Chas, do
Lafrenier, Alex, do
Lamoure, John S, do
Lebere, J Bte, do
Longley, Levi J, do
Macey, L F, Abbott's Corner
Miner, A W, Abbott's Corner
Mitchell, Wm, Abercorn
Mitchell, Geo, Abbott's Corner
Mosher, Chas, do
Murphy, Patrick, Sutton
Musgrave, Jas H Frelighsburg
McDermott M, do
McKelvey, Jas, N. Pinnacle
McLaughlin, P, do
Officer, David, Sutton
Owens, Ben, North Pinnacle
Owens, Edson J, do
Parker, Robt, Abbott's Corner
Pattison, Jos, Frelighsburg
Payette, Thos, do
Perley, Jas A, Abbott's Corner
Pickerling, John, Frelighsburg
Racine, A, North Pinnacle
Racine, Jos, do
Ranson, Wm H, Frelighsburg
Renaud, Horace, do
Reynolds, Albert, do
Reynolds, O, St Arm. Centre
Reynolds, Chas S, Frelighsburg
Reynolds, Benj A, do
Robey, J, Abbott's Corner
Russel, Hollis, Frelighsburg
Sager, J N, Abbott's Corner
Sager, Wm L, do
Sager, Wilbur, do
Sage, John M, Pigeon Hill
Sallsberry, Chas, Frelighsb'rg
Sallsberry, Jas R, do
Sallsberry, Miss C, Sutton
Sallsberry, Miss S, do
Sargent, Simon, Abercorn
Sargent, O E, do
Shearer, N, North Pinnacle
Shearer, Patrick, do
Sheppard, T N, Frelighsburg
Sheppard, H L, do
Sheppard, Thos J, do
Shover, John, do
Shover, N, Abbott's Corner
Shover, Geo, do
Scofield, Wm S, Frelighsburg
Smith, Homer L, do
Smith, L R sr, N. Pinnacle
Smith, L R, jr, do
Smith, Wm A, Frelighsburg
Smith, John W, do
Snyder, Henry, do
Sornberger, John, Stanb. East
Sornberger, A, do
Soutiere, Jos, Frelighsburg
Spencer, Hazard, do
Spencer, Mrs A, do
Spencer, M, do
Spencer, Edw S, N. Pinnacle
Spencer, E E, Frelighsburg
Spencer, P, do
Stanton, Wm, Stanb. East
Stinehour, D P, Frelighsburg
Sewell(?), I, do
Tittemore, C L, Pigeon Hill
Tittemore, Ed, St Armand C.
Tittemore, H L, St Armand C.
Thomas, G, Abbott's Corner
Thomas, L, do
Thomas, L L, do
Toof, J W, St Armand C.
Toof, Jacob E, do
Toof, Chas E, do
Tracey, H, Abbott's Corner
Tracey, Mrs E S, do
Tree, Jas A, Frelighsburg
Vincent, N N, St Armand C.
Vincent, P, do
Vincent, N, do
Vincent F, do
Vincent, S S, do
Warner, L H, do
Warner, C, do
Whaley, Alex, Abercorn
White, Otis J, do
Whitman, Mrs R, Abbott's Cor.
Whitman, S R, do
Whitney, A, do
Wilkins, Geo, do
Wilson, A F, Frelighsburg
Willey, D F, N. Pinnacle
Willey, A, Abercorn
Willey, Chas, do
Willey, M N B, do
Westover, D, Frelighsburg
Westover, Jas, do
Yates, Peter, do
Yates, Henry, St Armand C.
Young, Jas, Abbott's Corner
Young, M, do
Young, Peter, Frelighsburg
Young, Chas, do

Albee, J H, Pigeon Hill
Archambault, Geo, do
Best, Chas, Philipsburg
Bessette, Henry, Moore's
Brown, Geo W, St Armand
Burley, Luther, do
Burley, Robt, do
Benoit, Baptiste, do
Boucher, John M, do
Bockus, Jeremiah, do
Bockus, Peter, do
Bockus, Wm, do
Bockus, Daniel, do
Bockus, Sanford, do
Bockus, John, do
Bockus, Hiram, Moore's
Bockus, John H, do
Butler, Jas, Pigeon Hill
Butler, Chas, do
Butler, Wm, St Armand
Bell, Elial, Pigeon Hill
Belisle, Hiram, do
Belisle, Edw, do
Beeman, J C, do
Belanger, Moise, do
Borden, Sanford, St Armand
Boomhower, N, Pigeon Hill
Boudreau, David, Moore's
Bridle, John, Pigeon Hill
Brill, Robt, do
Brimmer, Harty, do
Cammel, Hiram, do
Cammel, Martin, St Armand
Cadorette, Joseph, do
Catchpaw, Geo W, Moore's
Catchpaw, Samuel, do
Catchpaw, Hiram, do
Catchpaw, David K, do
Catchpaw, Lewis, do
Chevalier, Solime, St Armand
Clere, Isaiah, do
Couture, Michel, do
Couture, Baptiste, do
Couture, Ferdinand, do
Crothers, Jos, do
Dalpe, Frederick, Philipsburg
David, Robt, do
Deal, Elvin M, do
Deal, John P, do
Deal, Hiram, do
Deline, Wm, Moore's
Deline, Hiram, do
Demers, Lucien, Pigeon Hill
Dewell, Leonard, Philipsburg
Derick, F C, St Armand
Douglas, Perrin, do
Drole, Edw, Philipsburg
Ellsworth, D, Pigeon Hill
Embury, Chas, do
Evans, Dforest E, do
Evans, Miles M, do
Evans, Elezar, do
Erno, Michel, St Armand
Farnsworth, Wm, Pigeon Hill
Fisher, Chas, do
Ford, Lawson, Philipsburg
Ford, Henry, do
Fuller, Bradway, Pigeon Hill
Freeman, Wm, St Armand
Gage, General, Pigeon Hill
Galer, Jos, do
Galer, John, do
Galer, Orin, do
Gardner, J H, do
Garner, Wm, do
Gay, Lewis(?), do
Goddard, E C, do
Graham, Thos, do
Guthrie, David, do
Guthrie, Frank, do
Guthrie, Edwin, do
Hall, J B, Pigeon Hill
Hastings, Clark, St Armand
Hastings, H H, Mayor, do
Hastings, Jos H, St Armand
Hammond, Jas M, Philipsburg
Hauver, Alvin, do
Hauver, Benj, do
Herrick, Daniel, St Armand
Hogle, Hamilton, do
Hogle, Geo I, St Armand
Hubbard, Wm, Pigeon Hill
Hubbard, Wm M, do
Hulburt, Chas, St Armand
Hulburt, C M, do
Hungerford, Alb, Philipsburg
Hungerford, Wm, do
Jenkins, Azro(?), Moore's
Jenkins, Irving, do
Jenkins, Prentice, do
Jenkins, Augustus, do
Johnson, Alva, Pigeon Hill
Johnson, Geo E, do
Johnson, Edwin, do
Johnson, Geo, St Armand
Jones, Chas G, Pigeon Hill
Jourdenais, N, do
Kennedy, Patrick, St Armand
Krans, John C, do
Krans, Byron P, do
Lacroix, Moise, Moore's
Lafleur, Seraphin, St Armand
Lafleur, Seymour, do
Lafleur, Leslie, do
Lamothe, John, Philipsburg
Luke, Philip, St Armand
Luke, Edw P, do
Luke, Glen, do
Mead, G C, Pigeon Hill
Merritt, Almon, St Armand
Merritt, Herbert, do
Messier, Edw, Philipsburg
Mitchell, Geo, St Armand
Mitchell, Jas E, do
Mitchell, E B, do
Mitchell, Mrs Chas, do
Moore, P C, Moore's
Moore, H D, do
Morgan, Edw H, St Armand
Morgan, E J, do
Moquin Julius, do
Murray, Chas M, Montreal
McDermott, Hy, Pigeon Hill
McKee, Robt, do

P 60

McKee Thos        Pigeon Hill
McKenney Chas    do
McKenney Taber    do
Ouimette Peter        do
Ouimette Jos        St Armand
Pells David        Pigeon Hill
Pells Hiram        do
Pells Rodney        do
Pierce John H        do
Poulin Isaiah        St Armand
Poulin John        Philipsburg
Poirier Joseph        do
Prairie Alex        Pigeon Hill
Primerman Fred    Moore’s
Primerman Jas J    do
Primerman Geo E    do
Primerman J J        Pigeon Hill
Raymond Julius        St Armand
Reid Silas O        do
Reinhart Chas        Moore’s
Rhycard Miles        Pigeon Hill
Rhycard Chas        do
Rhycard Hezekiah    do
Rhycard W J        do
Rhycard Norman    St Armand
Rosenberger Daniel    Moore’s
Rosenberger Jas    do
Rosenberger Alb    Moore’s
Rowse C        Pigeon Hill
Robert Daniel        do
Russel Linda        St Armand
Sager Michael        Pigeon Hill
Sager Malcolm        do
Solomon John        St Armand
Safford John        Pigeon Hill
Shufelt John        do
Smith Frank        Philipsburg
Smith Frank A        do
Smith Wm H        St Armand
Smith Jas E        do
Smith George        Pigeon Hill
Smith Daniel        do
Smith Jos C        do
Smith Albert E        do
Sornberger Martin    do
Sornberger John    do
Sornberger Abraham    do
Streite Hiram B        Philipsburg
Symington Jas        St Armand
Symington Jas jr    do
Symington John        do
Suprenant Antoine    Moore’s
Tetrault Edw        St Armand
Tetrault Philip        do
Tittemore Wm        Pigeon Hill
Tittemore Chas E    St Armand
Tittemore Peter W    do
Tittemore Henry        Pigeon Hill
Tittemore Jacob        do
Tittemore Philip H    do
Tittemore Myron    do
Tittemore Bernard    do
Tittemore R J        do
Thompson Robt        do
Thompson Wm        do
Trahan Frank        do
Vaughan David        do
Vincent Paul        do
Warner Chancey    do
Wickliffe Wm        do
Wickliffe Samuel sr    do
Wickliffe Samuel jr    do
Willard Rodney        do
Wood Loran        do
Wood Lewis        St Armand
Yates Seth        do
Yates Chas        Pigeon Hill
Yates Peter        do
Yates Richard        do
Yates Thaddus        do

Alcombrack R        Bedford
Alcombrack W W    do
Atkinson Wm        Mystic
Allaire P        Stanbridge Station
Archambault E        do
Atwood Benj        Stanbridge Station
Atwood David        do
Bockus George G    do
Bockus Judson        do
Bockus Herburt        do
•Bockus Alya H        do
Brais Edw        North Stanbridge
Boomhower James    Mystic
Boomhower David N    do
Baker Thos        Stanbridge East
•Baker Ernest H        do
Baker Go H        do
Barnes Lyman        Bedford
Batchelder Addison    do
Batchelder Charles A    do
Beaudry Philip        do
Beattie Harvey         Stanbridge E
Beattie George        Farnham C
•Beattie Maynard J    Stanbury
Beattie John P        do
Bechard Joseph        Stan Station
Bechard Julien        do
Bedford Noel        N D de Stanbdg
Bedford J sr        do    do
Bedford J jr        do    do
Belisle Jean B sr        do    do
Belisle Alex jr        Stan Station
Belisle Alex sr        Pike River
•Belisle Edward        N D de Stan
•Beloin Moise        Stan Station
Belanger J        Upper Bedford
Belanger F        do
•Bessette P        N D de Stan.
•Bessette J        do
Bessette A        do
Bessette G        do
Bessette Z        do
Best Edward        Bedford
Best Frederick E        Pike River
Best Joseph A        do
Benoit C        N D de Stanbridge
•Benoit J F        Stanbridge East
Benoit L        N D de Stanbridge
•Bissonnette S        do    do
Bissonnette I        do    do
Bissonnette J sr        do    do
Blinn H C        Frelighsburg
Blinn H A        Stanbridge East
Blinn Chase E        do
Blinn Nathan M        do
Black Wm J        Stanbury
Blackall John        Farndon
Blouis Edmond        do
Bockus Jeremiah E    Mystic
Bockus Wellington    Bedford
Bockus George A    Mystic
•Bockus Alvin H        do
Boudreau E        N D de Stan
Boudreau F H        do
Boudreau A        do
Boudreau P sr        do
Boudreau P jr        do
Boucher Nap        do
Boucher A        do
Boucher Alfred        do
Boucher J        do
Bouchard J sr        do
Bouchard E        do
Bouchard Jean B    do
Bouchard J jr        do
Bombardier T        do
Boivin E            do
Bourgeois M        do
Bourgeois J        do
Boomhower W        Stanbridge E
Boomhower Clark    Pierceton       
Boomhower Horatio    do
Boomhower A        Stanbridge E
Boomhower C W    do
Boomhower E N    do
Boomhower H F    North Stan
Boomhower A        Stanbridge E
Boomhower Alonzo    Mystic
Bonneau J        N D de Stan
Bonneau Pierre        do
Bonneau Marcel    do
Bonneau Joseph    Pike River
Borden Walt        Stan. Station
Brown James        Mystic
•Brown Job        Haseville
Breault N        North Stanbridge
Breault David        Stan. Station
Breault J B        do
Breault L sr        do
Breault L jr        do
•Breault C        do
Burnett James        Pierceton
Burnett Edwin J        do
Burnett John M        do
Burley Stewart H    do
Capsey James H        Mystic
•Capsey John        do
Campbell Edw        N D de Stan
Campbell Michel    do
•Campbell Exard        do
Campbell Thomas    Bedford
Campbell T        N D de Stan
Campbell Jalien        Stan Station
Campbell Narcisse    do
Campbell Joseph    do
Campbell Emery    do
Campbell H        do
•Campbell Exier        do
•Campbell Ludger    Bedford
•Cady Nap        Stanbridge East
Callahan Jas        do
Callahan J W        do
Calvey John D        Bedford
Casey Benjamin        Pierceton
•Carter Joseph        do
•Courchaine Levi        do
Channel Robert H    Mystic
Channel Louis        N D de Stan
Channel Alexis        do
Chandler J        Stanbridge East
Charron E        North Stanbridge
Chartier J        do
Chevalier E        do
Chevalier Olivier    Mystic
Chevalier J B        N D de Stan
Chevalier Edw        do
Chevalier Joseph    do
Chicoine M        do
Chicoine J        North Stanbridge
•Chouiniere U        do
•Chouiniere I        do
Christler Henry        Stanbury
Coslett Geo        Upper Bedford
Corey Martin J        Bedford
Corey Moses        Stanbridge East
Corey Benj        do
Corey Ibery        Pierceton
Corey Alva A        Stanbury
Corey I M        Stanbridge Ridge
Corey Miles        do
•Corey E S        Stanbridge East
Corey Benj        Stanbridge Ridge
Corey R            Stanbridge East
Corey E Z        Stanbridge Ridge
•Clouatre Isidore        N D de Stan
Clouatre T        do
Clouatre J B        do
Clouatre Jules        do
Cote P            Stanbridge Station
Cote Charles        Riceburg
Cote Timothy        Bedford
Cote Napoleon        do
Cote Jean Bte        do
Cote Louis        do
Colliers Timothy    Pierceton
•Coderre A         Stanbridge East
•Couture H        North Stanbridge
Cornell M S        Stanbridge East
Crilly James        Stanb. East
Creller Jeremiah    Bedford
Creller Edward        do
Creller Geroge E    do
Creller Rufus S        do
Creller John        do
•Cyr Joseph jr        do
Cyr Joseph sr        do
•Cyr Jean Bte jr        do
Dagasse J        North Stanbridge
Dagasse Ovilia        Upper Bedford
Dagasse Joseph        do
Dagasse N        N D de Stanbridge
Dagasse Levi        do
Daigneau Edward    Mystic
Daigneau Moise    do
•Daigneau Raphael    do
Daigneau Alexis        do
Daigneau Alexis R    do
Daigneau Joseph    do
•Daudelin A        North Stanbridge
Daudelin X        do
Daudelin D        do
Daudelin A        do
Daudelin J B        do
Daudelin H        do
Davies G E        Stanbridge Ridge
Davies Wm A        do
Deforge Chas        N D de Stanbridge
Deforge Jos jr        do
Deforge Abram        do
Demers J B L        Pike River
Demers Israel        do
•Demers Eleager        do
Demers James        Mystic
Demers Jean Bte    do
Demers Francois    Malmaison
Demers Joseph        do
Desmaris N        North Stanbridge
Desmaris J        do
Deline Rogers        Riceburg
Dion Exter        N D de Stan
Dion Severe        do
Dion Zephirin        do
Dion Anthime        do
Dion Jean Bte        do
Dupuis Alfred        Pike River
Dupuis Philias        do
Dupont Ernest        N D de Stan
Dupont Henri        do
Dupont Philias        do
Dupont Vital        do
Duchesneau J B        Stan. Station
Duchesneau E        do
Dufresne Leffle        Stanbridge E
Dufresne Simeon    Bedford
Durocher A V        Haseville
Durocher Vanasse    do
Duquette Jacques    Malmaison
•Duquette Joseph    do
Duclos P        North Stanbridge
Duhamel F        do
Edmunds Robt N    Bedford
Edmunds James        do
•Edmunds Earnest E    do
Edoin Vital        Pike River
•Edoin Gilbert        do
Elliott Robert        Pierceton
Elliott John        do
Ewings John        Pike River
Ewings Nathaniel    do
•Fairfield Samuel    Mystic
Farland H        North Stanbridge
Farland Geo        do
Farland Gilbert        do
Farwell John        Malmaison
Farwell William        do
Favreau Louis        Pike River
Favreau Hyacinthe    do
Favreau Joseph        do
Fay John        Riceburg
Fay Edward        do
Fisk Jonathan        Pierceton
Fisher O E        Stanbridge East
Fisher C A        Stanbridge Ridge
•Forget Charles        N D de Stan
Fortin J            North Stanbridge
Forgue Ludger        N D de Stan
Forgue Napoleon    do
Forgue A        North Stanbridge
Forgue L        do
•Forgue I        do
•Forgue A        do
Fournier T        do
•Fournier N        do
Fournier J B sr        Stan Station
Fournier J B jr        do
Fosse Etienne        do
Fleming H A        do
Galipeau Pierre        N D de Stan
Galipeau E        do
Galipeau Chas        do
Gamache F        do
Gervais Jean Bte    do
Gibson E        Stanbridge Station
Gosselin F        N D de Stan
Gosselin Moise        Pike River
Gosselin Leon        do
Godreau J        North Stanbridge
Granger Mathurin    Bedford
Gage Allen B        Pierceton
Gage John        Stanbridge East
Gage Nathaniel        do
•Gage John Jr        do
•Gagnon A        do
•Gaboriau Nap        N D de Stan
Gaboriau Leon        do
Galipeau D        North Stanbridge
Galipeau  A        do
Galipeau  H        do
Galipeau  J        do
Galipeau  Jos        do
•Gamache G         Stanbridge East
Gamache A        do
Gamache F        do
Gardner C S        do
Gardner A [x]        do
Getty Alfred        Pierceton
Gendreau D        North Stanbridge
Gelina C        do
Girouard F        N D de Stan
Gordon Wm        Stanbridge E
Godreau D        Upper Bedford
Godreau Nap        do
Godreau A        North Stanbridge
Godreau T        do
Godreau Joseph jr    Pierceton
Godreau Maurice    do
•Godreau A        Upper Bedford
•Godreau P        do
Godreau Philias        Bedford
Godreau Octave    do
Godreau Joseph sr    Pierceton
Godreau Jules        do
Goulais L        North Stanbridge
•Goulais Henri        do
•Goyette David        N D de Stan
Guertin J        North Stanbridge
Guertin T        do
Guillotte O        North Stanbrdige
Guillotte E        do
Guillotte D        do
•Grener Jean Bts    Bedford
Hall John        Pierceton
Hall John J        do
Harbison Wm        Bedford
Hauver Chester        Mystic
Hauver Phil A        Stan Station
Hannigan John        Des Rivieres
Hancock J        Stan Station
Hastings H A        do
Hastings J J        do
Hamel Paul        N D de Stan
Harris A            Stanbridge East
Hase Thomas        Haseville
Hase James        do
Hase Damon A        do
Hebert M        Stanbridge East
•Hebert Jean Bte.,    do
Hebert Moise,        Bedford
Hebert Isaie        Bedford
Hakey J. H.,         Upper Bedford
Hakey Jacob.        do
Hodge Lorenzo        do
Holmes William        Bedford
Hitchcock P. McK    Standb. St
Hugeon Joseph        do
Hunter David D        Stanbury
Hunter John        do
Hunter Robert        do
Jones Chas H        Pierceton
Jones Thomas        do
Jones George H        Bedford
Jones Edwin W        do
Johnson N        Stanbridge East
Johnson Darwin        do
Johnson Chas        do
Johnson Hadley        do
Johnson John H        do
Johnson Hadley C    do
Jennie Albert        do
Joyal Moise        N Stanbridge
Jolifoux M        do
Jolin Hubert        N D de Stan
Jette Joseph        do
Juaire Jean Bte sr    Mystic
Juaire Moise        do
Juaire Edward C        do
Kemp H B        Stanbridge East
Kemp A M        do
Knight Page        do
Knight David B        do
Knight Ed C        do
Knight Stillman S    do
Kennedy Geo        Stanbury
Kennedy Martin II    do
Kennedy Lester        do
Kennedy William    do
Lablanc Joseph        N D de Stan
Lablanc Regis        do
Labrecque Pierre    North Stan
Labrecque Alfred    do
Lafontaine L        Stan. Ridge
Lamothe J B sr        Pike River
Lamothe J B jr        do
Lamothe Dolphis    do
Lamothe Louis        do
Lamoreux L        North Stan
Lamoreux Vital sr    do
Lamoreux Vital jr    do
Lamoreux Joseph    do
Lamoreux Michel    do
Lambert Pierre        Stan Station
Lanier B            N D de Stan
Landry Louis        Stan Station
Landry Jean Bte        do
Landry Isaia        do
Lacroix David        Pike River
Lacoste Wilfred     N D de Stan
Lagasse Stanilas        do
Lagasse Pierre        do
Larochelle J sr        Pike River
Larochelle J jr        do
Larochelle Nap        N D de Stan
Larocque Jean Bte    Pike River
Laduke Jas        Stanbridge East
Lapointe Timothy    Pike River
Lapointe Joseph    do
Lapointe Miles        Stan. Station
Laplante Zeph        N D de Stan.
Lacoste Leon        do
Lareau Noel        do
Lareau Andre N        do
Lareau Solyme        do
Lareau Joseph sr    do
Lareau Joseph jr    do
Lareau Andre        do
Lore Moise        do
Leneau Medard        do
Leneau Joseph        do
Lord John        Stanbridge Ridge
Lent David        Upper Bedford
Lebrecque A        N D de Stan
Leggatt J        Farnham Centre

Lessard J    North Stanbridge   
Marchesseau M    N D de Stan.   
Marchesseau J    do   
Marchesseau F    do   
Marois Joseph    do   
Martindale A    Stanbridge east   
Martindale Wm    Stan. Ridge   
Martindale J W    do   
Martin Rufus M    Bedford   
Martin Richard J    do   
Martin Jonas    do   
Martin Henry W    do   
Maurice J    Upper Bedford   
Maurice Louis    do   
Martindale Ari    Stan. Ridge   
Martindale W N    do   
Martindale Eli    do   
Martindale Florian    do   
Malladay T    North Stanbridge   
Messier Edw    N D de Stan.   
Messier Joseph    do   
Messier Francois    do   
Messier Louis    do   
Metthe George    Stan. Station   
Metthe Narcisse    do   
Metthe Moise    do   
Metthe David    N D de Stan.   
Merrier Jean Bte    Pike River   
Merrier Narcisse    do   
Meunier P    Stanbridge Ridge   
Meunier M    do   
Meunier J    do   
Miller Rodney    Pike River   
Miller Bethuel    Stanbridge St.   
Miller George    Malmaison   
Morris Wm    N D de Stan.   
Morris John    do   
Montle Chancey    Stan. Station   
Montle Jas M    do   
Montle John F    do   
Montle Seymour J    do   
Morin Treffle    N D de Stan.   
Morin etienne    do   
Morin Jean Bte    do   
Morin Jean Godfrol    do   
Morgan Edw J    Stan. Station   
Moquin Israel    N D de Stan.   
Moquin Joseph    do   
Molleur Pierre    Pike River   
Molleur Somoloff    do   
Molleur Alfred    do   
Molleur Regis    do   
Molleur Theodore    do   
Molleur Pascal    Stan. Station   
Monaghan F    Stanbridge east   
Monaghan Jas    do   
Monaghan M    do   
Moore Robt    do   
Moore Robt A    do   
Moore Thomas    do   
Montague Theo    Stan. Ridge   
McCabe John sr    Stanbury   
McCabe John jr    do   
McCabe Wm H    do   
McNamarra Edmund    Bedford   
McGovran Patrick    do   
McAleer Jos    do   
McAleer Barney    do   
McAleer John    do   
McGarey Peter    do   
McCarty & Miller    do   
McCarty H A    Stanb. Sta.   
McCarty Ralph    do   
McCarty L M    do   
McNamarra M    Bedford   
Nollin C    North Stanbridge   
Newton Wm S    Bedford   
Noel Pierre    N D de Stan.   
Noel C    North Stanbridge   
Noel Ers    N D de Stan.   
Noel Amedee    do   
O'Dell Wm A    Standbridge E   
O'Dell John H    do   
Orris Geo    Upper Bedford   
Patneaud Edw    Stanb. East   
2nd Col.       
Parker H F    Bedford   
Pariseau P    N D de Stan.   
Pinnesault E    Pike River   
Pinnesault M    do   
Pinnesault G    do   
Percy Frs sr    do   
Percy Frs jr    do   
Pinkham Chas    Stanb. East   
Perry H    do   
Pendlebury Geo    Stanbury   
Perrault Jos    North Stanb.   
Perrault Miles    do   
Plante B    do   
Plante H    do   
Phelps J W    Stabn. East   
Phelps H G    do   
Phelps J D    Mystic   
Phelps Jos A    do   
Phaneuf D    N. D. de Stanb   
Phoenix Jos    do   
Phaneuff L    N.D. de Stanb   
Poissaint D    Stanbridge Sta.   
Poissaint E    do   
Poirier M    N.D. de Stanb   
Poirier Jos    Upper Bedford   
Poirier J B    do   
Poirier A    North Stanbridge   
Poirier Toussaint    do   
Poutre A    do   
Provost Leon    N.D. de Stanb   
Provost T    North Stanbridge   
Provost Wm    N.D. de Stanb   
Pratt Chas    Ricebburg   
Proctor Peter    Mystic   
Proctor Jeremiah    do   
Racine Alexis    do   
Racine Isa??    do   
Racine Oliva    do   
Racine Ed 2nd    do   
Racine G    N.D. de Stanb   
Racine Edward    Bedford   
Racine Louis    do   
Reynolds E J    Riceburg   
Reid A    North Stanbridge   
Reynolds Rodney C    Bedford   
Reid Thos C    Mystic   
Reynolds Chas S    Bedfrod   
Remiliard A    N.D. de Stanb   
Remillard Henri    do   
Remillard Francis    do   
Remillard Dosithe    do   
Remillard Joseph    do   
Remillard D    N.D. de Stanb   
Remillard Ed    N.D. de Stanb   
Rocheleau Ls    Stanbridge Sta   
Rocheleau Damase    do   
Rocheleau Henri    do   
Rocheieau Francois    do   
Rocheleau Joseph    Bedford   
Roy H    Stanbridge Station   
Roy Joseph    do   
Roy George    do   
Roy Step    Stanbridge East   
Roy J    N.D. de Stanb   
Ross Wm    Pierceton   
Russel A K    Riceburg   
Russel Wm H    do   
Russel J J     do   
Russel A    North Stanbridge   
Russel Ed E    do   
Russel Ernest A    do   
Rosenbury Leo    Mystic   
Rhicard D M    Stanbridge E   
Sanson Jos    N.D. de Stanb   
Sanderson D    Stanbury   
Sawyer Jos    N Stanbridge   
Sawyer Robert    do   
Sawyer Andrew    Mystic   
Sargent J B    Pierceton   
Senesac Levi    N Stanbridge   
Schoolcraft M H    do   
Schoolcraft Wm N    do   
3rd Col.       
Schoolcraft James M    Mystic   
Schoolcraft James    do   
Slmard Henry    N Stanbridge   
Shelters Alden F    Bedford   
Shelters Wm A    do   
Shelters Alonzo    do   
Shelters Hannibel    do   
Smith David    do   
Smith Luther L    Pike River   
Smith Willard F    do   
Smith Alfred W    Stanbridge f   
Smith John    N Stanbridge   
Smith Joseph    do   
Smith H H    Stanbury   
Smith Thos    N Stanbridge   
Smith A    Upper Bedford   
Smith Lester L    do   
Smith Wm H    do   
Snyder Lastin    Bedford   
Stevens Arrel    do   
Stevens Andrew J    do   
Stolliker Benjamin J    do   
Stockwell Calvin H    Pierceton   
Stockwell Seth A    do   
Stanton G G    Stanbridge E   
Stanton O S    do   
Stanton Wm    do   
Stanton Merrill E    do   
Short Charles    Stanbury   
Short Martin H    do   
Steel Daniel    N Stanbridge   
Steel John R    do   
Stanton Josh H    Stan Ridge   
Stearns Alanzon    North Stan   
Stone Leonard    do   
Stone Chas C    Mystic   
Shnard J B    N D de Stan   
Senesac Joseph pere    do   
Suggett George    Mystic   
Spears Henry    Pike River   
Sutier George    Stanbridge F   
Stone Adam E    N Stanbridge   
Scagel Edward J    Stanbridge E   
Sweet Major J    Pierceton   
Sweet David V    do   
Spoor Wm M    Stanbury   
Scott Freeman    Haseville   
Sornberger R    Stanbridge E   
Sornberger Samuel H    do   
Soule Alvin    Riceburg   
Soule Wm W    Upper Bedford   
St Dennis Pierre    N D de Stan   
St Germain Theodore    do   
St Onge Napoleon    do   
St Jean Joseph    Pierceton   
St Jean Zephirin    do   
Taylor John R    Stanbury   
Tarte Gregoire    N D de Stan   
TenEyck Charles    Dunham   
Tessier Nazaire    N D de Stan   
Thompson John    N Stanbridge   
Thompson Wm    Mystic   
Thibault Philias    N D de Stan   
Thibault Israel    do   
Thibault Narcisse    do   
Thuotte Louis    do   
Titus John    Stanbridge East   
Therrien Eusebe    Stan Sta   
Therrien Noel    do   
Therrier Pierre    do   
Therrien N    N D de Stan   
Therrien Joseph    Pike River   
Therrien Lucien    do   
Tougas Julien    Stanbridge Sta   
Tougas Hilaire    do   
Tougas Exler    do   
Tougas Alexis    do   
Tougas Joseph    Stanbridge St   
Tougas Emile    do   
Tougas Ambroise    do   
Truzx Richard    Stanbury   
Tucker H W    Stanbridge East   
Tree Daniel C    do   
Truax John    Pierceton   
Vaughn A W    Stanbridge Rid.   
Vaughn Rogers    Mystic   
PAGE 63        
1st Col.       
Vaughn Hiram    Mystic   
Vaughn Edward J    do   
Vaughn John    do   
Vaughn David    do   
Wanzer Moses    do   
Wanzer William    do   
Watson Charles    do   
Watson David    Bedford   
Watson John f    Mystic   
Watson W H    Upper Bedford   
Westover A    Stanbridge East   
Westover Edward    do   
Welch Francis D    do   
Wells Hale    Upper Bedford   
Wells William    do   
Whitman Z V    Stanbridge E   
Whitman H N    do   
Wightman Darwin    Pierceton   
Wightman H M    Stan Ridge   
Wightman Wm A    do   
Wightman Thomas    do   
Wightman Noah    Stan East   
Wing Andrew L    do   
Wilson George    Bedford   
Woodsworth H P    Stan East   
TOWNSHIP OF ST. THOMAS - Farmers       
Baker Benjamin    Miranda   
Brown Mrs J    do   
Campbell John    Noyan   
Campbell James    do   
Campbell Samuel    do   
Collins William    do   
Derick W F    do   
Derick Catherine    do   
Derick N E    do   
Derick Mrs P C    do   
Derick A    do   
Derick Philo    do   
Derick Alex    do   
Derick Chas    do   
Derick N H    do   
Derick M C    do   
Derick Mrs H    do   
Derick P H    do   
Derick R B    do   
Derick Melissa    do   
Derick Geo    do   
Derick W J    Clarenceville   
Derick A    do   
Derby A    Miranda   
Devitt Mrs A    do   
Donnelly James    do   
Emmerick H    do   
Emmerick H S    Clarenceville   
Emmerick Geo    Noylan   
Emmerick James    do   
Eden R    Clarenceville   
Empey Jacob    Noyan   
Fadden Daniel    do   
Fadden Louis    do   
Fadden P J    do   
Farrel H    do   
Ferguson R    do   
Ferguson Wm    do   
Filer M    do   
2nd Col.       
Griggs H M    Noyan   
Goyette Antoine    do   
Hislop Ed    do   
Hudson Wm    do   
??neson Wm M    Miranda   
??neson John G    do   
Johnson Mrs L    Noyan   
Kemp R    do   
Keet M D    Clarenceville   
Landry C    Noyan   
Lodge Samuel    do   
Lodge Philip    do   
Ledoux Joseph    do   
Minekler Benjamin    do   
Monaghan J J    Clarenceville   
Monaghan John    do   
Morin D    Noyan   
McCallum J D    Miranda   
McCallum Jas    do   
McGee Mrs R    Noyan   
McGee John    do   
Osborne Daniel    do   
Peters J H    do   
Pattison R    Noyan   
Pattison D    do   
Robinson Wm    do   
Racine Lucien    Clarenceville   
Richard J    Noyan   
Robinson John    do   
Remillard J    Clarenceville   
Remillard C    do   
Roeqne Simon    do   
Rourke Mrs W    Noyan   
Rowe Mrs G J    Clarenceville   
Rowe H A    do   
Scott Ed    do   
Shand Wm R    Noyan   
Shand G G    do   
Simpson James    do   
3rd Col.       
Struthers J H    Noyan   
Struthers Geo    do   
Suzor Nelson    do   
Suzor Hypolite    do   
St Jean Alex    Miranda   
St Armand C    Noyan   
St Armand Geo    do   
Trepanier Miss J    do   
Vaughan R H    do   
Vaughan G    do   
Vosburgh A    do   
Vosburgh Mrs M    do   
Vosburgh Sidney    do   
Vosburgh R    do   
Vosburgh Daniel    do   
Vosburgh Alanson    do   
Vosburgh William    do   
Vosburgh Mrs P    do   
Vosburgh Alonzo    do   
Vosburgh N    do   
Vosburgh H    do   
Vosburgh C R    do   
Vosburgh H    do   
Waite Jacob    do   
Westoyer Daniel    do   
Wilson O    do   
Wilson Joseph    do   
Wilson Wm    do   
Westover Alex    do   
Young I    Miranda   
Young Alex    do   
Young S    do   
Young Malvina H    do   
Young Samuel    do   
Young John    Noyan   
Young P    do   
Young Geo    do   
Young Daniel    do   
Young M    do